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Things have been rather quiet on the blogging front lately. I just haven’t wanted to sit in front of the computer at all much after my Camp Bestival mini break, then my holiday in France (more to come on those soon… I have a lot to catch up on!)… I guess I just wanted to enjoy the rest of Summer and give my kids my undivided attention.

This summer has been fab! The weather has been great hasn’t it? Last year was rubbish, I remember it being grey and miserable far too much but this year felt like Summer for once! Lots of long, hot, hazy sunshiney days which we made the most of with days out here and there….. or even just in our garden. Or someone else’s!

I didn’t want the Summer holidays to end and I NEVER want my kids to go back to school. I know I always say it but I love being with my children. I love everything about each and every one of them and they never EVER get on my nerves! Well, that’s not exactly true, my Teen does, quite often, but I’m not really including him in this because I didn’t see much of him to be honest… he was always out with his friends and Girlfriend. Or he was working his part time job as a life guard! And anyway, I STILL like having him around me!

My three youngest are pretty much always so well behaved. They all get along (mostly) and they really are a joy to be around. I’m sure that won’t always be the case (Teen was as good as gold too when he was their age!) so I’m appreciating it while it lasts!

But sadly, school beckoned and this week saw the first full week back completed.

It was quite a big year actually for all of them. My Girl started Secondary school and my twins went up to the Juniors.

I was terribly sad about my Girl leaving Primary School but our Summer together helped me get over that (a little) and we looked forward to the new adventure ahead for her.

Luckily, she had done a three day fun course at her new school the week before so had familiarised herself with the school and made some friends, which meant the first day wasn’t so daunting.

She put on her new uniform and looked beautiful. So different. Of course I shed a little tear.

My beautiful girl…

I still can’t believe she’s now at High School… it’s come around so quick. It’s freaks me out how fast time is going by. I’m just not ready for her to grow up yet!

I couldn’t wait to see her after school, give her a big cuddle and hear all about her first day! She was happy and said it had gone well. The rest of the week saw more of the settling in and introductory lessons…. I’m sure next week will be more realistic in terms of working harder and homework etc!

But that’s it. A big milestone hit!

My twins O and H had a big day too. First day in the Juniors.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I wanted to delay them starting school because of being summer borns, and at no time since they were starting Reception have I wanted that more than I did on their first day back.

They’ve literally just turned 7… in August. One boy in their class is already 8. My boys are still so little compared to their peers. I worry about them all the time. They do struggle academically and I know it’s a big jump up again now from Infants so I’m concerned about them coping, but H was rather excited to be going back to school and seeing his friends. O was a little more apprehensive but was still feeling quite happy on his first morning.

Aww, my boys. O looks big in this photo compared to H. I don’t know why because they’re the same size! Must be a weird angle but anyway, they too had a great first day. In fact, they were absolutely buzzing from it if I’m being totally honest! They were chatting away excitedly in the car on the way home, telling me how much they loved it and that they couldn’t wait to go back tomorrow!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting THAT!

This was like music to my ears! And they were still very happy by Friday but were absolutely exhausted. The Juniors has worn them out so it’s time for a complete rest this weekend to recoup!

I’m so happy they’re enjoying it. Let’s hope it continues!

So all back to normal now. I will miss my lazy days with my babies and I’ll be counting down the days to the half term 😉

I hope you all managed to get through the first week back!


  1. Love your pictures the children look very smart your children credit to you hope school goes well for them I love your blog’s

  2. I hope everyone has settled into the routines again and are enjoying school. My children went back to school and nursery last month (we are in Scotland and finish in June for summer) and it is nice to be back into a normal routine now. I loved having them at home but they got fed up towards the end of the 6 weeks lol x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hiya yes they seem to have settled in quite happily now thank you x And yes being back in a routine for everyone feels quite good! x

  3. Wow, two big milestone moves for yours this year. Maxi started Seniors too and it loving it. I feel a bih meh about them being back at school

  4. I hate it when they go back to school. My life is so controlled by the school run and this year my eldest has moved to another school which means I’ve got to learn a whole new routine!!

  5. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    It’s scary how quick they grow up isn’t it- my two are both in secondary now and it seems like minutes since they were in nursery x

  6. Back to School is such an odd time of the year. There are so many changes and adjustments happening all at once. Glad to see you seem to have had a good transition from the holidays, back to school. Long may it continue!

  7. pennyalexander says

    They look so smart and happy! What’s the secret of them not fighting? Although when my 7yp has his 8yo cousin here there are no fights with his sister, so maybe another child is the answer?

  8. I wasn’t ready for mine to go back, the summer was such fun wasn’t it. Your eldest looks so grown up in her uniform and glad the boys have settled in well x

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