A Day in The Blackpool Tower

Growing up in the North West, we visited Blackpool many times as a family for day trips! I have fond memories of it back then and I love to visit now too. We live in Hertfordshire nowadays but I like to take the children to Blackpool at least once a year on one of the numerous occasions when I visit my Dad who lives near Manchester! It’s always a fab day out, whatever the weather, but even better when the sun is shining!

Because of the limited amount of time we have to spend there though (there’s only so many hours in a day), we usually pick one attraction to visit and spend all day there. The weather can’t be guaranteed either so if it’s a colder day, we tend to head for the Sandcastle water park which has been a favourite with my kids. One year we went to the beach and another to the Pleasure Beach for some theme park fun… but so far, we’ve never visited the Blackpool Tower!

To be honest, and I’ve no idea why, but I always assumed the Blackpool Tower was just that…. a tower! I knew the famous Ballroom was situated somewhere within but I didn’t think my young children would be interested in that so it never crossed my mind in recent years to visit.

A while ago I received an email about new exhibits at Sea Life in Blackpool and figured it would be fantastic to check that out in Blackpool when I next visited my Dad. I knew the weather wasn’t likely to be great at that time of year (April) so some indoor fun was appealing.

I emailed back and subsequently found out that Sea Life was part of the Blackpool Tower attractions, along with many others too, including the famous Ballroom which, as a childhood dancer and huge Strictly fan, I knew I just HAD to visit! So on our recent trip to my Dad’s we picked a day and off we went!

blackpool tower

On arrival in Blackpool with my Dad and three youngest kids, we drove to the North Shore where the Tower is. The seafront/beach at Blackpool is around 7 miles long so it’s important to head for the main attractions you want to visit first! We normally stay at the South Shore where the Pleasure Beach is so we had to find a different car park this time a bit closer to the Tower! The kids were very excited when we arrived (me too), if a teeny bit apprehensive about the height of the Tower.

The bottom of the Tower is huge. Architecturally, it looks beautiful.

blackpool tower

The Tower building just screams of yesteryear! I immediately fell in love with it. The stunning glass and brickwork transports you back in time as you imagine people of all ages coming here to enjoy the dancing many, many years ago!

blackpool tower

Inside, they have managed to keep that traditional feel. It really is lovely.

Blackpool Tower is part of the Merlin Group, who also own Alton Towers, LegoLand etc. Inside the Tower itself there is the Ballroom, of course. This was the most important section for me and I couldn’t wait to step inside! There’s Jungle Jim’s play area where little ones can run around and burn off some energy, there’s the Tower Eye (the top and viewing platforms), the Dungeons and the world famous Circus. Madame Tussauds and Sea Life are situated just outside of the Tower.

Blackpool Tower

We were offered complimentary tickets to visit any of the attractions so we chose The Tower Eye, The Circus, Jungle Jims, The Ballroom and Sea Life, but the lady in the ticket office said we’d be pushed for time to do all of them. We arrived just before lunch so if you’re planning a visit, arrive earlier!

If you have annual Merlin passes, you can of course use those for all the Blackpool Tower attractions. If not, you can buy an ‘all in’ ticket for all the attractions which costs around £32 for a child and £45 for an adult if you buy online. More on the day. Alternatively you can pick and choose which attractions to visit and purchase separately from as little as £7.

We decided to leave Sea Life untill last because that was outside the Tower and we were informed that the tickets last until the end of the year anyway, so we could go back at any time in the future and use them.

You need to book a time slot for The Circus  and Jungle Jim’s. The circus usually has two shows per day but some days only one so check first, and Jungle Jim’s has hourly time slots. Book these first so you can plan your other activities around them.

Once we’d done that we decided to grab a drink and a little bite to eat before heading up to the Tower Eye! This lovely little cafe on the second floor provided a gorgeous view of the sea!

blackpool tower

As part of the Blackpool Tower Eye experience, visitors are taken via a 4D cinema. We skipped this because my twins don’t like the 4D thing but it’s a short film about the history of Blackpool, that’s brought to life right in front of you with incredible special effects!

Then it was time to get in the lift to the top! A little scary as it ascended but exciting. A tour guide was on hand to give us a bit of trivia on the way.

When the lift doors opened we were met with this breathtaking view……

blackpool tower

Floor to ceiling glass windows and solid glass floor viewing panels. My photo’s don’t do the height of the windows justice but it was absolutely incredible! Initially it was actually very daunting until I managed to compose myself!

My little twins O and H weren’t phased at all and walked straight out onto the glass floor! Eek!

blackpool tower

blackpool tower

I have to admit to being pretty terrified myself as I looked down….

blackpool tower

But I plucked up the courage! Standing on the glass was scary. My stomach was going over! I managed to take this photo (below) and although it was a fantastic experience, I was quick to jump off this glass floor! My daughter couldn’t do it!

blackpool tower

The other sides of the Tower which you can walk around too for panoramic viewing, don’t have the glass. There are windows (obviously) but a solid floor which makes for a much safer feeling!

Blackpool Tower

I liked the low down windows especially for the younger guests, very well planned. My Daughter there with her iPad taking her own photo’s! 😉

Blackpool Tower

The views of Blackpool beach were fabulous, even on a dull day. There was a glimmer of sunshine on this particular day but it’s not showing through much on my photo’s! The beach was very quiet as you can see but it WAS pretty chilly. If it’s hot in Blackpool there wouldn’t be any space on that beach!

blackpool tower

Blackpool Tower

If you want to be a bit more daring, there are higher levels to go up to. These are ‘open’ which obviously make them a little scarier. I found myself feeling rather cautious here, even though there are these safety railings, it’s still slightly terrifying!

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

Another level yet again…..

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

There is another one too which we poked our head up at, but I insisted we got back down pretty quick!

The Tower Eye is an amazing experience, we all loved it and had so much fun! Definitely somewhere you HAVE to visit without a doubt!

Next, it was time to head down for our slot in Jungle Jim’s. This provided some kiddie fun and a coffee break for my Dad and I.

Blackpool Tower

Jungle Jim’s is a fun indoor soft play area. The time slots are a good idea because unlike most soft play centres, it wasn’t too busy in here. Usually these places are ridiculously manic with kids running around like crazed animals! This was genuinely rather civilised! Maybe it was just a quieter day but more likely because of the time slots which ensured it wasn’t over packed! My kids had a great time in here and the jungle theme looked amazing!

Blackpool Tower jungle jims

Next up, it was time to visit The Ballroom. I was almost beside myself, like I wanted someone to actually put their hands over my eyes then walk me into it, before removing their hands to reveal all it’s splendour! Instead I just walked in but boy did it NOT disappoint.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Ballroom is HUGE.. so much bigger than I imagined but of course, it’s absolutely spectacular… a feast for the eyes. So much to take in and admire. I was in awe and so were my children!

Blackpool tower ballroom

We watched some visitors take to the dance floor. Anyone can dance but it was mainly older couples making the most of it! The music is provided by the famous Wurlitzer organ being played live in the middle of the stage.

Blackpool tower ballroom

There is a bar area which serves all kinds of refreshments. Afternoon tea here is very popular. We strolled around then sat down with a cream tea ourselves and soaked up the atmosphere.

Blackpool tower ballroom

It was almost surreal being here. I’ve seen it so many times on TV, especially every year on Strictly and I’ve always wanted to go! It certainly lived up to expectations. It was like stepping back in time.. everything slowed down for a while and you can almost lose yourself in the old fashioned music and history. It’s a wonderful, magical place.

I could’ve sat in The Ballroom for hours but the children were eager to move on. We’d timed it perfectly really because we had just the right amount of time there before needing to go to the famous Blackpool Tower Circus.

We love the circus as a rule and have been to quite a few in the past. Usually they’re the travelling ones, in big top tents! This one is very different and very special. It’s the oldest permanent circus arena in the world and it’s stunning. You can sense the history as soon as you walk in and look around. No photo’s were allowed to be taken of the show, but I managed to get a couple before it started when some of the performers were on hand to do some tricks and face painting with the children from the audience!

blackpool tower circus

This motorcycle was used in one stunt!

The Blackpool Tower Circus began way back in 1894 and has been open every single year since, even through two world wars! Can you believe that?! This year it’s celebrating it’s 25th year with The Endresz family being at the helm and they are incredibly popular.


Mooky and Mr Boo are real life brothers and a fantastic double act! Mooky is the slapstick Clown and Mr Boo is the compere and on the receiving end of many of the jokes! Their great relationship was apparent throughout the show and really gave it a sense of identity. My twins absolutely loved them.

The show itself was exhilarating, with just the right amount of dare devil stunts and ‘Wow’ moments. Everything was much more polished than in travelling circus shows and the costumes were very glamourous. One of my favourites acts has got to be the traditional flying trapeze. Fabulous!

A massive surprise for the finale was when the whole circus ring filled up with water from underneath for the final performers, making a sort of pool! There was even a fountain in the middle! Absolutely brilliant and visually stunning!

What a perfect way to end our day at The Blackpool Tower. The circus is a must see. We didn’t have time for Sea Life but we’ll definitely be back soon for that.

I do love Blackpool and all it has to offer anyway but now, The Tower has gone straight to the top of my list of attractions to see and do there.


The sun had come out in the early evening so we walked across the road to the beach. The whole promenade has been renovated recently and looks great! The tide was in so the kids played here on the new steps for a while.

fun in blackpool beach

We had a an absolutely awesome day at The Blackpool Tower… thank you!

blackpool tower


  1. Love Blackpool best plus in uk

  2. Great photos. Blackpool tower is brill especially the ballroom. Looks like you had a fab time xx

  3. Everytime I see the ballroom on Strictly I want to go and visit! Not sure I could stand on that glass floor though – eek!

  4. So nice to see you all enjoying Blackpool Tower and all it offers! Last time we were in Blackpool we went to the Sandcastle waterpark – stayed there all day!

  5. Lovely – brings back great memories from when I went there as a kid x

  6. I have to ay we LOVE Blackpool. We have been for the last three years and are sad not to be able to fit a trip in gain this summer

  7. I have never taken my children to Blackpool and would love to as I have some great memories of when I was younger. That glass floor is incredible, I’m not sure I could have stood on it. Lovely photos

  8. RaisieBay says

    I love Blackpool Tower, unfortunately we’ve never been to the top because my daughter is really afraid, but we have been to the Circus, which we love loads, the ballroom, Madam Tussauds and the Sea Life Centre. It’s definitely too much to do in one day though. Fabulous review with gorgeous photos, it makes me want to go back already and I was only there last month!

  9. Do you know what? I’ve never been to Blackpool but now really want to. Looks like a fun day was had by all

  10. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    We love Blackpool Tower and completely agree that you couldn’t see it all in a day without feeling rushed x

  11. We loved our visit to blackpool tower and the circus, looks like you had a ball too

  12. We visited these attractions a few years ago – it would be lovely to go back as they’re fab!

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