Bank Holiday Bonanza with Morrisons

Morrisons have cut their prices on hundreds of products recently and wanted to challenge some customers to see if their weekly shop was cheaper than usual!

So they teamed up with Britmums and gathered up a whole bunch of willing Mummy bloggers, handed them each £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers and packed them off to go on a spending spree in store!

I was one of those lucky ones. I became a #MorrisonsMum!!

Obvs I was thrilled to be taking part in this challenge, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Food costs a blummin fortune these day doesn’t it?

We’re a fairly big family. Six all together. Including a greedy teenager who eats continuously. I know all kids want food all the time but this is on a different level completely! He could easily eat 80 quids worth of grub all by himself in a weekend!!!

I begrudge buying food. It annoys me. I always think about what else I could buy with the money, or how rich we’d be if we didn’t have to eat!!!

But alas. Eat we must, so this weekend was going to be great. Fully stocked cupboards courtesy of the very generous Morrisons.

The fantastic new ‘I’m Cheaper’ range that they are promoting isn’t just a promotional push, it’s a here to stay reduction on many of your every day items. Where you see a yellow ‘I’m cheaper’ label, you can be sure that those items will be cheaper week after week! They have reduced all our favourite must haves to keep our weekly shop spend as low as possible! And I must say that I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, spent less than I normally would had I shopped somewhere else.


We had a visit to the cafe in Morrisons for some refreshments before our shopping spree! (any excuse for a latte)


The vegetable isle!!

As we walked around I was concious of trying to buy things we usually buy. I was very impressed with some of the prices. Carrots for example were only 69p for an average sized bag. They’re 99p in most other supermarkets. A large broccoli too was impressive at only 49p, definitely cheaper as were the mushrooms. I loved the look of all the fruit and veg, all very fresh and appealing. There was plenty of stock too which I liked, I can’t stand it when supermarkets run out of things I really want!

Next up I headed to the Butcher. I liked that the fact that the meat counter actually looked like a little, independent butchers you might find down your local street! The Butcher at the Watford branch was ever so friendly and helpful, he was wonderful. The cut of lamb I wanted wasn’t out on the selves so he went to fetch me one from the stock area. He then weighed it for me but it was a bit more than I wanted to pay so he chopped some off until I was happy with the size and price! Wonderful service, AND he had a lovely happy smile to go with it!

morrisons butcher

I had to get a photo of Mr. Nice Butcher, he was obviously a bit embarrassed, but we had a joke about it and actually he probably enjoyed the attention!!



I thought the clothing section was really good. I was tempted to buy a few things for the boys although I resisted. I’ll definitely be back though, loved these bright t-shirts! Oh and a pic of my shopping going through the till!

It felt great to be getting home with my groceries that cost me nothing, felt very liberating! Teen was the first to come and see what I’d purchased! I actually made two separate visits, this first time I spent around £60…. I think you’ll agree there’s a whole load of shopping here for only £60!!!

Some of my haul :)

Some of my haul 🙂


I love stuffed mushrooms so I stuck these in the oven straight away while preparing the dinner. I always buy a fresh crusty loaf too whenever I go to the supermarket... this sesame seed one is a fave!

I love stuffed mushrooms so I stuck these in the oven straight away while preparing the dinner. I always buy a fresh crusty loaf too whenever I go to the supermarket… this sesame seed one was £1.30 which is about average across the supermarkets.

Yummy breakfast

Yummy breakfast

On Sunday morning we had a fry up. My daughter’s best friend had stayed over so we have SEVEN mouths to feed. This yummy breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, beans and mushrooms, the total of which came to £6.15. And although my twins don’t eat very much really, we did have some eggs left over so I will include them in the seven head count which means this averaged out to 87p per person!!! 87p!!! Can’t argue with that now can we? I have to mention the bacon, which at £3.50 for 16 rashers, I thought was very reasonable!

For our main weekend meal I made roast lamb…. the lamb cost £11. I don’t eat lots of meat and nor do my twins so this was plenty, more than enough actually and I do cook it a bit too well (I don’t want to see any blood, even though it should be pink!) so it probably ended up a bit smaller than it would had I cooked it like one is supposed to lol!

The price of the meal each was… wait for it £2.03!!! For a roast lamb and all the trimmings dinner I think you can safely say this was a bargain!

roast lamb



Another yummy dinner I made was a stir fry. I prepared chicken with vegetables and noodles. The twins didn’t eat this so for the four of us (we all had seconds!) each portion cost £2.50!


This photo would have a food photographer pulling his hair out so apologies for the lack of prettiness, but I can assure you this was delicious!


I admit to spending more of the budget than I normally would on treats….. well I DID take my twins with me so of course they wanted everything that looked remotely sweet and unhealthy to be put into the trolley! It didn’t go unnoticed that some of the items are very similar across the supermarkets but I did feel as though I was getting a very good deal at Morrisons…. like chocolate doughnuts, a packet of 4 was unbelievably cheap at 50p. I also bought a box of strawberry and white chocolate freshly baked cookies, a flavour combination we don’t usually buy, for only £1.00, and there was a generous amount in the box!

We had run out of hot chocolate at home so we bought all the goodies for this favourite family drink….. I went for the instant hot chocolate this time though instead of the one we usually buy that you make with milk which just as delicious although not as thick, we bought the swirly cream and of course, the mini marshmallows to go on top! I’m quite particular when it comes to marshmallows, they HAVE to be soft and deliciously gooey and these Morrisons own brand were, I think, the best ones I’ve ever bought! My twins like to eat them on their own sometimes as a little snack when they want something sweet!

Mmmmm hot chocolate

Mmmmm hot chocolate


I think we did very well with our £80 worth of vouchers. I bought a fair bit of meat which meant we had meals well into the week and usually I spend a hell of a lot more than this on my weekly shop. I will be back to my local Morrisons. I enjoyed the shopping experience at the store and was happy with all the produce. There really isn’t anything negative to say at all. Even the trolley situation was impressive, without sounding like a bore…. I always have trouble locating the double seated trollies for my twins, usually there’s only a few of them and if they’re gone, well, they’re gone, but Morrisons trollies ALL had two seats… genius!!!!!!!

Thank you Britumms and Morrisons.


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