Lion Selfie! – #MySundayPhoto

lion selfie chessington lions animals


Talk about right place at the right time! This was taken during half term at Chessington World of Adventures! Casually watching the gorgeous lions in the zoo there and this one was extraordinarily friendly, honouring me with this super selfie!


#MySundayPhoto – Identical Twins

twins twin boys identical twins

My boys.

I love this photo of my beautiful identical twins! O’s two front teeth missing… H has a gap too but he has one new big tooth that’s already come down! They’re changing all the time. I love their cute little freckly faces in this pic and their lovely blue eyes! I love them so so so much I could eat them up 😉



My Sunday Photo – Spot the children!

photo the grove hotel

There should be three children hidden in this photo! Taken in the grounds of the beautiful The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire!


#MySundayPhoto – Spring Flowers

Spring flowers


My Sunday Photo – 29/01/17

fod foggy countryside england

My view on my way to work one day this week.

We had a number of foggy and frosty mornings and I actually find them incredibly beautiful. Everything looks so wintry and pretty. I’d much rather some frost than horrible gloomy rain!

I drive down a few country lanes which bring me out onto this flat area and the fog here was so dense I just had to take a quick snap.. it’s very quiet so I was able to stop quickly without being in anyones’ way!



#MySundayPhoto – 15/01/17



My little H lost his front tooth this week!

He is a twin and they are my last children out of four so I do baby them if I’m being honest. Losing this tooth is another sign that they are growing up and I hate it! I don’t want them to lose their baby teeth…. I wish I could keep them little for a bit longer!

They are seven and a half now so relatively old to be losing their front teeth. I think they’ve done well to hold on to them as long as they have! O hasn’t lost any of his front teeth yet although being twins there seems to be a wobbly tooth every other week at the moment! The tooth fairy is being kept very busy here 😉




Late Summer Heatwave – My Sunday Photo 18/09/16

What a difference a few days make!

This was me in the garden on Tuesday this week! In the sweltering late Summer heat. I thought ‘sod it’, I don’t care about work/housework today, I’m going to make the most of this glorious sunshine and have a sunbathe in the garden!

I only managed a couple of hours, but feeling the hot sun on my skin for probably the last time this year, was completely heavenly!

Wednesday I managed an hour too, just while I ate my lunch and I’m so glad I did because by Friday it was stormy and thoroughly miserable!

The storms during the early hours on Friday morning and at breakfast time were really something else! Severe thunder and lightening and lashing rain from at least 4am! The rain continued on the school run with flash flooding everywhere!

I think Summer is officially over now! It was good while is lasted.

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