Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 41

So… week 41 guys.

Had a few computer problems this week which drove me nuts and whereby usually I would use Teens laptop (he has the best tech in the household of course) if I had no time to sort out my own, but this week I couldn’t because Teen was on a geography field trip to Amsterdam and he took his laptop with him. How selfish ūüėČ So I spent days faffing around, trying to get mine to do what I wanted but it wouldn’t. Such a waste of my time when I had so much to catch up on. I’ve also been terribly busy at work these past few weeks as a colleague has been off and I’ve found myself with lots more work to do!.

Missed Teen when he was away. Spent the week worrying about him but we kept in touch here and there. I couldn’t wait to see him on Friday, the house feels so strange when one of the kids isn’t here, just doesn’t feel right at all, although it did seem a little less frantic. Teenagers live in a whirlwind of school, friends, activities and social organising so in that respect my week has been marginally quieter.

project 365

Day 278 – Sunday 5th October¬†–¬†Another birthday party.

Day 279 РH Practising his writing skills!

Day 280¬†–¬†I put some old fashioned rags in my daughters hair, the same way my mum used to do mine when I was a little girl, and this was the result! Lots and lots of ringlets! It did look very cute, she loved it!

Day 281 РAutumn is here and the leaves are changing. So pretty.

Day 282¬†–¬†Press day at The Perfume Shop. Lovely event.

Day 283¬†– Had to nip into town after school so I thought I’d treat the kids to dinner (they are covering their school badges for privacy purposes!)

Day 284 РO and H doing their cool dude poses.

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 40

Project 365 week 40 2014

Day 271 – Sunday 28th September¬†–¬†A busy, fun day in London. Two film previews, this one is at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle screening!

Day 272¬†–¬†This book was little H’s reading book from school. It’s the first time he’s read without it being a chore. And he tried sounding out all the letters and having a go at the words… ¬†instead of fighting with me about it! I was very proud I can tell you!

Day 273¬†–¬†Nipped to the shops after school, all three kids had a go in this bus, at the same time hehe!

Day 274¬†–¬†My twins enjoying colouring in whilst waiting for our meal at Pizza Hut. It was part of our Ninja Turtle review as Pizza Hut are currently serving four new Pizza’s named after the TMNT

Day 275¬†– Another day, another high school visit and another science lab photo! ūüėČ

Day 276¬†–¬†My daughter did this in my hair! She is obsessed with doing hairstyles at the moment!

Day 277 РO building his Lego aeroplane.

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 39

Project 365, if you’re new here is a photo a day, every day for a year. Us bloggers usually link up weekly with The Boy and Me but sometimes I do two or even three weeks at a time if I’ve been busy and haven’t managed to write my weekly post in time! I am however, keeping up with it, albeit just about but hey, we’re at the last hurdle now, not THAT¬†many weeks left of this year!

Taking a photo a day is not as easy as you might think. As a blogger though, I’m always ready, poised to take a photo, usually with my phone. It’s become a habit now but not always because I’m thinking about the project or my blog, but because I just love taking photo’s of my children in their every day life. They fascinate me and I love capturing even the littlest of things that they do. Some days though life is busy and I’m not always thinking about photo’s. Or we aren’t doing anything unusual that triggers a photo opportunity. So it can be tricky in that respect.


Week 39

Day 264 – My girl went to a friends party and the theme was The Great British Bake Off (hehe)! When I collected her, she had won this trophy, pictured with her winning cupcake design which is an octopus on the moon! Of course it is!

Day 265 – Struggling for a photo on this day so had to use this one. It’s some nutritious cereal aimed at kids but with no sugar added. My daughter liked it which is great, I shall be buying more of the stuff and try to wean the twins off their preferred chocolate infused sugary gunk!

Morrisons Nutmeg clothing¬†Day 266 – I was supposed to go to the Morrisons Nutmeg clothing press event today, I’d even swapped a day at work so I could go but my daughter wasn’t well in the morning and I made the decision to keep her off school. She was actually ok later on, typical! Morrisons had very kindly sent us a package which arrived on this same day with outfits for my three youngest children. They’re all fab! My daughter modelling hers here, a cute Autumn outfit ūüôā

jessops photo academyDay 267 – I attended a Jessops press event in Central London. I thought it was going to be a taster session but it turned out to be an ACTUAL¬†Jessops Photography workshop! Of course I couldn’t stay for it all as I had to get back for the school run but the part that I stayed for was really good. They gave me this camera to use which I so wanted to keep, but I wasn’t allowed¬†(not fair!) – I will however be back to attend a full course, which they have offered to me, I can’t wait! I desperately want my own DSLR to take though….

Day 268 – A very blurred shot of Teen competing in his first athletics competition with his running club. This is the 100m sprint and my son is the one way out in front! He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever come across!

 Day 268 РTook these little spooky gingerbread treats in for the kids after school.

Day 269 – My besties. At the park on Saturday afternoon. Love them so much x


¬†So that’s it for week 39 – see you next week for week 40! Only 12 weeks left of 2014… EEk!

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Weeks 37 and 38

Well, school back into full swing this week, unfortunately, but luckily holding on to the weather which has been great. This week seemed so busy, I had so many school curriculum meetings and things to organise, as well as working two days… it was non stop! Trying to get the kids back into a good bedtime routine too which is proving a challenge.

Week 37

project 365

Day 250 – Sunday 7th September¬†–¬†At Willows Farm in Hertfordshire, great day out and a potato picking event! you can read all about that day here.

Day 251¬†–¬†My little girl doing her tutor homework whilst I was preparing dinner.

Day 252¬†–¬†Grabbing a Costa latte… my fave, god I love it!!! ūüôā

Day 253¬†–¬†I treated myself to some new make-up. It’s about time too, I don’t do it as often as I’d like, I’d be blowing money on the stuff all the time if I could – this little lot set me back around ¬£40… I nearly passed out at the till ha!

Day 254¬†–¬†This photo is significant. My daughter is in year 5 which means in exactly a year from now she will be sitting her 11+ exam to get into secondary school. Although we have time next year, I thought I’d start taking her round to the secondary school open days this year, to give her an idea of what they’re like and to see which ones she warms to. ¬†She loved this one and enjoyed joining in with the experiments that the science department had to offer! I cannot actually believe we’re doing this, she doesn’t seem anywhere near old enough to even be considering high school, makes me sad!!!

Day 255¬†–¬†O driving around in an electric Mini!

Day 256¬†–¬†Had my daughter’s friend over. ¬†We nipped into our local Next as I had to collect some shoes and the girls spent all their time here at the sunglasses section, trying on every single pair!! Hours of fun hehe

Week 34

project 365

¬†Day 257 – Sunday 14th September¬†–¬†At the cafe in the park and H wanted a bouncy ball from this machine!

Day 258¬†–¬†Trampoline fun after school.

Day 259¬†–¬†On the school field running around free at pick up time! The boys love to play with their friends while we wait for older siblings.

Day 260¬†–¬†My lovely gift set from Inner Me. This is a review/challenge I’m taking part in for the next six weeks – watch this space.

Day 261¬†–¬†Teen at athletics¬†training.

Day 262¬†–¬†The Mad Blog Awards!!! Myself and Afra from Mad Mum of 7 glamming it up! Fab night ūüôā

Day 263¬†–¬†Had my daughter’s friend sleep over again, she’s like one of the family. ¬†They didn’t waste any time in getting stuck into Minecraft first thing in the morning! The hobby of choice these days.

Hope you had a good week (or two).. see you all next week x

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 36

Another week. Another school year.

I cannot believe we’re here already. September, and heading into Autumn. This year is going so fast, in fact I’m sure the years are going faster now than at any other time! Someone needs to put on the brakes!

This season is a little bittersweet for me. It’s as though I’m mourning the summer that has gone and losing my children as they go back to school, but at the same time loving everything Autumn… the amazing colours of the trees, looking forward to cosy evenings and the build up to Halloween and Christmas, both of which I love!

I’ve heard the weather is going to be reasonably good this month though, so I want to make the most of it and get out with the kids as much as I can!

Here is my week 36

clarks school shoes

Day 243 – School shoe shopping in Clarks. My twins took ages to allow to the shop assistant near their feet. Don’t let the innocent little face fool you. This was an ordeal!


Day 244 – Last day of summer holidays and we spent it getting organised for school and chilling out at home. This is my Dad’s dog getting a tummy rub!

project 365 new term at school

Day 245 – First day back at school. This was at pick up time and playing on the school grounds, as we always do when the weather is lovely. The boys had a great day, which was a relief after a very bad start in the morning. They had screamed and had to be prized off me ūüôĀ


Day 246 – Another school pic, I love where my children’s school is. It has extensive playing fields and looks out onto more fields and trees in the distance. I enjoy hanging around after school, not for that long, but long enough for most people to leave whilst I chat to other mums or just with my children. It feels peaceful somehow and the kids love to play for a while.


Day 247 – Playing in the garden

project 365

Day 248¬†– Keeping the twins amused while my daughter has her tutor session. I usually leave them at home but had no one to look after them on this day and it wasn’t worth going home so we waited in the car!


¬†Day 249¬†– The birthday parties for this school year have started already. This was a little boy in the twins class who was turning 6. Bless my little lads, they’ve only just celebrated their 5th birthday!!

Hope you all had a good week. Click on the badge below to read other Project 365 posts ūüôā

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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Weeks 33, 34 and 35

I know I know!!

What the hell have I been up to that I’m actually putting together a 3 week marathon Project 365 eh? The answer is, I really don’t know… I just haven’t¬†got around to finishing them in time and I kept on missing the deadline for the link up! I was going to do a two weeker last week but I was so busy with other things in my life that I left it too late, so resigned myself to the fact that I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt make this week. I haven’t made the link up *coughs* but I AM continuing with the project, I AM taking those photo’s, ¬†so I AM unquestionably going to share them!!!

Obviously the last three weeks have been the summer holidays and we’ve done a fair bit so some days it was really difficult to choose my favourite pics, but hey….¬†I managed and here they are…..

Week 33

Week 33 Project 365

Day 222 – Sunday 10th August¬†–¬†Spent the day at home. Weather was stormy but this was taken in the garden later in the day. H and our little pet rabbit.

Day 223¬†–¬†Making home made pizzas from scratch for lunch. They were yummy, even if I do say so myself. We don’t do enough cooking/baking together really.

Day 224¬†–¬†Reviewing one of the Uggly toys!

Day 225¬†–¬†A fab day out at Go Ape. This was so fun, cannot wait to do it again.

Day 226¬†–¬†A big day. My twins had their hair cut short for the first time. They’ve always had it long so this was a big deal! I love it though, and so do they. They look so different though it’s quite remarkable how grown up it’s made them look.

Day 227¬†–¬†Friday it was Lollibop day. This is a brilliant kids festival and we love it. Our second year there as a blogger Ambassador and it just gets better.

Day 228¬†–¬†I picked up the twins birthday bikes from Halfords. Took this pic in the shop!

Week 34

project 365 week 34

Day 229 –¬†My twins 5th birthday party. It was held at Gambados play centre and this was their party table, complete with two head of the table tiger chairs and Minecraft cake ūüôā

Day 230¬†–¬†Their actual birthday and after an exhausting party the day before, they all slept during the afternoon. We had family over in the evening for a celebration.

Day 231¬†–¬†The twins looking very pleased with themselves after we had managed to put together this amazing castle they got for their birthday. I’m reviewing this so post to follow.

Day 232¬†–¬†A day at a friends house. The kids play for a while then they always seem to end up doing this at some point. Technology and Minecraft fanatics!

Day 233¬†–¬†Thursday was a great day. We went to the launch of new toy Xeno at London Zoo. Xeno is amazing, review coming shortly and we got to spend the day in the zoo too which was so much fun.

Day 234 РTaking the new bikes out for a spin.

Day 235¬†–¬†Our Barbie event. This photo is of my daughter with singing coach from¬†The Voice, Yvie Burnett!

Week 35

project 365 week 35

Day 236 –¬†H taking the iPad out with him (it was the only way we could get him in the car!) and falling asleep. He dropped it a few seconds later!!

Day 237¬†–¬†A shopping trip for school uniform ended up being more like a long, leisurely lunch at Ed’s Diner!

Day 238¬†–¬†My girl at a pamper party. It was a friend of mine’s daughter who was turning 12 and I went along to help out. We washed and styled hair and did the make up and nails of 6 girls!! It was exhausting but fun. ¬†My girl joined in too and looked ever so glam with this hair do!!

Day 239¬†–¬†The Ice Bucket Challenge. My crazy girl was dying to do one and was was ever so pleased when our next door neighbour nominated her ūüôā

Day 240¬†–¬†I was invited to a Next event at the very lovely Ham Yard Hotel in Piccadilly. I got a sneaky peak at the new in for Autumn women’s ranges, as well as being treated to a manicure and a palm reading!

Day 241¬†– My daughters gymnastics club. And this is Peter Duncan, who is currently appearing on BBC1’s Tumble.. he was there on Friday practising his vault!

Day 242¬†–¬†My children are friendly with the children next door and they often talk to each other over the fence like this. It’s very cute! My boys are in their pj’s here ha, they have no shame!

So there we are. Phew.. that was rather time consuming pulling in all these photo’s and trying to arrange them somehow.. but it’s done now! Three weeks of my life all laid out right before your very eyes!!!! I’m enjoying Project 365, a photo a day challenge for a whole year, which I join in with over at The Boy and Me. I will endeavour to get this weeks instalment up on Sunday. See you on the other side of the new school term start ūüôā


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Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Weeks 31 and 32

This is another two weeker again. I know I’m a little behind with this project but as I said on a previous post, I am still taking photo’s so I’ll keep going in my own time for now ūüôā

Week 31

This was going into the second week of the school holidays and the main thing to note I guess is that I travelled up to Lancashire to visit my Dad. I love going there. The kids love going there and we always have a lovely time.

project 365

Day 208 – Sunday 27th July – This photo was taken on a walk near our home. I love the light the sun is creating around my daughters hair

Day 209 РWe went round to the twins little friends house for a tea party as it was his birthday

Day 210¬†– Drove up my Dad’s. The kids wasted no time in getting out in his garden collecting caterpillars

Day 211¬†– Three youngest chilling out with my Dad’s dog¬†who they adore

Day 212 РWe took a trip into Manchester to visit the Legoland Discovery Centre

Day 213 РAn evening selfie with my boys whilst cuddling up

Day 214 РTeen and I in Costa. Going for a coffee just the two of us is something we have started doing regularly now. He loves it!

Week 32

 project 365

¬†Day 215 – Sunday 3rd August¬†– We went to visit a local fair which was 1940’s inspired. There were people dressed up and they had this magnificent array of tanks and war memorabilia

Day 216 РA thoroughly enjoyable day trip to Blackpool. We spent most of the day on the Pleasure Beach amusement park but this was taken on the actual beach, with the Blackpool Tower in the distance

Day 217¬†–¬†Another fair ground but this time a more modern one!! My daughter and her cousin

Day 218 РThe kids played in my Dads garden before we set off for home. My daughter here showing off her gymnastics skills.

Day 219 РThis was our Dentist visit day. We went to the park afterwards as a treat and met up with friends

Day 220¬†–¬†My daughter practising her gymnastics, she’d been off for over a week which meant she was eager to get back!

Day 221¬†–¬†Blogstock! A festival for bloggers!

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