Project 365 Weeks 19 and 20 – 2015

A two weeker from me today. I don’t really like writing up two weeks at once as the first week always seems so long ago!

So going back to week 19. This was a busy week for my older two children.

It was Teen’s last ever official week at school, which is a very big deal.

My baby has left school! It’s beyond crazy. Feels like yesterday that I took him to school on his very first day, aged 4. And now here we are at the last.

On the Friday he went on study leave and will no longer be going into school as an ordinary student. He will go in for his exams only from now on, although he can choose to go in for revision classes if he wishes. He’s hoping to stay on at sixth form so it doesn’t quite feel like the end but officially…. it is. The end of an era. It’s been emotional.

But the week for him was all about revision.

My daughter was revising too! For a mock exam, the 11+. She was practising her work all week bless her – she’s not even 10 yet and the exam is in September. In fact, none of the kids will be 11 by then so it seems a bit unfair. But anyway, this is the price we pay for living in an area with highly competitive and selective schools.

On to the photo’s then…..

Week 19

project 365Day 124 – Sunday 3rd May – We went to another Kids A.M showing at our local Vue Cinema. This time to see Big Hero 6. And oh my goodness what a brilliant film. I didn’t know much about it beforehand and didn’t bother going when it first came out but I kept hearing great things about it. And rightly so… it’s absolutely a fantastic film.

Day 125 – It was a bank holiday and we didn’t do much. We did however nip to the shops to buy my daughter some trainers, and we came back with these too. Tsum Tsum’s by Disney. Apparently the new craze – so my daughter told me. She’s been watching video’s all about them on YouTube… of course! 😉

Day 126 – Teen and all his Year 11 fellow pupil received their Leavers Hoodie today. They had a choice of colours and Teen went for black. It’s actually very lovely and a nice keepsake.

Day 127 – The twins were showing me their teeth. But do you think I could get a  capture of them both with their mouths open at the same time? Nope! My daughter was checking them out to confirm that they have exactly the same teeth, which they do – being identical twins. Their teeth are all the exact same shape, size and position. It’s very weird – but cute!

Day 128 – We voted. That’s all I’m saying on the subject!

Day 129 – Daughter’s 11+ Verbal Reasoning practicing books. Getting ready for her mock tomorrow. This vocabulary book on the right is excellent by the way!

Day 130 – Took my little girl to do her first 11+ mock test. She was a little nervous but the test is run by Mums at our school, and is held at our school, so it wasn’t too bad. And she did quite well, considering it was her first go. I took her into town afterwards for a bit of retail therapy and a stop off in Costa. She usually has hot milk with chocolate sprinkled on top!

Week 20 and the start of Teen’s GCSE’s. The time I’ve been dreading for at least a year or so. But they are going well he said so I’ve started to relax a little. He’s revising and trying his best, that’s all I ask.

My Girl went on her school trip, as I wrote about last week. She came back and enjoyed it she said, but couldn’t wait to see me. She cried when she got off the coach, buried her head into me and gave me the biggest squeeze so tight and wouldn’t let go. I think she enjoyed the activities and had fun, but she wasn’t overly impressed with the place where they stayed, said it was creepy! She was glad to be home 🙂

 Week 20

project 365Day 131 – Sunday 10th May – My twins swinging on the scaffolding at home! This shot is weird – they look kinda strange just hanging there!

Day 132 – My daughter at school, ready to go on her very first school trip away.

Day 133 – Teen got a new haircut! He’s gone from bouffant to shaved! This is the new ‘Buzz Cut’ which is all the rage this summer. Apparently! I think it looks ok to be honest. Very different, but I like it.

Day 134 – My daughter got back from her trip and ran to me as fast as she could!

Day 135 – Went to the pet shop to buy some food for our rabbit. The kids always love looking at the pets. These are chinchillas.

Day 136 – Had my nails done again!

Day 137 – Went for a run with Teen! He thought it would be hilarious to take a cheeky selfie (of sorts) and show my lack of speed, lagging behind him, struggling. The cheeky devil! In my defense though, we routed through the field and the ground was a bit bumpy!

Hope everyone had a good couple of weeks!

Project 365 Week 18 – 2015

Another full week of school and all week I really looked forward to the Bank Holiday. We had no plans for the three day break, which was utter bliss. We are usually busy but having no where to be was fab. The kids are more than happy at home, my youngest three play together really well and now that the weather is good, they are happy in the garden for hours. My twins are best buddies and when my daughter gets fed up with playing, she’ll go and do something like watch TV, go on her Kindle or play with her toys… she loves chilling! Teen is full on revising right now (1 week to go, aargh!) so making plans and going out without him didn’t feel right either.

On the subject of Teen. He returned to swimming this week after a long break following an injury. He swam competitively at National Level but decided to quit for good after much soul searching. There were a number of reasons. He pursued other sporting interests and even though he always missed swimming, I didn’t think he’d go back. He’s joined a different club and just wants to enjoy swimming again, with no plans for making a big National comeback any time soon!

Week 18

Day 116 Sunday 26th April – Teen’s first evening back at swim training. Not the greatest of photo’s but I was conscious to try and not get anyone else in the photo! He is training here with a snorkel!

Day 117 – I love these freckles! My twins have freckles just like mine when I was a little girl 🙂

Day 118 – There was a ‘Learning Together’ morning in my twins class at school. I wasn’t working which meant I could help. I love being with them in their classroom….. listening to them answer as the teacher takes the register (their little voices!), watching them interact with the other children. It gives a good insight. There are lots of educational games to play and tasks to do which the children do in groups. This is O having a ‘go’ of the laptop!

Day 119 – The OH had the day off work so we went to collect the children together from school. They love this as Daddy doesn’t do the school run very often. We took them for a treat to a new ice cream and desserts establishment that’s recently opened nearby. The decor is glamorous and the desserts were to die for!

Day 120 – Teen had his two day GCSE Art exam this week. This was a piece that nearly made it in the coursework folder. Can you guess who it is?

Day 121 – My daughter has had this wobbly tooth a while now. It’s still not out! Hanging in now by a thread, literally!

Day 122 – I have started a new fitness regime. (Wish me luck) I’ve created my own little 10 minute routine that I can do at home to tone up. I’m also doing the 30 day squat challenge alongside… PLUS this! The couch to 5k. The first outing didn’t go well, Teen came with me the second time to motivate me! I’m determined to do it though! Going to write up a full report on this at some point this week.

Hope you guys all had a fab week!

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Project 365 Week 16 & 17 – 2015

Well, I didn’t get round to posting in Project 365 last week so it’s a two weeker today fro me, which includes the last week of the Easter holidays and the first week back at school – Boo!

I haven’t posted anything at all this week on my blog. I’ve got a few issues going on at home right now so trying to focus on writing a post has been difficult.

But I don’t want to stop writing up my weekly posts for Project 365 so I’m determined to get this one done today today!

Here’s what we did the last week of the Easter holidays.

Week 16

Day 102 – Sunday 12th April – Last day at my Dad’s. Spent the day with him, in fact we went to the park and this is a pic of my daughter devouring an Oreo Ice cream! Drove home and the traffic was horrendous. Didn’t walk through the door until 11pm – completely exhausted!

Day 103 – Monday, and into the second week of the Easter holidays. We had a day at home to relax and recover from yesterday! One of the twins brought in these tiny flowers from the garden for me. Bless.

Day 104 – I went to have a pedicure… it IS that time of year after all! My daughter came with me and I said she could have her nails painted at the same time. She loved it and they looked ever so pretty.

Day 105 – This was the day that it was HOT! We spent the day at my friends house where the kids played in the pool!

Day 106 – Our rabbit 🙂

Day 107 – We’ve had a robin’s nest in our back garden for a while now and recently they had babies! This is one that my daughter held as it was out of the nest and fluttering around! She was over the moon.

Day 108 – It was my sister in laws birthday. All the family got together for a meal followed by a trip to the park before heading back to her house. This is my niece with my twins enjoying ice creams… she’s ever so cheeky and the boys adore her 🙂

Week 17

Day 109 – Sunday 19th April – Last day of the Easter holidays. We went to the park, again. Just to be out having some fun before school starts back was lovely. I was feeling pretty sad tonight at the thought of school starting again….  I never want them to go back, I miss them so much.

Day 110 – Back to school. Was surprised to see this new addition to the infants playground…. how fab is this climbing frame? The children loved playing on it after school.

Day 111 – Took some photo’s outside of this butterfly toy for review.

Day 112 – This is what I like to see. Teen and friend revising in the back garden. Oh yes, the revision has kicked in big time now…. only two weeks to go! Eek!

Day 113 – Trampoline fun after school…. loving this Spring weather, so nice to see the children rush out into the garden as soon as we get home. It’s like the garden has suddenly come alive again after the long winter.

Day 114 – A very exciting trip to Wembley Arena to see Disney on Ice on Friday night. We go to every show that comes out but this one was special. This one had ‘Frozen’ in it for the first time. We had front row seats and my daughter was invited on the ice as part of the ‘Tangled’ section of the show! Brilliant! that’s her in the carriage chatting to Donald Duck, as you do!

Day 115 – Nothing planned this weekend. I had a bit of a clean up in the house and the kids played in the garden. My twins came in and fell asleep – playing a bit too hard I think 😉

So there we have it. Two more weeks gone. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. It’s unbelievable. Hope you all had a good couple of weeks!

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Project 365 Week 15 – 2015

First week of the school holidays and it began with Easter Sunday! The weather was pretty good too this week wasn’t it?

On Wednesday I drove up North to visit my Dad. We stayed a few days but had to be back so that Teen can attend some GCSE revision classes that are on at school during our second week of the holidays. We had a lovely time though and caught up with other family members and friends.

Day 95 Sunday 5th April – Easter Sunday. We organised a little Easter egg hunt in the garden. Here O and H are hunting in their PJ’s!

goatsDay 96 – Easter Monday. We had a day out to Willows Farm which is fab but was very busy, as I knew it would be! We saw lots of baby animals, including this gorgeous little baby goat sitting on the hay here!

Day 97 – Very busy today but we found time to make the Butternut squash Muffins that I wrote about last week.

sindy dollDay 98 – Packed the car up and set off on the long drive oop north! We all love visiting my Dad and staying with him in his lovely, cosy home. I have quite a few things there from childhood that my Dad has kept, or that I’ve told him not to get rid of. I have a few dolls, including this Sindy. There are lots of clothes too and my daughter loves playing with them when we visit. I’ve allowed her to bring this particular one, her favourite, home with us this time.

Day 99 – It was a beautiful day in Lancashire where we met up with friends for a picnic. We then went for a walk around this lovely area. It was amazing to feel the sun on my face again!

Day 100 – Another lovely day. Not as warm as yesterday but still too good to waste. We went to the park and walked by the river. My children and my nephew here were throwing stones in. Or ‘skimming’ …. as Teen was trying to demonstrate!

Day 101 – A quieter day today. We popped out for lunch to Pizza Express. Here are my beautiful boys sharing a yummy (plain) pizza! They even picked at this after H almost choked on some stringy cheese that hadn’t gone down properly! Scary for a moment but all was ok 🙂

We are back home now and looking forward to another week off school!

Hope you all had a great week 🙂

Project 365 Week 14 – 2015

‘Project 365’ – A weekly link up with The Boy and Me. A challenge whereby we take a photo a day, every single day for a whole year. I completed 2014 and enjoyed it so much I’m taking part again!

Week 14 already and it was the last week before the Easter holidays. School was winding down and I for one was counting down the days. Love the holidays, as I always say when a school holiday is approaching, but I do. Just nice to relax a little and enjoy the kids’ company. They are my favourite people after all 🙂

Day 88 Sunday 29th March – My twins had a party but they weren’t in the mood. We got there and they didn’t want to join in. They’re shy and do this regularly and normally I have the patience to deal with it but this day I didn’t. I had rushed around finding last minute presents for the birthday boy (a classmate) so I was less than amused to have my boys hiding behind my legs, literally trying to drag me out! I decided to leave, hoping this would make them change their mind but no. They were actually happy which annoyed me! I told them off. Then I felt guilty so I decided to take them to this particular branch of McDonalds on the way home which has a play area inside. They like it here and played for ages. They were ever so happy bless them.

Day 89 – Monday morning and two very tired children. Loving H’s bed head!

Day 90 – A Hotel Chocolat praline! Beyond delicious!

Day 91 – Exhausted after school on the way home. The upcoming holidays are needed!

Day 92 – A special delivery today. A hamper full of goodies to make a special recipe…. in association with Jamie Oliver and Moshi Monsters to celebrate the launch of Jamie Olivers new You Tube Channel. Post coming soon……

Day 93 – Good Friday and the first day of the Easter holidays for us. We were having a lazy day doing nothing! This made me chuckle seeing all four of my children having a joint game of Minecraft!

Day 94 – It was a bit of a disaster today. We were supposed to be seeing a kids show at the theatre in Greenwich to review but the trains were so severely disrupted we got there too late. Fed up we headed to Pizza Express before stopping off on the way home here in Leicester Square. This is the pop up Cinderella Exhibition which I really wanted to go to. Online tickets were sold out but I knew we could queue. Which we did for about an hour. The kids actually had fun in the queue with other children and the time went quickly. It was worth it, a fabulous exhibition with all the props and costumes from the new movie.

That’s it, hope you’re having a lovely Easter. See you next week!


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Project 365 Week 13 – 2015

My twins were off school most of this week. They had a cold. It started off reasonably bad on Sunday evening with a temperature, which turned into a bout of earache, a cough and left them with severe snotty noses. They weren’t THAT ill to be honest, they managed to play a bit and go on their beloved tablets a LOT, but they were in no fit state to go to school.

Not sure where to draw the line really on this. They could’ve gone back to school on Thursday but O had slept badly and they were both still having to have their noses wiped continuously so it wouldn’t have been nice for them to be at school. But they couldn’t stay off indefinitely and all kids go to school with colds don’t they? I just wanted to make sure my little lads were going to be ok though…. I couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in a classroom feeling under the weather… what’s the point in that? So I kept them off till Friday, and actually it was the right decision because they were happy to go in then, they were ready to go back.

Anyway, it was lucky because the OH was working at home this week which meant I didn’t have to cancel work but more importantly, I didn’t have to cancel a lunch date with friends on Tuesday 😉

My Week 13 in photo’s

paddington at the cinemaDay 81 Sunday 22nd March – I took O and H to the cinema this morning to see Paddington. Other parents are always telling me about the cheap tickets for family movies at Vue cinemas every weekend, so I thought I’d check it out! My daughter has seen Paddington but the boys and I haven’t so I booked it, only £1.75 EACH! Bargain! And we absolutely loved it – what a fabulous film. O and H laughed out loud at some bits! It was really nice being just the three of us. This pic is of H at the end of the film!

Day 82 – My daughter doing her 11+ revision. She’s only 9 but round here the kdis have to sit the secondary entrance exam the year before. I feel sorry for her, some of this work is quite challenging. It’s verbal reasoning which they don’t teach in schools and she gets frustrated with it!

Day 83 – I had a lunch date with friends today but before that I met one of my best friends here at her new house. She has downsized because she wanted a home that was in the perfect location which had an abundance of character. This cute little graded cottage is in the most beautiful village. I chuckled so much at her kitchen here! Look at the size of it! I loved it though. I thought it was amazingly old fashioned and quirky. Of course, they are having building work done soon to extend so this kitchen won’t be here then but I quite like it just the way it is!

Day 84  – My daughter’s class performed in a steel band show at school. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. They were really good, they did a few numbers which must’ve taken a lot of practice. It sounded amazing!

Day 85 – My daughter seemed a little tired and fed up after school on Thursday. I didn’t have the twins with me (as they were at home) so I took her to the local coffee shop for a treat. We had a hot chocolate and a brownie each 🙂

Day 86 – I have weeks where I don’t do anything other than school runs and work, but this week it’s been lovely catching up with friends. Today, I visited another friend who has also just moved house. She is a mum of 5 and has just bought her ‘forever home’. This is it. It’s beyond beautiful. There is literally so much work to do but the house is so pretty and the surroundings are breathtaking. It has a riding school over the back of the garden and the horses come up to the fence. It has tennis courts, a huge outhouse that consists of a hall and spa, and it has stables! I love it and can’t wait to plot up here in the summer with my kids hehe!

Day 87 – I’ve just run a Hotel Chocolat competition on my blog and I’m reviewing this beauty! The praline chocs in this are the most delicious I’ve ever tasted!

I hope you had a fabulous week!

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Project 365 Week 12 – 2015

mothers day cards Day 74 Sunday 15th March – Mothers Day! These cards from my youngest three were brought to me in bed along with breakfast! I loved the cards, OH had done well this time finding these, which were large and were all written in beautifully! I also had some that the boys made at school which of course I will treasure 🙂

Day 75 – My kids have been enjoying porridge for their breakfast recently…. with this on top! It’s so ridiculously sweet I know but they love it 🙂

Day 76 – The twins have been enjoying the Spring weather after school, running around whilst we wait for their sister!

Day 77 – Received this little Flutter Wings butterfly to review! My daughter was over the moon!

Day 78 – The boys had D & T week at school and made lots of things! I loved this little pom pom monster that O made, and I can just about read what it says which is amazing! Well done little one!

Day 79 – On Friday, parents were invited to join their childs’ class which had been turned into a cafe at the end of the day! It was ever so sweet, checked paper table clothes and cardboard flowers on the desks…. the children dressed up as waiters, hence the t-shirts which they designed themselves! They also made menu’s and brought us cake, which they had made, along with some juice. So cute, what a fab week the children have had at school making all sorts of things. Plus it was absolutely lovely for  me to be served by these two handsome waiters 😉

Day 80 – A crazy day today. In among a number of kids parties we got together at the OH’s Mum’s house as it was his sister’s birthday. My daughter and her cousin dressed Nannies dog with Build a Bear clothes! Poor thing, although I think she quite liked it! Ha!


Hope you all had a good week!
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