School Holidays and Me

Right, well that’s another school holidays done and dusted.

I LOVE it when my kids are off school. I LOVE being around them every day. I LOVE that all four have different and funny personalities which I find so entertaining. Yes they drive me mad, but it’s rare to be honest. They’re actually quite well behaved and my younger three play happily together most of the time. I’m lucky I reckon!

If they get a bit out of hand I find a few little threats will usually do the trick – eg ‘if you carry on doing that, you won’t be doing [insert favourite outing or activity here]. For my teenager, the threat of confiscating his Laptop or X Box usually suffices…. or even better, his mobile phone – THAT is glued to him at all times, unless of course I need to call him then of course he suddenly never hears it! Actually, these holidays for him have been spent with a particular girl, so the threat of not being allowed to meet up with her has been a great deterrent if he gets out of line!

My gorgeous daughter, Poppie, can get loud at times but she’s generally very good and easy. My twins aren’t at school yet so I’m used to having them around me every day, so the school holidays aren’t any different.

I find the TV can help calm things down too. Switch on the kids TV channels and they’re happy as Larry for a while (who is Larry by the way?). My children love watching a bit of telly. Why is it that parents are made to feel inadequate if we let our kids watch TV? I don’t really see what’s wrong with it – in moderation. Especially channels like CBeebies which are rather educational too. But even if it’s cartoons for a while, who cares? There’s too much pressure on parents to be entertaining their kids all day… if it’s not crafting (I mean, if you enjoy it, fine, but personally I hate it) then it’s getting the kids out every day for educational walks and exercise, whatever the weather! I do love taking the kids on days out, somewhere specific and I make sure we do this in the holidays. I also might get some paints and art things out for them to play with but coming up with exciting ideas of amazing creations to make? No thanks!

Having my children at home is something I look froward to. I don’t find it a nightmare like some parents (yes I do know people that feel like that). I’ve never really understood why some mums dread the holidays, unless you work of course then the juggling is real! But for those that just ‘can’t cope’ with them I think it’s a reflection on how you view your kids.

I like my children and enjoy their company. I like the slowness of the school holidays when there’s no morning rush or school run. I love the lazy mornings just snuggling with my gorgeous little ones, appreciating them. I can’t stand trying to get all the kids organised in the mornings. It’s like they move in slow motion. Seriously. And the journey backwards and forwards to the school, especially with my twins being at nursery a few days a week now, therefore having the lunchtime school run too.. erugh – so annoying!

The main reason I love the holidays is that I’m a soppy old fool and I simply just miss my children when they are not with me. Plus I’m acutely aware of how quick childhood passes too.

It feels like yesterday that my fourteen year old was just a little boy. He is so grown up now it’s scary. Those years have flown by, in the blink of an eye. I look at my other three and desperately want to put the brakes on! My daughter will eight this summer and my twins will be four! I want to hold on to their cute, innocent loveliness for as long as I can. I wish I could bottle it up and save it for when they have grown up, then breathe it in and have them young again!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have some free time when they are all out at school. Time for me and time to focus on new things I have going on in my life right now. But my children are my life. Being their mum is the best thing in the whole world.

Anyway…..  getting back to these Easter holidays – we have had a few fun days out. Max went to the Tate Modern for a cultural day with aforementioned girlfriend and her parents.  Poppie had a sleepover at her friends house. We had a trip to the cinema and a farm. We had friends over. We had some days when we did nothing (which we love too). We had my dad stay with us for a few days and we also had a tummy bug.

Never a dull moment.

I don’t manage to get much else done though when the kids are off…… but we can’t have everything can we?

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