Family Walk in the Woods

Last weekend my little H was sick. All night on Friday night, which was awful for him and exhausting for me! Saturday was a write off, obviously, and Sunday we had no plans either. We don’t know if H had a tummy bug but it’s highly likely.

He was, however, feeling absolutely fine on Sunday and played in the garden for a while. When the kids are inside though, all they want to do is go on a ‘screen’ of some kind. TV, iPads, PlayStation etc. It annoys me. To be fair, I was busy catching up with a few things myself on the computer which wasn’t setting a great example. I decided we should get out of the house and all get some fresh air. I also wanted to take my lovely new camera out, so the nearby woods seemed like a good idea.

I have a brand new DSLR which I have no clue how to use fully yet, so these photo’s aren’t anything amazing and they haven’t been edited in any way. They are just me messing around, on auto mainly, taking photo’s of my beautiful youngest three children in a nice location on a Winter’s day!





It’s February Frolics at Willows Farm

Yes, we were back at Willows Farm this half term for some outdoor fun!

February Frolics at Willows is lambing season. All the lambs are being born and visitors can witness it happening (if they’re lucky) and watch them being bottle fed.

willows farm

The lambing marquees were where all the action was taking place. Inside there were open areas for the lambs who were a couple of days old, and pens for birthing. It was fascinating.

willows farm lambing

It’s one of our favourite events at  Willows, and even though it was cold, the kids really don’t feel it when they’re having so much fun. As always, there was  plenty of outdoor fun to be had…

Of course there’s plenty of indoor fun to be had too. The play areas inside are rather extensive, with a huge soft play for kids of all ages but there’s also Toddler Town – a make believe ‘street’ full of play houses for the younger ones, which is amazing. We warmed up in here a number of times before heading out again!

No visit would be complete without visiting some of the other animals… holding the guinea pigs is a must for the children and there’s also other baby animals, not just lambs! Here is a four day old calf with his Mum!

We ventured out here late in the day when the barn wasn’t quite so busy. Most people had gone home which was great for us!

Another fab time was had at Willows! The February Frolics event is on until the end of the weekend but fun at Willows can be had at any time.

After school freeze in the park

After nipping to the shop after school this week, my children announced they wanted to have a play in the park opposite.

I don’t do cold weather, so with temperatures barely above freezing my initial reaction was to fully decline!

But being the pushover Mum that I am I thought aww bless them… Ok I said just for 10 minutes though!

This particular playground is tiny so they really didn’t need long to have a go on everything!


I’m really glad we stopped to play for a while as it’s quite some time since we visited a playground and the kids really did enjoy themselves! They didn’t want to leave but my daughter started to complain about freezing numb fingers… the result of forgetting her gloves… so we made our way home and got cosy!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A walk in Chipperfield Woods

Chipperfield is a pretty village in Hertfordshire, not too far away from where I am, about 10-15 mins in the car, yet it seems a million miles away. I live in a leafy part of Hertfordshire myself but Chipperfield and the surrounding tiny villages seem like they’re out in the sticks! Country lanes take you there and I love driving along them, especially on a summers’ day!

We were visiting a friend of mine. She moved there over a year ago now and practically lives in her own little happy bubble, only venturing out of the village if she needs to!

I just had my twins with me as I’d dropped my daughter off at another friends’ house (the one with the pool) so we planned to take her little dog for a walk in the woods just across the village green, opposite my friends house.

The woods are lovely. Wide paths and lush trees. We stopped and played by this little pond where my twins threw sticks and pine cones into the water for the dog to fetch!

chipperfield woods

chipperfield woods hertfordshire

The pond was brimming with tadpoles….

After our walk we went for a spot of lunch in the cafe/pub on the village green. It was lovely…. my boys finished off with an ice cream before having a quick play in the little playground attached!

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours in the fresh air.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A hot day by the pool

No, this is not a holiday post if that’s what you’re thinking…. this was how we spent the hottest day of the year so far this week.

My friend has recently moved into a new house that has an outdoor pool, so there was only one place to be on Wednesday when the weather was going to be good!

We packed our swimming things and headed over. My friend was doing a picnic by the pool and had invited a couple of other friends over too.

The pool was actually rather cold as the heater hadn’t been on as long as needed, but that didn’t stop the kids jumping straight in!

outdoor pool

outdoor pool

hot day summer outdoor pool


It felt wonderful being in the sun, it really was hot! The kids were smothered in sun cream and had so much fun all day long. The house is in beautiful surroundings in the countryside, although not too far from where we live…. it seems like it could be in the middle of nowhere!

The gardens here are beautiful and quite extensive, plenty of space for the kids to run about! There’s also a riding school at the bottom. The horses come up to the fence and the children can touch them!

It really is gorgeous, I can see ourselves spending lots of time here this summer 😉


Spring at the Park

Yesterday after school we took a trip to the park! The weather was glorious and I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.

It really did feel like the first day of Spring. There was a definite change in the temperature, a hint of warn air, instead of the freezing wind we’ve felt for months!

I love taking the kids out but hating the cold, I don’t do it as often as I should during the winter, but I do make up for it when the weather improves. Many Mums at our school hurry home to ‘get the dinner on’ or to be organised and keep to the routine, but not me, if the weather is nice, we’re going out! The house can wait! The kids aren’t young for ever and there’s nothing more beneficial than giving them some time to run around and stretch their legs after a long week at school!

spring parkLook… no coats, happily skipping along!

spring parkThey climbed their favourite tree!

spring parkThey had lots of fun in the playground!

spring parkWe walked down to the river….

spring riverAnd threw stones in…..

We had a great time! I can’t tell you how good it felt to be outside and not be freezing. It WAS getting slightly chilly as we left, but the sun was still shining and the kids were happily exhausted when we got home 🙂


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Freezing at the Park

Earlier in the week, my daughter was going to a friends house to play and I needed to get the twins away from their tablets; a Christmas present. Still a good idea I think, but they could quite happily play on them all day if I let them, which of course I don’t. Once the Christmas holidays are over I’ll hide them and they will have very restricted play but at the moment they are new and the boys are loving having their own tablet to play on so I am being slightly more lenient and allowing more time than I normally would at screens.

So I decided to offer a McDonalds lunch this day. Kill two birds with one stone. An easy lunch and getting the boys out and about. They said they wanted to go to the park afterwards which I agreed to, even though it was absolutely freezing, the morning frost hadn’t even lifted yet! We wrapped up warm and off we went.

twins at the park O and H ready for some fun. O brought his polar bear teddy along too!

After lunch and taking my daughter to her friends house, we stopped at this park. It’s near our old house. We haven’t been here since we moved a few years ago, the twins don’t remember it but there have been so many improvements to it since we lived there, so I thought it would be a nice change for the boys.

It was, for sure, a beautiful day… lovely and fresh, but bitterly cold. As we walked the path to the playground area I was thinking that maybe 5 mintutes here would suffice?! I could already feel the cold penetrating through my thick coat and gloves….. I don’t do cold! But the boys were excited at the prospect of playing on lots of new climbing frames etc so through gritted teeth I rustled up some enthusiasm!

twins at the parkTrying out some climbing frames

park funO being very thoughtful to Polar Bear, pushing him on the swings and roundabout

Kids don’t feel the cold do they? I couldn’t feel my feet at this point but the boys had already taken off their hats, complaining of being too hot! Completely mad!

In the park was a little boy from my twins class, which was lovely because they all then played together and I had a chinwag with his Mum. We’ve chatted before but always at school pick up or drop off and only for a few minutes, so it was nice to have a proper conversation with her. For a while it took my mind off the cold as we followed the children around the playground, who were having a blast laughing and running around!

twins at the park O and H and their friend

We actually stayed for much longer than I normally would have in the freezing conditions, but none of the children wanted to leave. It was only when their friends little brother announced for the umpteenth time that he needed a wee that we thought maybe it’s time to go!

It had been a lovely afternoon. We were out in the fresh air and the boys had lots of fun. We then headed home, thawed out and watched a family film together, all snug and cosy.

Twins in the cold Me and my boys


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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