A Visit to the Tower Bridge Exhibition with the Family Trail App

During the half term we visited Tower Bridge.

It’s a landmark that I’ve walked past/sailed under/drove on many times and admired, but never been inside.

In case you didn’t know, Tower Bridge is an attraction in itself, not just a thing of beauty to admire from the outside! Visitors can take a tour inside and up across the famous walkway at the top and look down through the top of the bridge!

Myself and my three kiddies couldn’t wait to go inside!

tower bridge

To enhance the experience inside the Tower, there is now a fantastic new App called Tower Bridge Family Trail App, available on iTunes and Google Play! Lots of great features and games to play, which you can do as you take the tour. The games are fun as well as educational.. just short snippets of information thrown in whilst completing a game makes it that bit more interesting!

tower bridge app

All the different games on the App refer to an area of the tour.

The tour is fantastic. We loved every minute of it! There’s no official guide (unless you want to book one in advance) so visitors can wander around at their own pace. There’s a number of sit down screens that show short films if you want to learn lots more about the history of the Tower, otherwise you can move on and find another area of interest!

Once at the top of the walkway that joins the two ‘towers’ of Tower Bridge, it was lovely to simply stare out of the windows and take in the wonderful London skyline.

The double walkways across the top enables you to have a panoramic view, as well as having this utterly amazing glass floor which is everyone’s favourite part (if you’re brave enough to stand on it that is!)

tower bridge

The glass floor is pretty cool, and of course a little scary! But in no time the kids were running around on it, lying down on it and sitting all together on it!

Once you’ve walked across the first walkway, you can walk back on yourself along the second one. There are lots of photo’s and information to read as you walk across if you want to know more about Tower Bridge as well as other famous bridges from around the world!

The second walkway is slightly different though because it has a mirrored ceiling too. This adds to the excitement! You can see little O looking upwards here, having just noticed!

tower bridge exhibition

Taking a pic in the mirror….

glass ceiling tower bridge

tower bridge glass floor

You could honestly spend ages on the walkways. If not to admire the view all around, then to stare through the glass floor down onto the road and river below! It’s fun to watch boats go past underneath and of course, if you time it right (times are on the website), you can be there to watch one of the Bridge lifts which has got to be a highlight! We, unfortunately, missed the last one of the day which was a shame.

Next it was time to head down this lovely, old spiral staircase which took us down to a further screening room then to the lifts.

The next part of the tour takes you out of the Tower, across the bridge (following the blue line) into the Engine Rooms.

The Engine Rooms are actually very beautiful. To see this wonderful Victorian machinery in all it’s gloriously restored splendor is really a sight to behold. Once used to power the magnificent bridge, this is a hands on experience that the children loved.

If, like us, you haven’t ventured up inside Tower Bridge yet, then you really must. We had a great time. I had no idea it would be so much fun. It’s great value too, in fact, relatively cheap compared to other visitor attractions. I know it’s only an exhibition but it feels like so much more. A Family ticket costs as little as £20.30.

The brilliant Tower Bridge Family Trail App is an extension of the whole venture and brings a real sense of engagement.

The children and I have continued to look at and play the App at home. It’s animated and colourful and very appealing to youngsters. I think the whole family would enjoy the snippets of information it offers too!

It’s free.. so why not download today and check it out?


  1. how fantastic! I never knew you could go inside—the pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Anthea Holloway says

    This sounds like fun and suitable for younger children which I didn’t imagine would be the case!

  3. That glass walkway looks quite scary. I’m sure it’s safe, but I think I’d tread very gingerly on it.

  4. Oh, that reminds me to take the children there! Thank you! They would particularly enjoy the glass and the machinery.

  5. Jo Carroll says

    Looks like a really fun day out…one you can make even if the weather’s not that great. x

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