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With the recent prolonged periods of being stuck at home, it has had positive effects on home renovation.

How Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Your Reliable Future investment

After staring at the same walls, ceilings and floors for months on end people are wanting to spruce the place up and give it a fresh feel for the years ahead. Knowing what is reliable and will not need a regular amount of repairs and touch ups over time is a prime focus for those wanting value in their relaxing places, so it’s no surprise that luxury vinyl flooring has reaped the benefits for those looking for a change of scenery.

Low Maintenance Lifestyle

Indeed, when it comes to enjoying your home you need to feel like you can sit and enjoy the time without constant worry of needing to clean up.

One of the main reasons people go for vinyl is the ability to switch off from worrying about your floor. The many properties vinyl provides include anti scratch and anti slip functions, so no matter if you have kids or animals running through your room you can be sure that the floor has the durability to withstand any potential accidents.

With added durability and extra cushioned texture, vinyl can withstand a lot more than other household flooring options which adds for further peace of mind.

Inexpensive Options

Lets face it, you want to know that what you will spend on your flooring is worth the money.

It’s no secret that vinyl flooring is a much cheaper option over carpet, laminate or wood/stone featured flooring. What you also can take into consideration is the relative savings on a number of areas.

Should an individual piece of flooring need to be replaced, it can be done without disrupting your floor by taking out the offending piece and replacing with another. With the individual pieces being very cheap to buy it does not leave you out of pocket. Also, consider the saving on not requiring a professional to fit the flooring due to relative ease to be achieved as a DIY project for that person in the house who likes to dabble.

Easy Clean

Gone are those embarrassing situations where you may need to hide sections of your floor due to spillages or hard to clean stains from dirt or sauces.

Instead of paying out for any and every kind of chemical to clean up blotches on your floor, vinyl offers a simple solution; warm soapy water on a sponge or a mop. There are other ways people have taken to cleaning their vinyl with ease to retain its original gloss, and with the benefit of anti moisture properties you are ensured that there is no leaking to the underfloor and ruining the consistency of your floor.

This makes vinyl perfect for a kitchen where heavy activity requires a floor that can take the heat.

Styles, Profiles and Suppliers

With vinyl the imagination is key to having a dream home the way you want it, so to help find that voice there are suppliers with decades of experience in finding the right tone and fixture for you.

Amtico is a leading favourite for professional luxury vinyl to give your home a sophisticated and contemporary feel with ranges such as Artisan Embossed Woods and Contemporary Ceramics. Luvanto is an extremely popular supplier who bring a stylish and creative energy to the spaces they supply with selections such as Ebony Parquet Flooring and Bleached Larch. Both suppliers bring top quality professional looks and feels to the home with quality unmatched in flooring. Invictus brings stylish, durable flooring to any room in your home with their natural element based oak styled flooring.

When feeling fresh requires a new home outlook, start from the bottom to give everything above a touch of class.

Home Maintenance Jobs That Will Save You Money On Renovations And Repairs

Doing repairs and renovations on your home is expensive, so you want to avoid it if possible. There are some simple tricks that you can use to avoid a full renovation but eventually, you’ll have to spend money on the house. Sometimes, you don’t have any other option but a lot of the time, repairs can be avoided with a bit of simple maintenance. If you’re waiting for problems to occur and then fixing them, you’re making life a lot harder for yourself. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to fix those problems when they’re small by doing regular maintenance. These are the regular maintenance jobs you should be doing if you want to save money on home repairs and renovations. 

Check Roof Tiles 

Roof damage is a big problem in the home because it’s going to cause leaks and then you’ll have a damp problem to deal with as well, and that will be expensive to fix. But you can avoid that easily if you just check the roof tiles every now and again. It isn’t difficult to replace a roof tile when it comes loose but it’ll save you a lot of time and money in the future. If you don’t replace those loose tiles, you’ll start getting bigger holes and that’s when you have a real problem on your hands. Get up on the roof and check every now and again, especially after bad weather to avoid any disasters. 

Unblock Drains 

Blocked drains are another big issue around the home because a buildup of water can cause problems with your plumbing and also lead to damp. Using a drain unblocker on all of the sinks on a regular basis is the easiest way to stay on top of it. However, that isn’t always enough to deal with the blockage so you might have to call a professional company like Drainboss and have them do it for you. They’ll also be able to do a survey of your pipes so you know if there are any major problems that you need to be aware of. 

Repair Woodwork 

If you have wooden windows and doors on your home, they’re going to wear over time and the wood will become damaged. If you leave it and don’t make small repairs, the wood will degrade until it’s completely unworkable and you’ll have to replace it completely. It’s simple to fill small gaps and splits in the wood and then repaint, and it’s a lot easier than replacing the entire thing if you neglect it. 

A Fresh Coat Of Paint 

If you don’t want to pay for a full renovation but some of the rooms in the house are looking a bit tired, the easiest way to freshen them up is to give them a new coat of paint. It’s a simple job to do yourself and it won’t cost that much, just make sure to prepare the walls properly and you’ll get a good finish. 

If you stay on top of these basic maintenance tasks, you won’t need to renovate or repair the house anywhere near as often, and that’s going to save you a lot of money.  

Save Money on Home Renovations by Using These Smart Decor Tricks Instead

Renovations are no doubt expensive, time-consuming and a lot of work–especially if you do it yourself! However, we believe that instead of getting a full renovation, you can save a lot of money and get a similar effect by utilising these smart decor tricks instead!

Save Money on Home Renovations by Using These Smart Decor Tricks Instead

Add a stair carpet

If you have a wooden stairwell then placing a simple stair carpet will enhance the look and make it a little less slippery when you go upstairs in your socks.

Move your furniture around

Sometimes all it takes for us to feel like the room is entirely new is a different furniture layout. Breaking up the routine that you’re used to will make your home feel a little different and this is often enough of a makeover for people to be satisfied. Moving furniture around can be time-consuming so make sure you plan a weekend for it and use the opportunity to clean up the areas where your furniture has been sitting.

Don’t leave walls bare

Be it adding a clock, paintings, framed pictures or even a small hanger to place things like your keys and wallet, don’t leave your walls bare because it’s a fantastic source of extra storage and decor space. If you have large unused spaces in your rooms, then we would recommend adding shelves for extra storage space.

Fill your shelves

Just like your walls, empty shelves are a waste of space and they’re a fantastic place to put personalised decor pieces like trinkets, awards and memorabilia. You could fill them with books, music collections, important documents, photographs or even small potted plants. This will make your home look busier and give it a completely different personality.

Focus on your doors

Many people underestimate just how much of a difference door accessories can make to the general feel of a room. For instance, the handles could be improved to give a door a more unique and polished appearance, and replacing rusting and old hinges will add a pleasant yet subtle touch to your home.

Add a kitchen splashback

A kitchen splashback is inexpensive and very easy to install especially if it comes in a single sheet or piece. You can purchase splashbacks with unique designs, patterns or even messages to make your cooking area a little nicer.

Place plants around the home

Potted plants can be added virtually anywhere to the home since they’re relatively small, they come in many shapes and colours, and they’re easy to take care of. You can even use larger potted plants in corners of the room that would otherwise be empty.

Upgrade your lighting

Be it replacing an old lampshade, cleaning dusty bulbs or even swapping them out for inexpensive LED lights, it’s very easy to upgrade your lighting and you’d be surprised at just how big of a difference it makes to the overall feel of your home.


Hopefully, these tips have given you some budget ideas for decor changes. You often don’t need to renovate your entire home to get the feeling of a fresh and unique house, so try these little tricks first before you decide that you really need a complete house makeover.

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Since work on our house started, the one room I’ve been looking forward to decorating is my daughter’s bedroom.

Her bedroom is currently small and her new bedroom is going to be HUGE! It’s very exciting.

Gone will be the bold pink that she’s had for many years…. she’s getting older now so it’s time to create a big girls room. One that will last her way into her teenager years and beyond!

She’s only 10, so we do have to keep that in mind, we don’t want something TOO grown up, she still wants pretty. But maybe with a bit more practicality thrown in as she gets ready for high school and lots of homework next year!

When I was a little girl I absolutely loved my bedroom. It seemed really big back then as my brother had a small room but actually it wasn’t THAT big, and no where near as big as my daughter’s room is going to be. But I remember thinking that it was perfect. My Mum had chosen everything… beautiful furniture, wallpaper, dressing table and bedclothes. Having three older brothers, my Mum had longed for a daughter so when I came along, it’s fair to say she went all out in buying everything pretty and girlie for me! She was also incredibly tidy (unlike myself!) so my bedroom ALWAYS looked pristine. When I used to come home from school, she would’ve been in there tidying up during the day so it looked immaculate…. my bed would be beautifully made, all the pillows fluffed up and I couldn’t wait to flop onto it after a busy day!

I want my own little girl to feel the same.

I have scoured the internet for girls bedroom ideas, and there really is so much out there. She will definitely have a double bed… maybe with drapes of some kind. In terms of colour we thought silvers and whites would be lovely. My daughter still likes a bit of the girlie pink so maybe there’ll be a splattering of a paler pink somewhere. There will be enough room for a desk as well as a sofa and she’ll also have a ensuite bathroom.

Here’s some of the gorgeousness I found on Pinterest…. always a great resource for ideas.

Follow MummyEndeavours’s board Girls Room on Pinterest.

I literally can’t wait for her bedroom to be done. She’s such a lovely girl… she doesn’t ask for much and she’s always so happy…. she deserves a perfect little palace because she’s such a perfect little princess!


Collaborative post.

Activity Toys – Garden Makeover

Activity Toys Direct have teamed up with Tots 100 and launched a fantastic competition to win £750 to spend on some of their fabulous garden toys and become a blogger ambassador for 2014.

To enter we have to describe how we would like to transform our own gardens.

As I have mentioned before. Our home is in the midst of a complete renovation. It’s a project, therefore our garden is a project too.

With all the building work that’s going on our garden hasn’t been, as you can imagine, at the forefront of our minds. But I would like to document it’s progress at the same time as the house extension.. there is so much to do, should be very exciting.

This is what our garden looks like right now….

20131028-083430.jpg                 20131028-083343.jpg

The OH worked wonders on it when we moved here, he had no choice really it was honestly like a muddy jungle. He transformed it from a heap of rubble, all uneven and ugly, to a flat, safe green lawn where our children can play.

That’s all it is though. We have a trampoline and a plastic playhouse but other than those it’s just a lawn at the moment. No plants or flowers. Just very boring. But it IS a huge space.

So bearing in mind that part of the competition is to design a ‘fantasy garden’, I thought I’d go completely over the top in a ‘if money were no object’ kind of way and really put my ultimate wish list down.

Firstly there would be a secret garden type passageway….

Step into the unknown. It's what makes it beautiful...exactly what I want in part of my backyard...also with a hidden spot to read :)

Photo credit: flowersgardenlove

Then a seating area like this….

garden landscaping, garden design

Photo credit: Englishgardenphotos

Or this…..

Opulent Bohemian Gardens

Photo credit: frommoontomoon

Maybe a green house to grow our own pretty flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables….

pretty little greenhouse

Photo credit: Mediacache

What about a crazy kids play area?…

Ridiculously Imaginative Playgrounds by Monstrum

Photo credit:

And to finish, I want this….

SWIMMING POOL WITH HOT TUB - Home and Garden Design Ideas

Photo credit:

Ok, I AM dreaming but actually our garden is particularly large so we could, in theory, have all of the above, even the pool….. albeit on a much, much smaller scale. Oh and of course we couldn’t afford any of it!!!

For me though, it’s all about the children. I have four gorgeous kids. We have a blank canvas with our lawn so I would simply turn it into a childs playground. That’s all I want. I’m not green fingered in any way so I couldn’t even begin to say we want a huge array of plants, although I would use the garden vouchers to make a little vegetable patch for the kids and buy some pretty planting pots and fill with flowers.

With the £500 Activity Toys Direct prize I would love to buy…..

THIS – The Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

Just look at how amazing this is!! My kids would be beyond excited and love me forever! Yes I’d have to add a little extra bit of cash on top but would be worth it.

This is the climbing frame from another angle…

Plum Kudu Wooden Play Centre

My Teen boy would even love climbing around on this!! My Girl is a little gymnast, I can never get her off the monkey bars at the park so she would be in her element here, she could practice to her little hearts content!

Another option would be, considering we have little twin boys, buying two of these beauties…

Berg Toys Buddies Go Karts

BERG Toys Buddy Orange

How utterly superb is this?!!! I can only imagine the years of fun my little twin boys would get from having one of these each! They would be the envy of all their friends and neighbours with these go-karts, not many kids are lucky enough to own one. The OH can get busy laying down a race track!!!

We would even have some money left over to buy this..

The Plum Giant Wooden Sandpit

Plum Giant Wooden Sandpit

I love this. It’s big enough for all the kids and comes with a protective cover which is an absolute must for our British summertime weather!

There are so many fabulous things to choose from on the Activity Toys Direct website, it really is a tough decision, I could quite easily have everything!

Then, I’ve had a look at where we can spend the £250 garden vouchers and apart from being accepted at practically any garden centre, they can also be used in Homebase.

Again, like with Activity Toys, I’ve looked at the website and tried to choose something that would benefit us. I would be tempted to blow the whole lot on this….

We don’t have any decent garden furniture so this would be ideal for eating out in the summer

Or this…..

This is slightly better than the throw away BBQ’s we’ve had this year!!!!

Or buy lots of small things along the lines of….

As I mentioned already, I would love some colour in the garden so lots of planters and baskets filled with pretty flowers would be wonderful. A couple of sun loungers would be great too!

I think that’s it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and venturing into the world of all things garden. It would be fantastic if we won the prize but equally amazing if we are chosen to be Play Ambassadors for Activity Toys Direct. My children would LOVE that and we would be very thorough in our testing 🙂

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition.

Home Extension – Renovation

This post relates to my SatCap post 🙂

When we bought our current house we viewed it as a ‘project’. Not in the sense that it’s an old dilapidated ruin that needs complete renovation, we could’ve got away with a huge decoration facelift but that’s not what we had planned for it.

DSCF1821Two little Builders

We bought the house out of area, not far but far enough that I’d have to drive every day on the school run and what I thought would ONLY be a 10 – 15 minute car journey, and it is but it has actually turned out to be the most annoying thing ever.

I hate driving to school. I think I may have mentioned this before but I would love to live nearer and be able to walk there. I won’t move schools though, no way, my daughter is very happy there and it’s a very good school. It’s just a pain in the arse especially when I need to do the half day school run too for the nursery, feels like I’m constantly in the car sometimes…. and in my big beast of a car the petrol guzzling is a killer on the purse strings!!

But needs must.

The reason we bought this house was that it had tons of potential. The houses in the area near our school are lovely but expensive, paying for the area, but we wanted our money to go further. We could’ve afforded one – but a much smaller one than this and at the time of searching, having just jumped from two children to four we needed to seriously consider SPACE.

Not only that, my OH is in the building trade and there was no way on earth he would ever want to buy a house that was remotely ‘done up’. A lot of the houses in the ‘nice’ area have already been extended and renovated to a high standard, which defeats the object for him. The ones that haven’t were either too small to begin with, not enough outdoor space to extend or simply too expensive!. OH has always wanted to buy something he can add value to, it makes sense for us too do it this way and this time round we wanted something more than just a cosmetic challenge, we needed to do something BIG.

So we found this house. A great price, already four bedrooms, detached with a huge garden and plenty of scope without compromising any of the space outside.

Our extension started this summer.

home extension

It’s took a while to get to this point. It’s a huge extension, double storey across the whole length of the house at the back, as well as adding another storey theoretically by converting the loft space to create a huge master bedroom with ensuite. The original back of the house will be completely knocked down to make way for lots more space inside. Keeping four bedrooms on the first floor but making them extra large with added extras like walk in wardrobes and one or two with en-suites we concluded was a better idea than going for more, smaller bedrooms that we don’t need.


My Teen helping out…..

The original plans were rejected as we were going to build on the side too but we dropped that idea. The second set of plans were rejected too (something to do with the roof) but my OH worked around this to get the same plans passed – even though we could only extend 3 metres out at the back this was fine as the house is much wider than it is in depth.

It’s by no means a job that will be started and finished in a few months. It’s a massive, expensive project that will move forward as and when funds are available. No borrowing will be taking place for this!!!!

It’s really just a stepping stone for us at this point. We have no desire to stay here, even though the area is fine. Once the house is finished we will live here for a while then look to move on. Onwards and upwards!

home extension

I’m sure it will become extremely disruptive at some point very soon and not an easy job to undertake whilst we are all still living here but it’s exciting, the kids are loving it all and fingers crossed it will be worth it in the end…. eventually!

home extension



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