Word of the Week – 31/01/14

wee wee

This weeks word is Wee-wee. Yes it's in the dictionary!

My little 4yr old boy, H, has had a hard time at school this week with regards to doing a wee..... in time anyway.

He does it in his pants.

And it's not even like it's a little dribble, it's one that requires a change of trousers and underpants, which his lovely classroom assistant deals with. Sometimes it requires a change of socks too if the wee-wee is a long one, which means his shoes are sometimes sodden aswell.

But it doesn't stop there.

He can do TWO wee's in one day. Which means yet another change of trousers and underpants.

This has happened four out of five days this week and on those days I've had three pairs of trousers to wash, his own and two pairs belonging to the school! This was a particularly bad week I'll admit, but not going to the toilet at school is proving to be extremely tiresome for all concerned.

H luckily doesn't seem too phased by it. He's actually not that bothered, which gives me some comfort. But he must be a little embarrassed and would rather it not happen. I have obviously tried talking to him, to find out why he won't go to the toilet, but he's only four and I don't get much of an answer.

I think I can assume that he's simply too shy. He can't bear any attention so putting up is hand to ask to go to the toilet is far too distressing for him. Classroom Assistant thought it was happening at lunchtime. This could make sense because H is a little anxious about going on the 'big playground' at lunchtime which concerns me anyway. Maybe he nervously wee's. Or, he would have to use differently toilets to those in his classroom, which would be daunting. Or perhaps he's just playing and doesn't want to stop for a wee, he does this at home.

After the second day of this, Classroom Assistant decided to take action and encourage H to go for a wee-wee BEFORE lunch, then keep a close eye on him thereafter.

This worked for one day then he was back to wee-weeing again in his pants.

Being a premature August born I am in constant turmoil as to whether my twin boys were ready for school last September and this doesn't do anything to ease my concerns.

We can only reassure him and try to encourage trips to the toilet before it's too late. His teachers have also come up with a plan for him to make a T signal in the classroom, like the one used for 'time out', if he needs to go. This alerts them without him having to put up his hand up and drawing attention to himself!

Hope we have a drier week next week. (in more ways than one - this never ending rain is driving me crazy!)

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  1. Oh no, bless him. My 4yo daughter has done this a few times recently, too, though she’s an Oct baby so it’s at pre-school. She doesn’t really prioritise going to the toilet, so if something is engaging her more, that’s what she’ll do, and she’s not bothered then by having an accident. It is hard, though, and I can see why it would worry you. Hopefully it’ll be a phase that’ll soon pass. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Aww your poor little man. Your choice of word is so appropriate for your week, I hope his confidence increases soon and yes, this blooming rain can cease too!!

  3. I am sure most parent of under sixes can identify with this word! Most of our lives is spent asking/taking/worrying about the toilet! I hope you both have a better week next week.

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