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Summer Holiday: Home or Abroad?

One of the most difficult decisions you may have to make by the time each summer rolls around is where to go for your family holiday. There are advantages and drawbacks to either choice, so here’s what you should consider.

Weather and Climate

It probably goes without saying that the UK is not the best place to choose if your top priority is guaranteed sun! If you are a real sun worshipper and can’t bear the thought of not being able to catch some rays and return home with a golden tan at the end of the trip, jetting off to somewhere in the Mediterranean or even further is going to be your best bet. However, we do have plenty of hot sunny days in the UK, especially if you go further south to places like Devon or Cornwall.

If you can’t deal with too much heat, the UK is probably a good choice, or you could even travel somewhere colder like Iceland or Canada, if that’s your thing!


What kind of culture you would like to experience on your holiday is usually dependent on what kind of holiday you are looking to have. If you are looking for pure relaxation and comfort, a country with a similar culture, ideally an English-speaking country, may be the best option. That may mean staying in the UK or visiting holiday resorts in places like Spain and Ibiza where there are many British tourists and attractions designed for them.

If you are interested in being more adventurous, experiencing new cuisine and events, visiting a foreign culture can be interesting, enlightening, and provide a change from the same culture that we experience every day back at home.


Budget is a concern for most families when choosing a holiday destination. Generally speaking, staying in the UK is likely to greatly reduce travel costs (however, sometimes international flights can actually be cheaper than train journeys to other parts of the UK or petrol costs!). There are other costs to consider too. For example, you may need or want to pay for travel insurance if you visit a foreign country. Exchange rates are also worth taking into consideration.

There are a number of factors that can make both UK and foreign holidays vary in cost. The type of accommodation will have a huge effect on the cost of your holiday. In some cases, holiday let mortgages that enable you to buy your own holiday home to visit every year can be less costly than paying expensive accommodation fees for hotels!

Final thoughts

Ultimately, deciding whether to stay in the UK or to travel abroad for a holiday is highly dependent on the personal preferences and intentions of you and your family. The specific destination is usually less important than how you choose to spend your time there, and your mindset. Adopting a “holiday mindset” of relaxation, exploration, and enjoying your time with your family can mean that you make magical memories wherever you are! This can make any holiday, even a stay-at-home holiday or “staycation”, a wonderful family experience.

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