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Having three sons, I have bought a fair few boys clothes in my time. I have always enjoyed shopping for my sons as much as I do for my daughter. I used to love going out with Teen to buy clothes when he was a bit younger, I always had him dressed well, he used to enjoy shopping with me and trying on clothes! Who needs girls? Ha!

One shop that Teen used to frequent was Base. We used to have one in our town but recently they closed it down which I was very upset about as they stocked all the branded clothes that Teen hankered after, so when I received an email a few weeks ago, inviting me to attend a special Base event, I jumped at the chance! I knew it would be a good opportunity to find out why they closed my local store, but also to browse their fab collections again!

Base WestfieldThe Base store in London’s Westfield Stratford

Because Teen is 6ft tall now and wears men’s clothes not ‘boys’, I thought it best to take my twins along instead… which was a good move as I found out that Base no longer do a men’s range and they haven’t done for a number of years. Base have always been a predominantly ‘boys’ only clothing store but they did do a few adult ranges too, something they don’t do now because they wanted to get the Base brand back to it’s origins and that is to sell high end boys clothing.

They wanted to keep the brand more exclusive, hence the closing of some of their stores, and only keeping the bigger ones in the more fashionable areas.

When we arrived at Westfield shopping centre we were treated to some lovely refreshments… lots of cakes and biscuits for my children (I had my daughter with me too), before meeting the lovely Manager of the store who talked to us about the Base Brand, and showed us quite a few pieces from the collections they have in stores right now.

base storeThe Westfield store manager and some of the gorgeous trendy pieces

She also went on to inform us that Base is a family run business that has been around for almost 100 years…. Wow, that’s pretty good going, I was impressed! It was originally an occasion wear store selling stylish suits for boys, something which they have now brought back to selected outlets.

Their products are uber desirable, only selling the best/trendiest boys designers out there…. you’ll find the likes of Armani, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland and many more adorning the shop floor!

We were very kindly offered a voucher to spend in store and were actively encouraged to have a good look around to see what took our fancy. It was a very difficult choice I can tell you… everything in this shop is cool and I couldn’t make up my mind. I would’ve been happy with anything to be fair!

Base Boys ClothingWe loved the Armani range…

Armani kids jeans at BaseThe Armani Jeans are simply gorgeous

Armani kids shoes at BaseI absolutely fell in love with these summer shoes…. Want want want for my boys!

Obviously, some of the pieces are on the pricey side, but they are a real treat, an absolute must have for any fashion conscious young man who wants to look good! (Or the Mum who wants to splash out for that extra special piece!).

They even stock a large selection of designer toddler and baby clothes….

Base storeTeeny tiny little swanky garments

Armani changing bagHow about this Armani changing bag for that precious baby boy?

I miss the Base store near our home, but luckily Base is online and they have a wide range of goodies for you to peruse. They even have a girls collection too. I dare you to not thoroughly enjoy looking around this website and feel the need to purchase everything on there!

Anyway back to my predicament of finding something to spend my voucher on….. I wanted to buy something for each of my boys which meant two items! I let them look around, then O spotted this lovely red Converse sweatshirt…. I’d been saying only the other day how they both needed a nice new sweatshirt and this style came in two different colours.

They couldn’t have been more perfect.

Twins boys at Base storeO and H modelling 🙂

We enjoyed our visit to Base, I will definitely be back, and if I can’t make it to an actual store, the website will be my first port of call when I want to buy something special for the kids. I’ve already got my eye on a few things……

Disclaimer: I was invited to Base, Westfield to take a look at their new ranges and was given a voucher to spend in store. All words and opinions expressed are my own and honest. 


  1. oh wow having a little fella i have to say there is not one thing in those photos i dont love! … just gorgeous x

  2. Looks like a great shop, love the converse tops 🙂

  3. Oh don’t they look amazing in those converse tops.

  4. Lovely clothes! I think my son would hanker after those too.

  5. oh wow not heard of these before but i know these are something i would love to dress my boys in , those sandles are adorable x

  6. I also think these clothes are great – and I love your choice of sweatshirts too!

  7. I can’t say I’ve ever come across Base before but it looks like they have some great bits. I love the teeny tees! Your twins look fab in their jumpers!

  8. The boys at the end – so happy with their new jumpers! My four year old is going through a bit of a phase of destroying his clothes, so I’d baulk a bit at the prices but I can see how they would appeal!

  9. rachelreallife says

    Those clothes are absolutely gorgeous. Personally I love shopping for my son and I do’t understand people who say clothes shopping for boys is boring!

  10. I’ve never heard of this shop to be honest but I love the selection of clothing they carry

  11. The boys look gorgeous in those tops 🙂

  12. Hmmm Ive never thought of shopping in Base for Hayden.
    They have some really cute items … Westfield is just down the road from me so might pop in next week.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Oh you should def check it out, Hayden is super cool anyway but lots more gorgeous clothes in Base awaits! 🙂 x

  13. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I really struggle sometimes with clothes for my son – girls are much easier to buy for! This shop looks fab though x x

  14. It looks like a great shop! I can’t wait till my boy is bigger so I can take him clothes shopping! xx

  15. Oh I love those shoes too. What lovely clothes…will check them out next time I go to Westfield.

  16. StephsTwoGirls says

    Love those hoodies. Have to admit I’d never heard of Base… but then I do have girlie girls 😀

  17. Some really nice cloths here, will need to check it out for my nephews.

  18. I wish we had a Base near us

  19. Boys looks super stylish (and cute!!)
    I love shopping with my little brother too 🙂

  20. It is so nice to find somewhere that do exclusively boys fashion. They are addressing a huge gap in the market. Well done!

  21. My son has always let me pick his clothes, he just asks that I don’t make him look silly. I like the sound of this store, it’s one we’ll be checking out. The range looks great. Fab it’s got such a history too

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