Cabbage Patch Party

All last week my daughter and I were very much looking forward to a special birthday party:

Cabbage Patch Kids Party – Celebrating 30 Years

We were lucky enough to bag an invitation to this special event which was being held at… Wait for it….. Hamleys!! Yes the amazing, magical, world famous toy shop was hosting and the store would be closed to the public all morning – only press, media and a handful of bloggers were invited. I felt very lucky indeed!


The world famous toy store

I used to have a cabbage patch doll when I was a little girl. I still have her she’s at my parents house. I remember the birthday that she was given to me as a present. I think it was the year they first came out, there had been so much hype surrounding them – they were from America where all over the country little girls were in a frenzy trying to get their hands on one. The story of these dolls was one that enticed little girls – they were little ‘babies’ who grew out of cabbages, there were so many different varieties so you could get one to ‘match’ you .. something which was rather unique. Once the child owned the doll they ‘adopted’ her! I remember this part very well, it was very exciting. You filled out the birth certificate and gave it a real name and birthday (I gave mine my birth date!), then you sent it off and by return you’d get an adoption certificate with all the details on – looking very professional. It was soooo cute. I remember naming mine Gemma Jade.. hehe! A year later (on their birthday) you received a 1st birthday card for your little cabbage patch baby… Such a clever idea.

The old version!

The old version!

Back then though cabbage patch dolls were soft like a rag doll and had wool hair! The cabbage dolls of today have hard faces with expressions and real (well, looks and feels real but obviously isn’t!) hair. They have become big business yet again. My daughter has one which she went mad for last Christmas and the wonderful Santa obliged by bringing one for her so you can imagine how much she was looking forward to this…. A cabbage patch kid PARTY!

We decided to take our Twins too. Walking into Hamleys was in itself amazing for the them all as the twins haven’t been before and my girl was quite young when she last went so couldn’t remember. It was also very different being there with just the invited guests as normally whenever you go to Hamleys it’s jam packed and a little overwhelming. This time it was lovely – plenty of space to spread out.

cabbage patch kids hamleys

We were met by the lovely cabbage patch girls who gave us a welcome speech, then after a quick game of musical statues they divided the kids into groups to show round the store and play party games. They played duck duck goose and pass the parcel to name a few – it was so much fun, there were cabbage patch dolls to win as prizes with every game! If that’s not an incentive to join in I don’t know what is!!! It was very relaxed though, if any child didn’t want to join in (and my shy twins were a little reluctant), they could just wander around the shop floor and look at the all the other fabulous toys. Another party activity was a large arts and crafts table where the children could design a cup to grow their own cabbage – how sweet. All the children loved this… There were huge pots of glitter, glue, sparkly bits and bobs and pens galore… My girl sat there for ages, we even ate there while the other children went downstairs for the magic show!

cabbage patch kid party

The food was a retro 80’s spread which was fab and very delicious.

Later they invited the children to see a special ‘wish tree’ whereby they had to write out their little wish then hang it on the tree. My three loved this part, it seemed magical and special.

Finally no party would be complete without a birthday cake and this one didn’t disappoint – it was amazing; a three tier soft yummy sponge cake with raspberries inside. All the children were given some to take home as well as a full up to the brim party bag loaded with goodies, the main one being a cabbage patch kid ‘mini’ – a new out tiny little doll that comes in different varieties with a tiny little bottle and bib – these went down well with my children who played for hours with them.

cabbage patch kid party

We had an amazing day at the cabbage patch kid party. A big thank you for our invitation. If you want to know more about these fascinating dolls, 124 million of which have been sold worldwide, visit this fab website – I dare you not to smile and be tempted by their story. There are more new lines of cabbage patch kids coming soon too – as well as the mini’s there’s a new very soft and cuddly type and some cuddly ones dressed up as animals! This is a product that’s bound to be around for another 30 years at least and my daughter will be buying one for her daughter!

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