CBeebies Live – The Big Band – A Review

If you haven’t already seen this show or booked tickets yet… DO IT while you still have time!

We took our three young children last week and they had a blast! It’s a fun filled roller coaster of laughs and entertainment for your little ones AND YOU! (I have to admit I loved it just as much as my kids, if not more!!).

We went to Wembley Arena for our show which is a great venue. When you go and see shows, sometimes there’s big queues to get in and it’s all a bit hectic but here everything ran smoothly. We had to pick up our tickets at the box office which was easy and everyone was calm and relaxed even though we were running late!

CBeebies Live Big Band Tour 2014

Just picking up our tickets. We had great seats and could see the stage and cast so clearly! My twins had a light up accessory to wave around which we bought on the way in! Kids can’t resist these things but the ARE a rip off price wise! Similarly if you want sweets and chocolates it’s always best to take your own.

The show kicked off with the whole ensemble singing a song, then Rastmouse took to the stage singing ‘Don’t Worry be Happy’ which was brilliant. The whole show was about the ‘cast’, your CBeebies favourites, trying to put together a ‘Big Band’ and it follows their quest to find all the musical instruments they are going to need!

CBeebies Live

After Rastamouse, on came Mr Maker who sang ‘Build a House’ which was fun and got all the kids in the audience joining in too! He then found someone playing a guitar for the ‘band’! We were treated to a brilliant Saxophone tune followed by the Zingzillas who came to the stage through the audience which the children loved!

CBeebies Live The Big Band

Lots of fast paced fun. Nina from Nina and the Neurons was fabulous, she found some drums! My Girl was thoroughly enjoying the show.

After the interval, the show sprang back to life with everyones favourite – Mr Tumble!

Mr Tumble CBeebies Live

The utterly mesmerizing Mr Tumble! My twins were looking forward to seeing him the most!

Mr Tumble CBeebies Live

There was audience participation in Mr Tumbles section of the show with some lucky volunteers being plucked from the crowd for lots of silliness, games and laughter!

CBeebies Live Tour

Mr Bloom took centre stage who was lovely to watch and lots of fun. He was joined by a keyboard player while some of the cast sang ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’ which is childhood favourite of mine! The full ensemble then joined for lots of singing and dancing at the end, finishing off with some real singalong numbers!

I have to say I love watching Katy Ashworth too, she’s captivating on the stage, so animated and full of energy!

By the end the audience on the floor seating area were all up on their feet, dancing!

CBeebies Live

Everyone was on a real high when the show finished!

We had a great day out at the CBeebies Live show, and even though the ticket prices might put some off, it really is a one off treat and so worth it to see the look on the childrens’ faces as they watch their much loved presenters and characters from their favourite shows in real life,.

Next years CBeebies live show, touring next Easter 2015, is going to be a Justin and friends spectacular which I think will be brilliant, so if you can’t make the last few dates of this years production, start saving those pennies for next year! You won’t be disappointed! ๐Ÿ™‚

I was sent complimentary tickets for the show in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.



  1. i went to see it yesterday with my 3year old son in Liverpool echo arena.. he loved it even though he stood up most of the time on the chair or sat on my lap so he could see the stage.. are seats were on the floor about 26 rows from the stage. next time I would probably go for side view lower tier..

  2. We went to Cbeebies live today at Birmingham; it was our third time in as many years and I have to say (regrettably) the last two have not been as good as the first.

    Three years ago there was a solid plot, a baddy to boo and well thought out story line, the previous two have been far more generic and the storylines have been somewhat lazy.

    That said the kids did love it, and no doubt we’ll be back next year!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you for your comment. I have to say I think they work better with a storyline too, but kids just love seeing their favourite characters, I don’t think it’ll matter what they do!! I liked the singing and dancing in this one though as I love a good singalong ๐Ÿ™‚

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