Teenager’s First Holiday with Friends & being Grateful for Social Media

teenagers first holiday

So the time has come. My 18 year old son has gone off on his first holiday abroad.

When children are small, you can’t imagine them doing something like this. Nor can you imagine EVER allowing them to… the thought of it is just too much.. so scary and worrying and it’s like they’ll never be old enough to even consider it anyway….. Our babies being in a foreign land without us to look after them and make sure they’re safe? No way!

I know we’ve heard it before but feelings don’t change just because children grow up. I still see my gorgeous, precious baby boy when I look at Teen. I still worry about him every waking moment…¬†now more than ever! At least when they’re small we know where they are all the time! When they’re out there in the big wide world it’s scary for us parents!

But we have to let go. Unfortunately.

Teen is an actual adult now. Not that he acts like one you understand. He’s still incredibly stupid at times and does silly things.. I could write a post as long as my arm listing daft things he’s done and situations he’s got himself into…. he drives me nuts!

The day before his holiday he bleached his hair! It turned a lovely (not) shade of yellow which made him look like a right weirdo but he thought it was brilliant, and of course he’s right when he says it’ll grow out in a matter of weeks! He likes to push boundaries in all aspects of life and I guess when we were young, we all did crazy things too… it’s all part of growing up!

Eminem springs to mind!

At the same time though, Teen can be sensible when he needs to be and can certainly look after himself, as well as anyone else. So I’m hoping he has this sensible hat on most of the time (hmmm) he’s away and keeps his wits about him because being on holiday with a load of mates, drinking and most likely going a bit crazy… I do worry, a LOT!

He’s gone to Outlook Festival in Croatia. Not just a holiday then, A FESTIVAL!!! There’s been boat parties booked and DJ’s lined up that he can’t wait to see… there are loads of people going that he knows, girls and boys, not just his little group, which makes me feel a bit better… safety in numbers and all that… but it DOES sound like it’s going to be one long, alcohol fuelled, insane week of paryting! (I’m a bit jealous, ha!).

He’s been so excited about it! He wanted to go to this particular festival last year but he wasn’t old enough. Had to be eighteen. Not sure I would’ve been comfortable with that though, he seemed so much younger last year…. but he didn’t go so that’s ok! This week I spent my time making sure he had everything he needed, all his clothes were washed and ironed (I spoil him), and he’d packed everything. I’d made lists for him so he didn’t forget stuff and generally fussed around, feeling anxious.

His flight was very early in the morning and he was staying at a friends house the night before as they were all getting a taxi from there. I have to admit to not sleeping a wink, worrying that he’d forgotten something, but, and this is certainly a plus side to having social media…. I was checking his SnapChat continuously and could see he’d got to the airport, checked in and was eating the obligatory airport fry up for breakfast! Phew!

He messaged me from the plane when he got on to let me know they were taking off and then when they landed, bless him. I was glad of this. How parents coped in the past with no mobile phones is beyond me!

I’ve been keeping up with everything so far via his SnapChat and Instagram. I’ve seen inside their villa, the beach, the DJ’s, the amazing looking festival at night and the drunk friends haha! Feeling thankful for social media right now…. it’s such a godsend in times like these. When teenagers start going out and about, no matter where it’s to, just being able to see some kind of update somewhere means that they’re ok. Peace of mind. We’ve also been messaging here and there and I can confirm he’s having a great time!

Of course he ran out of money fairly early on…. I’m annoyed that he hadn’t budgeted at all but I’m not surprised one bit. I received lots of nice phone calls and Face-times that day, buttering me up so he could ask me to transfer him some money!! Teenagers are REALLY good at this! I got the ‘But I can’t buy any food and I’m starving’ spiel and the ‘I’ll pay you back I promise’ line that I hear more times than literally any other sentence known to man! Again, technology comes to the rescue in the shape of banking apps on our mobile phones, so I was able to transfer some money to him instantly and he could immediately see it in his account. A friend of mine used to work in a travel agency years ago and she said the most common thing that happened in her store was parents coming in to send money to their teenagers who were on holiday!!!! At least I didn’t have to leave the house! He WILL be paying me back though ūüėČ Famous last words!

Anyway, he’s due back soon. Thank goodness! Not sure I could afford for him to stay out there any longer hehe! I’ve been keeping up with Outlook Festival hashtag itself on Insta, Snapchat and Twitter… it’s funny seeing lots of random people who I know will be there with, or least in the same vicinity as my boy, giving me some great insight. I just wish I had all his mate’s Snapchat accounts so I could nosey at those, ha… a bit stalkery I know but that’s what you need to resort to as a parent of a Teen…. ¬†I used to insist on knowing his passwords when he was a younger teen but they get to a certain age and you obviously can’t do this any longer… they do need their privacy, much to my dismay! Of course I would never add his mates on social media…. they would laugh in my face and probably think I was creepy!

I can’t wait to see him upon his return and give him a big squeeze and kiss! He’ll be so happy to be back home but will probably need to sleep for a week… meanwhile I’ll be ploughing through his washing! I don’t care though, we’ve all missed him so much and all I want is for him to be home safe and sound.

Another milestone reached and passed in my son’s life!

Regional swimming qualifier once again!

swimming competition

I have mentioned once or twice here on the blog about Teen’s swimming achievements.

How he became a National Swimmer and was a member of the England Talent Squad.

That was when he was 13 though.

At 14 he was forced to quit due to an elbow injury causing him a lot of pain. He took up running then rugby, both of which he excelled in but due to two broken wrists in one year of playing rugby (he never does anything by halves) I pulled him off the team. I didn’t want to see something worse happen to him. Running fell by the wayside and last year he had a bit of a sporting break, to concentrate on his GCSE’s but decided to go back to his beloved swimming when they finished last Summer.

He joined a different club. Smaller than his previous one and a club which allowed him to practically come and go as he pleased. He wasn’t planning to make any sort of come back, he just wanted to swim again for fun, fitness and to maybe do the odd competition.

A few months after going back, the club were doing a league gala and they asked him to take part. This is where the kids compete against other clubs, as a team. He’s done many of these in the past and they ARE lots of fun.. so he agreed. But when the day of the gala came around he wasn’t so sure. He said he didn’t feel ‘fit’ enough.

I believe he was worried about not living up to expectations.

Not that anyone expected anything at all. His club knew he hardly trained these days so they were in no way expecting him to pull out an Olympic qualifying time! They just wanted him to be part of the gala for his own enjoyment, but also because they needed him. They didn’t have many swimmers in his age group.¬†He would be swimming in the ‘open’ age group category for the first time, because he was 16 now. This would be tough.

Of course, he didn’t want to let the team down, so off we went to the Gala.

It felt¬†strange in a way for ME, because when he gave up swimming, I didn’t expect him to go back. I hoped he would. He did miss it. I missed it. But as time passed, I didn’t for one minute expect to be taking him to a competition again. It felt surreal to be poolside… the hot, bustling, manic atmosphere of a league event. It was like I’d never been away! It felt almost… comforting in a weird way.

Teen was down to do the relays of course but the main event for him was the 100m Breaststroke. This was HIS race. But he was nervous. Excited, but worried too.

Teen stepped up on the blocks and looked around at his competitors. So did I. They looked huge. Like MEN. Like proper adult swimmers! Here was Teen, although tall, just a BOY in this category. I was worried. I didn’t care what the outcome was in the race, but I had my fingers crossed that he didn’t finish last. That would really knock Teen’s confidence.

But then something unbelievable happened.

Teen dived in and¬†swam brilliantly. We needn’t have worried because he won – by miles!¬†It was almost funny the way he looked around in disbelief that he was the only one at the finish!

Everyone from our club was going crazy and one Mum turned around to me and summed it up with her comment…. “He’s still got it!”


Yes he has!

Bless him! How on earth did he just do that? I guess it’s just the skill of the stroke… something that’s always going to be with him now.

He pulled out a great time too… considering he hardly trains. It really was a special moment and I was so pleased for him!

It was the spark that reignited his passion.

Since that night (last October) Teen has astounded everyone by managing to not only compete at Counties, but to qualify for the Regional Championships next month in TWO races! Because even though his love for the sport has returned…. he still only trains now and then which makes it even more incredible. Imagine what he could achieve if he DID train fully?!

I’m ever so proud of him. He still only wants to swim for ‘fun’ and doesn’t want to put any pressure on himself, but it’s amazing that he’s managed to achieve these two qualifying times and it’s reignited his passion for the sport.

It reminded him how much he still loves it and proved to him that he’s actually still very good at it!

(The photo above is from a recent gala, not the one I mention in this post!)

Driving Lesson Stress

So my Teenager is learning to drive.

It’s something he’s been excited about for a very long time… I think, like most teenagers, he thought he’d literally be driving the minute he turned 17 but the reality of course is very different!

We did say he could have driving lessons for his birthday but before that could happen, he needed his provisional license. I’d picked a form up at the local post office because his passport has expired, otherwise he would’ve been able to apply for the licence online.

I left him to fill it out. Which he didn’t. It sat on the side in his bedroom for weeks. I reminded him that he needed to get photo’s done for the licence but of course he didn’t get round to doing that either. He’s not a baby and I was refusing to do everything for him. This meant that it didn’t get done!

Days before his birthday he was kicking off that he didn’t have his provisional and that meant no driving lessons! My fault of course.

This was the first ‘stress’ I experienced on my son’s learning to drive journey and apparently, according to research by Carfused.com, learning to drive isn‚Äôt always as straightforward as we’d like – They report that while getting on the road comes with a financial price-tag, it can also come with an emotional cost too. I think I would agree with this!

Eventually of course, Teen got his photo’s done for the licence, I got them signed off and it was eventually posted to the DVLA. It cost me ¬£43! The first of many payments…. another annoyance!

Finding an instructor wasn’t the easiest task either.

Teen wanted a female driving instructor. I think he thought that a male wouldn’t have the same patience with him, or might become angry if he did something wrong! I’ve no idea where this notion came from but I can appreciate his thought process… he was obviously looking for an easy, gentle, less pressurised time during his lessons and in his mind, a female was more likely to provide this environment!

After finding an instructor, we found out she charged £25 a lesson, which is average, if not slightly cheaper than many, so I was pleased. The first two for £40. Teen had a double lesson to kick off with and afterwards he came back buzzing, full of excitement and enthusiasm. He LOVED it!

driving lessonsTeen in the car with his driving instructor

But then came the pestering. The next stage of stress!

He was continually begging to let him have a ‘go’ in my car! The thing is though, my car is a huge seven seater with a 3.8ltr engine… A bit scary for me to let him behind the wheel of that monster! Plus it’s automatic, so he wouldn’t be gaining that much from driving it.

However, he didn’t give up…. every time we got in the car he asked…. “Please, I’ll just drive it down the road there… I’ll go slow…. I’ll be really careful” etc etc.. He bugged the life out of me!

After a couple more lessons and Teen declaring himself to be amazing at driving (he’s always been so full of confidence), I very nervously allowed him to get into the drivers seat of my car and take it for a spin! Just to shut him up!

Nervous just doesn’t cover it. We were only on our road which is very quiet and we agreed he would literally just be driving in a straight line.. maybe a slight bend, but that’s all. Still, I sat there rigid… terrified he would do something stupid! And of course, he did. Nothing serious, but he did put his foot down harder for a second and in a car like mine… we shot forward so fast, much faster than the little car he’s used to which he takes his lessons in! I’m sure it took him by surprise but he thought it was great! I on the other hand, freaked out and screamed at him to slow down…. at which point he laughed, but stopped!

“Chill out” he told me.

“Get out” I shouted back!

I jumped back into my drivers seat, my heart pounding! Teenagers seem to find it hard to follow simple instructions, they just do whatever they want, regardless. He scared me. I have since taken Teen out a couple of times in my Dad’s car, which is a little Fiesta manual and although I was still nervous, I knew this was a much less powerful car which meant Teen couldn’t get carried away!

I don’t think I could teach Teen how to drive fully though, like many parents do these days… to save money. I can obviously see the advantages but I don’t have the patience. His Dad has taken him out once or twice and actually, Teen is pretty good now. But to do it from scratch? I don’t think so!

The new study by Carfused.com reveals that almost half of learner drivers (49%) opted to take driving lessons with a parent or family member. Though these lessons might have been free, learners paid in increased stress levels as one in seven (15%) say they were yelled at repeatedly.

I totally get that!

The combination of an inexperienced driver and an over-bearing parent can be an interesting mix with stressful and potentially dangerous consequences. In fact, it lead to one in 10 (10%) parents grabbing the wheel during lessons and one in 20 (5%) learners say they almost had an accident. More than two thirds described the experience as too stressful and one in seven (15%) say they found the process scary. A similar number (15%) described learning with a parent as ‚Äėannoying‚Äô. And while the learners take the brunt of the stress, almost a quarter (24%) admit that it was a nerve-wracking experience for their parents.

To test this out, Carfused.com set out to monitor the stress levels of a father and daughter as they set out on driving practice. Georgia (17) and her father Kenneth took the road in a vehicle with special cameras installed to film the whole process ‚Äď so no angry look or yell went unseen.

Watch the full video below….

And it’s not just the emotional stress that learners are sharing with their parents with nearly a quarter of drivers (23%) saying their first driving lessons were bought for them as a gift by their parents. A lucky one in five (20%) say their parents funded every single lesson they took with an instructor. With the cost of learning to drive so high, it’s no wonder that parents are stepping in to help.

Teens’ driving instructor told him that the average¬†number of lessons it usually takes is around 22-25, with teenage boys normally coming in under this amount. Probably because they’re so eager! But still, that’s a lot of lessons to fund…. it makes sense to learn as much as you can with a family member!¬†If you can stomach it and have the patience!

Then there’s the cost of the tests… two these days with the separate Theory test to take.

Most teenagers think it’s their rite of passage to learn to drive as soon as they can but the cost of it all can make it impossible for a lot of families. Many teenagers do have little part time jobs at this age, which means they can help out themselves. But the whole shebang is a lot more stressful than you imagine it to be!

Carfused.com is¬†a great resource for everything car related and it’s perfect for parents and new drivers alike. ¬†It’s a¬†one-stop shop that brings you insurance, finance and a huge range of cars for sale together all in one place… there’s also plenty of information about the ‘black box’ insurance scheme whereby the black box is have fitted into your Teenager’s car. This records their driving, ensuring they drive safely and consequently cuts down insurance costs which is¬†sky high for young drivers. Finding a website like this that gives so much advice and information is a godsend.

Teen is preparing to take his theory test now.

I am excited myself about Teen being able to drive and having his own little car. How great that will be for him… and me…. no more ferrying him round or being called upon late at night for some taxiing home, although I will miss that if I’m being honest (not the late night lifts). Giving him a lift here and there always gave us a bit of one to one time and I enjoyed our little chats in those moments.

Still, I’ll have to get in HIS car instead, let him take ME somewhere! Or I can ask him to collect his siblings from various places if I’m stuck….. yes, I can see the advantages!

Maybe i’ll even ring him for a lift home if I’ve been out partying late at night….

See if¬†HE likes it! ūüėČ

Collaborative post

The price of a Prom

Teen had his Prom last week.

His was the first high school in our area to hold one, the others followed suit the rest of the week. Each prom had an after party somewhere, usually at one of the kids houses. There were a few after parties for each school, for each of the different friendship groups. The kids in year 11 at all the schools around here know each other and hang out, so many of them went to the after parties for other schools’ proms.¬†I thnk this is hilarious!

So it was a week of partying basically!

Proms didn’t exist when I was at school. We just left and that was it. Oh, maybe there was some shirt signing but nothing more than that. Boring really!

Proms are big business in the UK now. Copying America obviously, a bit like Halloween! But like Halloween, I don’t think Proms are quite as big here as they are over the pond. I’m glad really because from what I’ve seen in films, American high school proms were the stuff of nightmares! A bit over the top and pretentious. With half the kids, the popular ones, having a great time, looking gorgeous, picking dates etc, ¬†and the other half, the nerdy ones, struggling to keep up with it all and getting left out! I’m sure it’s not really¬†like that¬†but that’s the impression I’ve always had!

Getting back to Teens’ prom. Being a boy, there wasn’t much fuss made. He didn’t give it any thought at all until the week before. But the girls in his year I know we’re organising themselves for months in advance. Dresses were being tried on and chosen, how to arrive at prom (as in by flash car, limo… etc) was being decided upon.

Research carried out by My Voucher Codes suggests that going to Prom costs a small fortune.

Teen wanted a tux. We’d bought him a snazzy suit a few months before for his ‘interview week’ at school. But that wasn’t good enough for prom apparently. He HAD to have a tux.

Prom suit tuxHe DID look absolutely gorgeous in it though! 

We decided to hire one. Hiring cost ¬£65. But I’ve heard this is relatively cheap. Other boys paid over ¬£100. This is for one night only remember!

Then there was the transport. Teen and some friends hired an old London red double decker bus for the occasion. The cost for this wasn’t too bad really, being as there were quite a few to chip in! It was around ¬£25 each.

Then there was the ticket for the prom, which was £25. Teens prom was held in a local hotel.

Because Teen was going ‘out’ after prom we gave him another ¬£30.

All in all it cost us around £145. Not cheap for one night out for a 16 yr old kid!

For girls I’m assuming you’d need a bit (lot) more!

Some of the girls I know in teens year had gorgeous dresses that cost hundreds of pounds. Then they had shoes, the fake tan, the nails, the hair and make up……

promThis is Teen with a friend who had really glammed up for the occasion!

Some kids arrived in limos….. and I even heard one child, not for teens prom I hasten to add, but someone we know, arrived at his school prom in¬†a helicopter! Crazy…. I daren’t think about how much that would’ve cost!

Teen had an amazing night though. Definitely one to remember because himself and lots of friends managed to party all night long and I thought… well why not?

You only leave school once!

prom boysTeen and his bunch of suave looking buddies at the hotel, ready for Prom to begin!

Has your child had a Prom? Did you splash out or was it a reasonably priced event? I’d ¬†love to hear your thoughts…..

Nearly done #GCSE’s

The half term is over and Teen has ploughed straight back into his GCSE’s.

He had his first one on the 12th May and from then on they came thick and fast. Half term brought a welcome respite but now the GCSE’s have fully resumed.

The good thing now though, is the end is almost in sight.

It can’t come quick enough as far as I’m concerned.

I wrote a few weeks ago how¬†I have been ever so stressed in the lead up to these exams. I’m still a lot more stressed than Teen, I hate it. I feel for him as he leaves the house to go to school for an exam. I worry about the pressure or how well he’s going to do and I can’t bear it! I just want it all to be over!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you I’ve despaired of Teen at times over the past few years. Yes, he’s a good boy deep down but he’s had a somewhat colourful (for want of a better word) time during his years at high school…. He’s a very lively, confident boy who’s up for a laugh , and once the teenage years were truly in full swing, he acquired a bit of an attitude. I suppose he’s acted like the stereotypical teenage boy on more than one occasion; showing off at school, being cheeky, disruptive, disrespectful even… not exactly moments to be proud of.

But he always managed to worm his way out of situations with his charm and the fact that many of his teachers liked him and had his back. He always managed to be somewhere in the top sets too, despite never seeming to do much homework – always saying he wasn’t set any, or that he’d done it at lunchtimes!

I was so worried that he wasn’t taking school seriously. Don’t get me wrong, he did excel in certain areas and represented the school many times in sporting tournaments. But the lack of interest in anything academic and the complete disregard for his work (I used to find scraps of worksheets crumpled up all over his room and the work in his books was ridiculously¬†messy) distressed me no end!

With the GCSE’s looming though, and I’m talking weeks not months before, I did see a real difference in Teen. He’d been telling me not to worry for some time, saying that he ‘had this’ –¬†and honestly, all of a sudden… he just seemed to¬†switch.

Gone was the attitude of not giving a stuff and in it’s place was a determination to succeed.

GCSE revisionTeen and friend revising in the garden!

I have been totally blown away by his dedication to revision in the final weeks leading up to his GCSE’s. Yes, I badgered him for a long time, but now, right now when it matters, he has locked himself away and has knuckled right down.

Should it surprise me? Not really.

Teen is the sort of person who likes to win. It’s the reason he’s always been so successful at any sport he turned his hand to. He’s incredibly competitive and¬†doesn’t like losing, so why should his GCSE’s be any different?

He wants to open that envelope on results day and be able to wave it around with pride! He’d like to show off and give himself a big, well deserved pat on the back as he reads his great (hopefully) results.

Whatever happens though on results day, to me, he’s already succeeded.

I know he’s tried his best. That’s all I wanted. He’s been committed, he’s taken his GCSE’s seriously and for that, I am already the proudest Mum on the planet! ūüôā

Mum of Three World

GSCE Exam Stress – Me not Teen

So my beloved Teen is taking his exams this year. I can’t actually believe this time has come around this fast. It seems like yesterday that he was just starting high school. Honestly.

I’ve been stressed about his GCSE’s for at least a year now! Pathetic I know, but they’re important and I just want him to do as well as he can. To achieve his potential.

He’s not stressed though.

exam time

He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world!

I’ve been banging on about preparation and revision this past year but it’s pretty much fallen on deaf ears most of the time!. Teen wasn’t thinking or worrying about his GCSE’s a year ago…. Jeez, he’s only just starting to acknowledge them now! He was still messing around¬†at school a year ago!

Causing me stress.

Going into year 11 last September, thankfully, he started to knuckle down. Taking things a bit more seriously at long last. But even so, I had to be on his back, asking him questions, asking his teachers questions so that I was clear on what needed to be done by when. I didn’t think he was doing enough though and even his mock exams he didn’t take THAT seriously. He did revise a little and did better in some subjects than was expected, but did ridiculously bad in others.

Causing me stress.

He still wasn’t stressed though.¬†Said he’d be fine in the ACTUAL exams!

Oh yeah? I wouldn’t count on it matey.

He completed all of his Controlled Assessments and did incredibly well in them, which is fantastic. Controlled Assessments are done in school under exam conditions. They replaced the old coursework aspect of the GCSE’s and were introduced¬†to eliminate the possibility of cheating at home by either using the internet or getting parents to do it. This used to happen apparently! Students still have to prepare for the controlled assessments¬†but if they do well in them it¬†gives them a head start towards their final results, so very important. And I’m happy Teen managed to get excellent results in his.

But now we are in the final push before the exams start.

Teen’s first one, Biology is on the 12th May. Exactly SIX WEEKS from today!

And I’m stressed.¬†I don’t like it at all.

I wish I could stop worrying but I can’t help it. There’s so much riding on the results.

His results will determine whether he can get a place on the Sixth Form course at school and do the A-Levels he’s chosen. Yes there are always alternatives but it’ll be so much better if he doesn’t have to re-think his options. Yes he can re-take some GCSE’s if he needs to but that’s not ideal.

I wish it didn’t matter. I know Teen is a bright, witty young man… why should his results of a one or two hour exam on one day dictate his future? Even if he fails, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a bright, witty young man! It means that maybe he didn’t prepare well enough for the exam, or that he had a bad day, or the nerves got he better of him.

Being 16 is a difficult, challenging time for a person; raging hormones, confusing emotions…. the eagerness to get out into the big wide world, the need to enjoy life and have fun….. exam time just gets in the way!

I get that. I was 16 once. But times are hard out there and the¬†competition is fierce for jobs. If you haven’t got a good education with decent exam results, you’re going to be overlooked, no matter how bright you are!

Teen knows this. He should do, I’ve drummed it into him enough times!

But he’s still showing no signs of stress and I suppose that’s a good thing. He’s confident he’s going to pull it out of the bag.¬†He’s drawn up a revision timetable and he is sticking to a plan, so fingers crossed.

I’ll just be glad when it’s all over!

Another Rugby Season, Another Broken Wrist

broken wrist rugbyTeen’s X-Ray pictures from last Sunday

Poor Teen.

He loves rugby.

But this season I didn’t want him to go back to the team he plays for because he spent 8 weeks of last year¬†in a cast,¬†due to an injury he picked up playing the game. A broken wrist.

Teen doesn’t do things by halves. And anyway, rugby isn’t a game you CAN¬†play halfheartedly, but even so, there are some players that won’t go that extra mile. Or they stand by and watch others do all the hard work.

Teen is that player that will do all the hard work.

He’ll do whatever it takes to stop the other team scoring a try. No one is getting past him if he can help it, no matter what. And if he has the ball? Well he will run full pelt into anyone that’s in his way!

Rugby is a brutal game. But that’s exactly¬†what Teen loves about it.


Unfortunately, rugby doesn’t seem to agree with Teen. On Sunday he broke his wrist for a second time.

The same wrist.

Exactly the same time in the season as last year.

To say I was angry/upset/devastated would be an understatement. I wanted to scream and shout at everyone… all the coaches, the organisers, the other team…..

How could they let this happen to my boy again?

I blamed myself actually, for allowing him to go back this season. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, I know Teen. And I know of other kids that have had injuries; broken legs, broken shoulders, pulled ligaments etc… there’s always more than one injured player out of the team at any one time. It’s ridiculous… why would any sane parent allow this?

I was nervous every single week. It felt like I was feeding him to the lions or something. I can’t explain, but I didn’t like watching at all. It was exciting when he was running with the ball, he’s fast, but apart from that.. I was happier when the ball was elsewhere on the pitch!

Of course, no one is to blame. I just felt incredibly sorry for Teen, who knew instantly it was broken. I took him to the hospital, where it was confirmed.

broken wrist rugby

It was here that Teen became upset. Where it hit him. Well, it was the moment we had parked the car and he realised he still had his studs on, he had to change back into his trainers but couldn’t. He was in agony… so I did it for him. I felt like crying, sobbing in fact, but held it together and choked back the tears.

It was a fleeting moment though because as soon as we were inside, Teen was back to his jovial, silly self. Cracking jokes. He’s never down for long, bless him.

The nurse put on a temporary cast.

The following day, we had an appointment at the fracture clinic, where we were shown the X-Rays and filled in on the full extent of the injury.

Teen had broke the bone in his wrist quite severely. But not only that, the knobbly bone that sit’s on the outside of the wrist had become dislodged and was floating around up in his hand.

We were told this would need some manipulation to reattach it.

Oh dear.

When the temporary cast came off, it was evident that Teen was in excruciating pain, even without anyone going near the wrist.

But luckily, in rolled the old gas and air chamber, which both scared and relieved Teen. At least he was being given something for the pain. He had to breath it in for a good twenty minutes, whilst the doctor turned it up every now and again! He wasn’t taking any chances, definitely making sure it worked!

gas and air

I don’t think even I had as much gas and air during child birth! Teen was practically laughing his head off by the time the doctor said he was ready to do it! Myself and the nurses did have a bit of a giggle with him at this stage… He was high as a kite!

Two nurses, one male and the doctor himself then set to work on Teen. It took a while, and even though Teen was flinching, he coped very well.

It’s now in a fresh new cast that has to stay on for four weeks minimum. Let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as last year to heal.

Teen is ok in himself. Obviously gutted to be in a cast again, it drove him crazy last year. He’s been in a fair bit of pain but most of all he’s disappointed to be out of rugby again.

His coach and a few others said that it was one of the best tackles they’d ever seen! No consolation to me but Teen was happy about this.¬†¬†The boy that Teen brought down was actually stretchered off, so I hope he was ok.

Again, a reminder of how very dangerous rugby is.

The doctor said Teen will be back playing rugby in no time…..

Hmmm…. Not if I’ve got anything to do with¬†it!

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