Won’t Take No for an Answer

Teen is driving me mad at the moment. More so than usual, which is hard to believe but he really is.

Ever since he learned that at the age of 16 you are legally allowed to drive a moped, this is all he’s talked about.

moped 16 year old

He will be 16 on his next birthday, which is in a few months time, and yes, you guessed it… he wants a moped. He has been harping on about it for weeks now and to be honest, it’s driving me round the fecking bend!!

I don’t want him to have one.

The OH and I have categorically said NO.

Two reasons. But Teen is trying his best to get around these.

Reason 1 – The Cost

Mopeds are expensive. But Teen knows they aren’t THAT expensive in the grand scheme of things. You can pick up brand new ones (low end obviously) for around £450 and they increase from there, the one he has his eye on is around £700. Although this figure is bumped up once you add on the cost of the one day training for the licence, which is around £50 and then insurance, mustn’t forget that, which can be anything up to £300… not looking so cheap now is it?

To be fair though, Teen has thoroughly done his research (if only he spent this much time and enthusiasm on his school work!) and is a walking encyclopeidia for all that is moped driving. He must be commended really, the amount of time and effort he’s wasted put into it! . He is bombarding us daily, no scrub that, EVERY SECOND, with all the different models and specs, all the different ways having a moped will benefit him AND US (hehe) and all the ways he’s going to find to pay for one… himself if he has to, he’s threatened. He is coming up with more and more genius ways of getting what he wants.

He says he will have money for his birthday and Christmas from us and he will save that. He knows that he can tell relatives to give him money (cheeky these Teens, I tell you!), which he will save, then he said…. and wait for it, this is funny… he says HE WILL GET A JOB!!!!!!! Errrr… right. Ok.

He knows that his National Insurance Card is going to come through the letter box any time soon, and then he can go and get a job… apparently B & Q (we have a big one round the corner) pay great rates if you work there on a Sunday??!!!! Sorry, this makes me chuckle to myself – him and his mates have all been discussing this and they’ve got it all worked out it seems!!! 😉

Reason 2 – Safety

Ok. So even if we refuse to buy him one (bad parents!) he is insistent that he will get one anyway, once he’s saved up enough money. Which bring us to our trump card. The safety issue.

Teen is not trustworthy in my opinion. He’s a teenager after all. He can be very stupid at times and is the ultimate show off. Not a great combination for someone to be in charge of a fast moving vehicle that provides zero protection.

Again, Teen gets round this this by pointing out that basic mopeds only have a top speed of around 30-35 mph. Until the age of 18, young people are not allowed to carry a passenger and you aren’t allowed to ride mopeds on A roads….. (I think this is a lie though, I can’t find any information anywhere that confirms this!).

However, it doesn’t matter how much we try to explain the dangers and the statistics of accidents and fatalities in this age group (16 yr olds on mopeds) which are terrifying, have a read of this, ……  he still insists he will ‘be fine’ and he will drive carefully.

To make matters worse, a friend of his already has one, it was his older brothers, and Teen can see how exciting it is but he doesn’t do himself any favours by telling me stories. For instance, he informed me that friends brother had numerous accidents on it. This doesn’t put Teen off though apparently. He said he has ‘had a go’ of said friends moped…. oh yes? That’s illegal for a start isn’t it?! He also thought it was funny that said friend gives his girlfriend a lift to school on the back sometimes!! Oh right… I thought you weren’t allowed to carry a passenger? But this is ok you see as Teen points out that how is anyone (meaning the police, I presume) going to know you’re only 16 if you’re both wearing helmets?!!!!!!

Yay, good point…. go for it!!

See what I mean?

Well. It’s fair to say that although it would be lovely for Teen to have some independence, as this is what it’s really all about, I cannot allow myself to let this happen. I would be worried sick every second of the day if my beloved, worshipped son was out on a moped. And yes, he can be very mature at times, but I don’t think he’s sensible enough to drive carefully, especially when he’s with friends. It’s not just him though, it’s other drivers not being careful around him, drivers that forget they’re driving around and possibly overtaking my boy at 50mph or more in a killing machine. And like I said, no protection whatsoever for the poor young person on a moped.


But because Teen won’t take no for an answer, the OH has warned him that if he insists on buying one (which I don’t think he’s capable of saving enough money to anyway!) and he sees him on the moped, he will drag him off it. If he sees a moped parked anywhere near our house, he will remove it and take it away. Harsh? Just proving a point that Teen really can’t do as he pleases.

OH has suggested that Teen just wait another year and to save up his money to put towards a better car. We will be happy to, and have promised, to buy him a car next year when he is ready, another year older, surely more mature, and in which he will hopefully be much safer in the event of a crash (god forbid).

What are your thoughts on this? I guess it depends on the individual, but would you allow your 16 yr old to have one?


  1. I had a moped as a teen, it was mostly to go to after school clubs and friends houses around where I lived. I won’t say that I never came off it. 3 times I came off it in 2 years, once was when I was hit by a nurse pulling out of a doctors surgery. Another time I had no experience with black ice. I got the odd bruise but never anything more than that luckily.
    I will say that it gave me an amazing head start when learning to drive. You have to be very aware of other drivers when you’re on a bike and that carries on when you get in a car. My one bit of advice would be that, if (or when) he gets one, do not let him get a cheap one. I had one for 2 years that was practically stuck together with tape and the mirrors would sag down so I had no idea what was behind me. Also keep the light on bright day and night.
    If you cant trust him to be sensible with a moped now will that really change in a years time when he gets in a car?

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      It’s good to hear from someone that had one and great that you only had a few cuts and bruises. A very small part of me wants to give in and hope that he’ll be fine but I don’t think I can take that risk. Another year from now, well more if you figure in learning to drive, he should be slightly more sensible, obviously can’t guarantee that but he’ll at least be safer in a car if he has some bumps!

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m dreading this day. I would be full of worry if my son was out on one of those. I drive a good 60 miles a day at least and see so many near misses. I’d trust my son but not all the other idiots out there!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I know that’s just it, other people! Even if I could trust Teen, I would never forgive myself if something awful happened.

  3. Only you can tell how responsible your teen is, if he is mature for his age, and is happy to have a discussion on road safety, and promises never to break the rules maybe you should let him have it, however if he is immature then of course he needs to wait and prove he can be sensible.

  4. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    No, no, no!

    Seriously though, I am dreading this and really would want to just say no with no debate. But, if he’s going to do it on his own anyway then maybe I’d let him do it with my blessing x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I have the view that as long as he’s living under my roof (hehe) then he’s not allowed to do it on his own! My rules and all that 😉

  5. If my teen wants one when he’s 16 and he saves to pay for it himself I’d say yes. He’s only 14 at the moment but he’s very responsible. His dad rode motorbikes for years so I’m used to it and I know his dad will be able to tell him all the highs and lows of riding bikes.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      The statistics speak for themselves. This age group are such high risk and there are countless campaigns at the moment about bike safety, I know he will have a slow moped but there are still similar risks.

  6. I’d absolutely never let my teen on a moped! He is 16 and wants a motor bike. I’ve said “Over my dead body” but his dad races sports motorbikes as a hobby so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it behind my back.
    My son was 16 in July and he hasn’t got his NI card, thanks for the reminder, I shall have to chase that up.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      The thought of it is just so scary! I’ve been scared about him having a car for ages but I wasn’t expecting this!! Yes the NI cards are supposed to arrive just before they turn 16. Apparently! x

  7. Oh it must be so scary when your kids start to be mobile. I am dreading it x

  8. I think that I would let my boys have one, but ask me that again when they are teens,. It would be a great step before a car. Having had friends that got biked at 17 I would much rather a moped!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      On one hand Teen has a bicycle… which he rides on the road, so is it that different, really? Oh I don’t know!! x

  9. My eldest is 17 next month but he’s not learning to drive yet. It’s SO expensive and he has no need. There is really no reason to rush this kind of mobility, and it has to work for you. Good luck!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Kids around here have so much so soon!! Well my kid does!! He’s not having this though!! It’s nice your son isn’t pestering you and isn’t in a rush to have a car. Good on him 🙂

  10. Scary stuff! I don’t cycle my bicycle on the road as it’s too dangerous and I ‘m a trained cycle ride leader! On the cost front let him figure it all out. At least with a moped if it has no fuel in it it won’t go!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      haha yes there is that!! Money burns a hole in his pocket so realistically, he’ll probably never have enough money to get one or keep it in petrol!! x

  11. Yikes definitely not cheap.
    I would be worried too.

  12. My daughters Dad wanted to get her a moped when she was 16, clearly I vetoed that suggestion and she had to wait until the following year and get a car – and I still find that nerve wracking enough!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Good for you 🙂 I think whatever they do is scary for us Mums… we just want to wrap them up and keep them safe I guess x

  13. My ex bought my son a moped and I was furious but he never rides it and is saving towards a car now that he is 17. He thinks there is no point wasting insurance money on a moped as he will need it for a car. I feel your pain though

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Gosh!! That’s a good point, as soon as he’s 17 he’s not going to suddenly not want a car… so yes, this is just a whole lot of wasted money!

  14. that’s such a tough one! I think bikes on the road are pretty dangerous too (because of other people/drivers mainly) so I guess it’s wear you draw the line although I totally understand your concern! x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      He’s still going on about having one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how serious he is when he has to start saving 🙂

  15. This is such a difficult one but having ridden a motorcycle to work for 7 years during my late 20s I would have to say that I certainly wouldn’t let Grace have one. I think (from a Driving Instructors perspective) it is far safer to get road sense in a car first and then move on to a moped later – if they still really want to! I am guessing it is a bit of peer pressure and a bit of wanting his independence! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  16. We went through this with my brother. He ended up buying one for himself against my parents’ wishes. The novelty wore off pretty quickly once the weather turned cold and he got it out of his system.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe yes I’m sure this would happen with Teen, he will only want a car next year anyway so I don’t see the point! He’s quietened down a little bit this week about it, so maybe he’s got the message!! Hope so. Feel a bit bad actually, bless him.

  17. Well I guess he probably has a car by now seeing as I’m commenting on 2014 blog in 2017. I came across this page as I’m an officially converted moped enthusiast, I moved out very young – just 19, but a massive part of my independence has been missing for years. Due to finiacial and family problems driving a car has never been possible as a freelance musician just about scraping by. Cars just never did it for me either, I’ve always been action girl – so after a decade of using mums taxi’s enough was enough and at the age of 30 I finally bought my very first vehicle, a moped! I’d wanted one all through my teens and 20s even though my mum’s always been dead against them, but when I got enough money together for the moped, protective gear, tax, licence, mot, test and insurance I finally took the plunge, best money I ever spent! Even my mum’s views have changed and she’s happy to see me fully independent and knows I respect the law and the roads. Safety is my number 1 priority but the feeling of pure freedom is just exhilarating! The moment I sat on it I felt confident and ready and pretty much took to it straight away, it feels so natural but then I am into extreme sports, skateboarding, street surfing, carving, motorised scooters and segways…would I have felt this confident and safe at 16? No way!!! Not until my late 20s would I have trusted myself on a moped, 30 is def the best age for a first moped haha!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi there, thank you for your comment! I’m sure you describe the feeling that my son wanted! But yes at 16 he wasn’t mature enough. Suffice to say he didn’t get one which I’m glad about. He’s now 18 and is looking for a car but still mentions having a moped or motorbike now and again!

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