Week 10 Photo 2016 – Gone with the Wind

I completely missed out week 9 of Project 52, just in case anyone is wondering. Life got in the way!

So onto last week…. Week 10. This was spent at home mostly because I had my daughter off school ill.

I was working on Monday but when I picked up my Girl from school she seemed exhausted. Weirdly exhausted…. To the point of her taking herself off to bed that evening ridiculously early. I think we know, as parents, that when a child does that… something is definitely wrong!

The following day she slept and she didn’t really improve on Wednesday so I took her to the doctors. Of course (as is the usual diagnosis) the Doctor informed us that she had a virus and possibly asthma because of her lingering dry cough (I don’t think it’s the latter but a virus sounded about right as she did have a temperature). Whatever it was though, it completely whacked her out and it wasn’t nice seeing her so down and lethargic.

On Friday I decided to put on this film. Gone with the Wind…. My favourite film ever. I used to love watching old films with my mum when I was a little girl and this was the one that I loved best. I’ve seen it so many times. I always wanted to watch it with my own daughter but the time has never seemed right and the fact that it’s old and relatively slow, I wasn’t sure she’d be interested in it. Plus, being a four hour epic, with all the other things she could be doing instead…. I didn’t think she would sit through it to be honest.

But she did… AND she enjoyed it! She was distracted at times, as I thought she would be, and she asked a couple of questions about what was going on in parts, but she said she liked it! I think it’s one of those films that you have to watch more than once to really appreciate, and she’s possibly a bit young to truly understand the story line.

It’s such a good film though. Scarlett O’hara has to be my favourite character of all time and the story of her life, her relationship with the dashing Rhett Butler and the American Old South is incredibly gripping and moving. It was wonderful to watch it again (I haven’t seen it for years.. possibly since I was a teenager!) and I’m so glad my daughter has seen it now too.

Week 8 Photo 2016 – She’s Growing Up

Week 8 of 2016 already and the end if February. Wow this year is flying by!

Apologies for poor photo quality but I wanted to talk about this outfit my daughter is wearing and unfortunately this is the only photo I have of her in it.

She was going to a disco with some friends on Friday and this is the little ensemble we put together for it.

My daughter is 10. She’s not (sadly) into pretty dresses and cute bows in her hair anymore, so finding the perfect party outfit hasn’t been easy. She wanted to dress up, and look a bit more grown up…. she wanted something a bit different to what she would normally wear.

It’s so tricky because I definitely didn’t want her to look TOO grown up. She’s still a child after all. There are a lot of shops now doing clothes for this age (and younger) which are fun but a bit too old, like adult clothes but for kids. Skin tight dresses, high heels etc…… no way jose! We had to find a happy medium.

The over the knee (although one has slightly slipped down in this pic) socks were the starting point…. the over the knee look is very on trend right now so they ticked the right box! Then I spotted the cute little off the shoulder crop top which I knew she would love. She chose the pretty little skirt herself. I think she definitely needed to go pretty and girly with the skirt, otherwise the outfit could’ve been in danger of looking a bit unsuitable. The little lace up plimsolls also dressed down the look to ensure she looked her age! A little necklace and earrings and her hair down completed the look!

I think she looked absolutely gorgeous. But there’s no getting away from the fact that she’s growing up fast now…

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Top and plimsolls from New Look, Skirt from Next, Socks from M & S.

Week 7 Photo 2016 – My Boy!

Week 7!

With it being half term this week, I obviously had lots of photo’s I could use for this post but I decided to go with this one because, well it’s a bit strange.

Strange, in that I’m not 100% sure which one of my twins this is!

Having identical twins, we’ve always had this problem with photo’s, but usually we can figure it out reasonably quickly because we know the boys so well. Obviously. But this one had us stumped.

I took it earlier in the week when I was messing around with my camera and both boys were wearing the same pyjamas. They both have the same shaped teeth and they both have those adorable freckles (my genes ;)), so it’s tricky a one.

The only way to tell for sure, maybe, was to stand them both together and study the freckles… I’m convinced they’re not in exactly the same place on both faces. After doing this I’m pretty sure this boy is H… because of the more prominent freckle to the right of his nose. O has one too but it’s nearer to his nose than this one. Of course, I don’t think I can be absolutely sure but near enough!

How funny!

My boys, incidentally, love this. They think it’s hilarious that we have this problem and absolutely love this aspect of being twins! I’m sure they’re going to have lots of fun with this as they get older!

In other news, half term for us has been reasonably quiet. We did visit Willows Farm one day for some outdoor play and then the Ministry of Sound nightclub for some kiddie raving! Talk about two completely contrasting days out! The rest of the week we chilled. My kids actually just enjoy being at home and I was more than happy to oblige… school is tiring and they need time during the holidays to recharge their batteries.

Hope you all had a great week x

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Week 6 Photo 2016 – Girls Night Out

party time

Week 6, and this photo was taken on a rare night out I had (I’m on the right here!)

It was a friends birthday from work and a few of us decided to go out to a nice pub for a drink. I was looking forward to it all week but then the birthday girl unfortunately couldn’t make it… so I had to decide whether to still go. The others were up for it.. but decided on going into our local town to hit some trendy bars instead of the pub!

As a Mum, I’ve got into the habit of sitting at home watching TV in my pj’s on a Saturday night. I love it I don’t care! Nice and cosy and my children around me (not Teen obvs – he is usually OUT!) is my idea of heaven! Going out seems like a chore. I considered what I would wear… no, haven’t got anything. Should I drink or should I just drive? I don’t really like getting in cabs these days. Plus, it was raining and freezing cold. No, the night out just wasn’t selling itself to me.

But my friend promised we’d have a good night and that I really should just get out! Yes, I should. I should let my hair down, I thought!

And it turned out to be a blinder of a night!

We had such a good laugh. Started off in a nice bar, sitting around chatting (as much as we could hear each other anyway) before heading on to another, less desirable bar to have a dance! Quite a few drinks later and we were so up for a club! Ha… One nearby has just re-opened so we thought we’d try that out! It’s ages since I’ve been to a proper night club. Paying a tenner to get in, having my bag searched, providing ID’s to the bouncers – no not because I don’t look old enough (I wish), this is compulsory now in most bars and clubs. You need an actual ID which they scan in… I believe it’s to identify trouble makers easier. Very high tech!

It was a bit weird being in this particular club because it’s somewhere I used to frequent a lot when I was younger. I haven’t been there for years. It’s changed it’s name and owners but it essentially looks the same inside. Of course, we were probably the oldest people in there but it didn’t matter – we had a great time…. we danced and laughed all night, left in the early hours, ate some chips (classy) then jumped into a cab home!

I’m so glad I went. Roll on next time!

Week 5 Photo – 2016 Literacy Help

Week 5 and into February.

This photo of my twins I took during a lesson I had with them at school. For the past few weeks I’ve been attending a literacy class every Tuesday. It’s basically extra help (optional) for them and for me. There’s a group of us parents and we have a class with the teacher for an hour, whereby she gives us pointers on how to help our children get the most out of literacy. Then our children join us for an hour and we do a fun activity with them, based on the theme of that particular week.

It’s been a very positive experience for both my twins and for myself. The course has been running for the past five weeks and next week will be our last, which is a shame. After a reluctant start by my boys, they have grown to enjoy it and really look forward to it each Tuesday. The activities we do have been fun and some quality time together has been shared. I will definitely be putting some of what I’ve learned into practice.

This week has also been a very big week for Teen who started an Apprenticeship. A long story goes with that statement, one which deserves it’s own post so I won’t go into details now!

I’ve also been busy trying to organise my daughter’s end of primary school year book. I (stupidly) put myself forward for this job, along with a couple of other Mum’s but to say it’s not been easy would be an understatement! Just corresponding and chasing other parents for photo’s and payment is proving stressful! However, I will persevere…. because it will be a lovely keepsake for the children when they leave in July.

Hope you had a good week.

Week 4 Photo – 2016


It’s the end of January… yipee!

January always seems like the worst month of the year and one we usually can’t wait to see the back of. It’s cold, and the come down after the excitement of Christmas really hits with a bang.

But I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s because of the mild weather (last week not included), but this January hasn’t felt quite so bleak. In fact, it’s been totally fine….. although I am looking forward to it being February with the prospect of Spring around the corner!

This photo was taken earlier this week when a storm hit the UK. Me and the kids got caught in a massive downpour on the school run. Luckily it was home time because we couldn’t really escape as we had to run to get to the car which was parked in the car park. By the time we were there, the rain had come down with such ferocity that the kids were dripping wet. They’ve never been out in rain like it!

I didn’t mind though. I could see how much they were loving it…. the look of sheer delight in their faces was priceless.

They literally embraced the rain!

In other news, Teen competed in the County swimming championships. The first one since he gave up swimming due to injury. It was fun to be back there without any pressure, as Teen is swimming mainly for enjoyment purposes these days.

My daughter performed at the O2 in London this week, along with around 8000 other kids from schools in the region. It’s the Young Voices concert and what an amazing experience that was. More on that later though.

Hope you all had a great week.

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Week 3 Photo – 2016

project 366

So week 3 already done and dusted!

This scene is a regular one in my household. My kids playing games on the Play Station. In this photo though there’s also my two nieces who came over for the day on Saturday, and who love playing on it too. They don’t have one at home so they make a beeline for it when they’re here!

Week 3 has been relatively uneventful, apart from my twins losing their first teeth, and the weather taking a nose dive temperature wise.

Oh and the fact that I let Teen’s girlfriend have a ‘sleepover’ on Friday night for the first time ever and the OH going crazy because I hadn’t discussed it with him first. Eeek… not good! More on that though in a later post!

Hope you all had a good week and kept warm in the freezing temperatures!

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