3 Important Rules To Follow When Designing A Child’s Bedroom

Your child’s bedroom is so important because it’s a space that they can call their own. Kids need their own space, especially as they get older, so you need to think carefully about their bedroom design. A lot of parents don’t know where to start when furnishing and decorating a bedroom for their child and they make a lot of simple mistakes, which means their child does not get the most out of their room. But as long as you follow these simple rules for designing kids’ bedrooms, you can’t go too far long. 

Make It Easy To Clean 

Kids make a lot of mess, so it’s vital that you make their room easy to clean. Avoid lots of soft furnishings and carpets because they are just going to get stained when things are inevitably spilled in the bedroom. It’s best to go for laminate wood flooring which is easy to mop so you can keep on top of the cleaning. You should also invest in some wipe clean paint that won’t rub off if you use cleaning products on it. This paint is a little more expensive, but you’ll be glad that you spent the extra money when the kids draw on the walls and you can just wash it off instead of painting the whole room again. 

Include Plenty Of Storage

Kids are prone to making a lot of mess and, although you can’t avoid it completely, you can try to keep things a bit tidier by including plenty of storage in their room. You will need a sizable chest of drawers to keep all of their clothes in but you need to make sure that you have storage for all of their toys as well. Otherwise, they will end up all over the floor. Some simple plastic boxes are ideal for storing toys and even though they may not look the best, they’re an easy way for your kids to keep their toys organized and tidy. You should also try to make use of the space underneath the bed if possible as well. This will give you a lot more storage space without taking up any floor space, so they still have plenty of room for playing. 

Use Neutral Colours 

Kids’ tastes change so often and even though they might tell you that they want a bright pink princess themed room right now, they may change their mind in a few months and decide that they hate it. That’s why, unless you want to decorate every six months, you need to choose neutral colours for the walls. These basic walls will then serve as a blank canvas for other decorations. You can let your child put up posters and pictures as they choose, so they can design the room in any way that they want. Then, when their tastes change, it’s easy for them to change the decoration in their room accordingly. Your child gets more freedom over their bedroom design and you don’t have to worry about decorating all of the time, so everybody wins. 

When you are designing your child’s bedroom, it is important that you follow these important rules. If you can do that, you should be able to design the perfect bedroom for them. 

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