Bedtime Routine and The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat Book Review

the owl and the pussycat

I love reading books to my children, especially at bedtime.

Before I had my twins and I just had the older two children our reading routine was always the same… I used to bath them every single night then we’d cuddle up in my bed and read one or two stories. I loved it. They loved it. And we did that right up until I had my twins.

Of course having my gorgeous little twins changed everything. Life suddenly became a lot more hectic and the bath time routine became too much as I was learning to settle my two new babies into a routine.

Then as time went by my older son decided he didn’t want a bedtime story, he was spending a lot more time in the evening doing his swimming so we, as parents, were running around a lot more. The bedtime routines became difficult to maintain, we ended up just doing whatever we could, when we could.

O and H, our little twins, were difficult sleepers in the early days which was draining but my daughter began to learn to read at school so our reading time changed to after school when we were all a lot less frazzled and she could practice her reading and we would all read together.

Now my daughter likes to read in bed to herself and the bedtime story time has returned – for my twins.

When O and H are bathed and ready for bed we snuggle up on the sofa for story time, one sits either side of me and it’s something they get really excited about which is lovely.

Their absolute favourite book at the moment is The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat by Coral Rumble and published by Parragon Books. It’s the perfect bedtime book for me to read to them too as there aren’t too many words that take forever to read – too many words and not enough pictures equates to bored children in my opinion!!


It’s a different take on the classic nursery rhyme, which I think we all remember from our own childhood, whereby two children are playing in their bedroom, acting out the owl and the pussycat story by utilising items lying around and using their imagination to put themselves in the story.

The illustrations by Charlotte Cooke really bring the story to life, they are truly mesmerising. Each page is jam packed with it’s own visual spectacle that my 4 yr old twin boys couldn’t get enough of. Because the words are wonderfully rhythmic but somewhat scarse, the brilliant drawings kept my children on the page as they searched around picking out all the details.

owl and the pussycat book

The story is in rhyme which is great for young children, it grabs and keeps their attention. My daughter, who’s 8, could recite the whole story after a couple of days (she loved reading it with us too). We usually read two stories at night if they are short enough and this is always one of them now!

Overall a very engaging, lovely book for young children.

Disclaimer: I was sent this book as part of the Parragon BookBuddies Programme, in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. So glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for such a lovely review! x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      My pleasure. It’s a lovely book, thank you so much for reading my review. Feel honoured that the illustrator herself has popped by x

  2. Our bedtime routine has also changed with time, as more children have joined the family. Yours sounds lovely. The book is just the thing that my 8 year old would love, she lines her teddies and little sister up and reads to them all!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, I think having that little storytime before bed really relaxes the children and it’s so nice to make time for it, as well as the snuggling up 🙂 Your 8 yr old sounds adorable, it’s so cute she reads to her sister and teddies x

  3. We absolutely love the owl and the pussycat, this looks beautifully illustrated, one for the christmas list!

  4. Actually in love with the star pyjamas! Where are they from???

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