An Accidental Blogger…..

Right. Here goes….. My very first blog post.

I’ve wanted to start my blog for a while now, ever since I got a taster for it, by accident really. A friend of mine runs a website for mums and she was introducing a new section on the site called ‘Mum of the Month’ – whereby a different mum would be invited each month to talk about their life as a Mum, whilst trying to get their mojo back. Whether that be getting ready to go back to work or simply just finding themselves again after the baby bubble.

The idea was to write a daily (or as often as possible) diary style post explaining what you do every day. My friend thought I’d be ideal and somehow, miraculously, managed to persuade me to be their first Mum.

I was reluctant to be honest. I mean, I hadn’t done anything remotely like that before. I’m not a writer and I did question my ability to be able to ‘blog’ – a term I wasn’t familiar with.  I thought it was something businesses did on their websites, not REAL people talking about themselves and their lives! I wondered why on earth anyone would want to read about me? I’m not doing anything particularly interesting, my life is pretty mundane, but I was reassured that this ‘normality’ was what they were looking for and their readers would relate to it.

Before I knew it, I was thrown in at the deep end! I was sharing little snippets of my daily life for the website and surprisingly, I did find it enjoyable; and rather therapeutic. It wasn’t perfect but I think it got slightly better as time wore on and I was genuinely upset when the month ended, just as I was getting into the swing of things! I felt like I still had things I wanted to talk about, which is why I considered starting a blog of my own.


I began to discover other blogs, real mummy blogs that I enjoyed reading but it was a while before I found the courage to start my own.

Even when I did finally set up my blog it took me ages to actually work out what my first post would be about. But I figured it’s always best to start at the beginning so here we are.

My blog will be a work in progress, I’m not exactly sure where it’s going so please bear with me as for now I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy it.

Bye bye for now xx


  1. So so pleased that you did start. Blog looks lovely 🙂

    I’m hopelessly technically incompetent so can’t offer help WordPress-wise as I use blogger (& not particularly well at that!), but it really looks good to me 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you… bit nerve-racking at first!! At least I’m off the starting blocks and I’ve received your comment so that means it works!!!!! Yay!! xx

  2. Good for you! Nice to meet you via #PoCoLo… And I love the photo you have used…


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