Win Tickets to Fright Night at Thorpe Park

Well it’s soon to be THAT time of year again. Yes, Fright Nights at Thorpe Park are back and I am giving away FOUR Tickets to one lucky winner to experience the madness!

Being a Thorpe Park Ambassador this year, it’s been absolutely brilliant to have visited quite a few times already. I’ve been with just Teen and his Girlfriend… where we’ve been able to really hit the amazing coasters in quick succession, and I’ve also been a few times with the younger kids too, where we’ve taken things slowly, played on the beach and generally enjoyed the other aspects of Thorpe Park! Each time has been great fun!

Fright Night’s at Thorpe Park are definitely one of the highlights of the calendar, especially for my Teen. He LOVES them and we’ve just received our official invite for the Press Night in just under two weeks time! We can’t wait!

For anyone who hasn’t experienced a Fright Night and wants to know a bit more about it… It’s a series of dates throughout the month of October where Thorpe Park pays homage to Halloween. The park is open as usual but stays open late, till about 10pm. Twelve whole hours! Everything is pretty normal until around 4pm when it starts to go dark, then the transformation begins!

A few actors are hired to mingle with the crowd in all forms of Halloween dress. As do many of the employees. This starts giving the place a bit of an eerie feel! You do find that visitors join in and go in Halloween costumes too. It’s not compulsory though and the majority of people don’t dress up.

All the rides stay open untill 10pm and it’s a lot of fun riding them in the dark.. that’s definitely something to experience in itself!

Then there are the Horror Mazes. If you’ve been to Thorpe Park before, you may have been in the SAW Alive horror maze. That’s open all year round and will give you an idea of what to expect. If you haven’t been in that… the different mazes are normally themed to reflect horror movies. They’re in darkness apart from flashing intermittent strobe lighting which reveal pretty gruesome scenes. You go in in small groups and walk through various rooms/scenes before finding the exit. There are actors inside who will jump out and probably grab at you along the way and scare the living daylights out of you!

It’s creepy as hell but it IS fun, honestly. I usually race through (if possible), holding on tight to whoever is with me (usually Teen who doesn’t get scared ha) and scream till I’m out!

There’s usually four or five additional mazes for the Fright Night’s and the themes of these can change from year to year.

Brand new for 2016 is Platform 15: Depart on a one-way ticket and trek along the overgrown railway line, the last known route of the vanished locomotive – the notorious Sleeper Express. Don’t lose your tracks and risk disturbing the haunted souls that were once aboard, where you may just experience the same chilling fate. Can you outrun what lies at the end of the line or will your journey terminate here, at PLATFORM 15?

Sound good? Definitely going to try that one!

Also new, although it’s been at Thorpe Park before, The Blair Witch Project is back this year with brand new scenes.. Released in cinemas September 15th, experience the horror-movie game changer for yourself and venture into the black hills woods to discover the truth behind the legendary Blair Witch.

The others this year will be… The Big TopTwist your way through this scare maze set at an abandoned carnival on the island’s Amity Beach, while former entertainers of the once famous Figaro Bros. Carnival comes back to life to haunt those who dare to trespass.

Containment: In groups of ten, you’ll be locked inside one of four haunt rooms, inspired by many of the UK’s worst nightmares, and tasked with breaking the codes to make your way through to the end… all in hopes of finding the antidote to a spreading infection. Will you and your team surrender to the outbreak or have what it takes to breakout of CONTAINMENT?

Please note: Containment tickets must be purchased separately

Cabin in the Woods: Choose your own fate in an award-winning maze so disturbing and disorientating you’ll be desperate to escape. But the route to safety is never easy.

And of course… SAW Alive: A serious test of nerves with each room a disturbing scene from the shocking SAW films. Escape the puppet’s sadistic games…if you can.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to visit any of the horror mazes, you can simply enjoy Thorpe Park as you would any other day! The roller coasters and other rides are all open as usual, except they’re open later so you can enjoy the park after dark too!

NB: The Horror Mazes open at 3pm and are NOT recommended for the under 13’s due to the intensity of them.

These events are VERY popular, for good reason. It’s a great day/night out for teenagers and adults alike so if you want to be in with the chance of winning FOUR tickets…. enter my competition NOW!

It’s only open for just over two weeks so hurry….

Fill in the widget, following the instructions. The more options you fill in, the more chances you have of winning!

Best of luck!

Terms and Conditions below.

Mummy Endeavours – WIN 4 Tickets to Fright Night at Thorpe Park

The THORPE PARK RESORT competition with MUMMY ENDEAVOURS requires that you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of use. The winner must be in accordance with the regulations of THORPE PARK Resort, a copy of which is displayed at the attraction or can be obtained online at Please ensure that you agree to be bound by the regulations before redeeming your prize. MUMMY ENDEAVOURS will pick the winner who will receive 4 tickets to FRIGHT NIGHTS 2016. MUMMY ENDEAVOURS will forward the competition winner’s details to THORPE PARK Resort. The prize promotion is open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over except: Any employees of the Merlin Entertainments Group or members of their immediate families; Any employees or representatives of any agencies, suppliers or third parties associated with any attractions in the Merlin Entertainments Group; or If you are not over 18 and win please ensure your parent or guardian get in touch with us to claim the prize. The winner will receive 4 tickets to THORPE PARK Resort which can be used from: 7th October 2016-31st October 2016 . Tickets allow entry into the resort for the FRIGHT NIGHTS special event. Terms and conditions apply please visit The winner will be announced by MUMMY ENDEAVOURS on their date of choice. Reasonable efforts by MUMMY ENDEAVOURS will be made to contact the winner.  If the winner cannot be contacted, or is unable to comply with these terms and conditions, MUMMY ENDEAVOURS reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant drawn at random. The prize is not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered, unless specifically agreed by THORPE PARK Resort. The prize is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, concession or online/call centre booking. THORPE PARK Resort reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of the same or greater value at any time. THORPE PARK Resort and MUMMY ENDEAVOURS will not use the winner’s details for marketing purposes unless they have opted in to receive such information. THORPE PARK Resort and MUMMY ENDEAVOURS may contact the competition winner post-visit for feedback purposes. THORPE PARK Resort and MUMMY ENDEAVOURS cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by the winner or as a result of accepting the prize. The winner is responsible for any expenses and arrangements not specifically included in the prize, including any necessary travel arrangements, costs, travel documentation or meals. The winner agrees to the use of their name, photograph and disclosure of county of residence and they will co-operate with any other reasonable request by THORPE PARK Resort relating to any post-winning publicity including all social channels. THORPE PARK Resort’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into. Merlin reserves the right to alter theses terms and conditions at any time and for any reason.


  1. Jacqueline Roberts says

    Has to be the big top, if I see a clown I’m gonna freak

  2. Would like to try the Platform 15

  3. Sounds very scary! I know my kids would love it but I don’t know if my heart could take it!

  4. Platform 15!

  5. See, just yoru top image scares the life out of me, fantastic for those who like a thrill! Mich x

  6. I would be rubbish at all of this but my husband love this. He can’t wait till the boys are old enough to take them and experience it himself! x

  7. Sounds like a great prize! Think myself and the kids would be too scared though!

  8. It all sounds great but Platform 15 sounds amazing so scary how exciting!

  9. wow sounds scary. think i’d like to try cabin in the woods most

  10. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Oooh this sounds amazing but I think I’d stay at home and let the teen go with her friends 😉


    I’ve never been to this before, as I’ve always been a bit of a scaryd cat! But my daughters are pushing for us to go!! So I’m gonna MUM-UP and try and brave it… Along with dad too, just to drive, not for the support aspect you see 😉 Thank you

  12. SAW! Would love this, been to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal studios Orlando and loved it

  13. Becky Watson says

    I can’t wait to try the SAW maze although it looks terrifying

  14. Tricia Cowell says

    Platform 15 I think

  15. They all sound fantastic!

  16. Charlene Grimmond says

    I’m looking forward to platform 15 the newest maze!

  17. Georgina Warren says

    sounds so amazing il take my best friend and partner as it is there wedding anvibon halloween great prize x

  18. Hannah Scudder says

    The Saw maze, looks super scary

  19. Ray Becker says

    Cabin in the woods

  20. Lauren Tourle says

    THE BIG TOP because im scared of clowns so it would scare me most 🙂

  21. Richell Lever says

    Cabin in the woods sounds terrifying!

  22. samantha jerome says

    Cabin in the woods. But I want to do all of them as they are such fun

  23. isis1981uk says

    Cabin in the Woods – sounds terrifying!

  24. The big top sounds great!

  25. joanna butler-savage says

    saw – great film series

  26. Platform 15!

  27. I’d like to go on Cabin in the Woods!

  28. Kimberley grant says

    Platform 15 sounds amazing .

  29. Sarah Swainsbury says

    Platform 15

  30. Cabin in the wood

  31. Fiona Sanderson says

    Ithink I would be first in line for platform 15!!

  32. Debbie Preston says

    Platform 15 sounds really scary

  33. Christina Hedges says

    This would be such a hilarious win!! i absolutley love horror films and they dont phase me but something like this in my 30’s is a different matter 🙂 thanks for the chance! Id bring along my partner and 2 friends- kid free

  34. Melissa Lee says

    The cabin in the woods sounds awesomely scary

  35. elaine stokes says

    The big top as my friends is really scared of clowns, she will clear the park with her screaming

  36. Martina Alban says

    Cabin in the woods

  37. sion gibby says

    platform 15!

  38. SAW Alive!! Eeeeek! 😀

  39. Angela McDonald says

    Blair Witch sounds amazing!!

  40. Charlotte Owen says

    Platform 15!

  41. Would love to win this! Keep meaning to go looks so much fun (and terrifying)!!

  42. Emilia nastaly-howard says

    Platform 15 🙂

  43. Rachel white says

    The saw maze sounds really scary

  44. Charlotte Burford says

    The Saw Maze would freak me out the most!

  45. Platform 15 sounds fun

  46. Steven Blake says

    I can’t wait to try the SAW maze

  47. Kelly Hirst says

    Cabin in the Woods sounds quite scary!!!

  48. Tamsin Dean says

    not sure but I think the saw

  49. carol boffey says

    The saw maze looks scary

  50. sarah kirby says

    Would love to visit Platform 15, it sounds awesome.

  51. Would definitely love this with my fiancé and a couple of friends! Amazing Halloween scary venues!

  52. kelly morgan says

    cabin in the woods looks great.

  53. Platform 15 sounds pretty amazing

  54. Ciara Jones says

    Saw maze

  55. Vicky Hilliard says

    Platform 15

  56. Platform 15

  57. Charlotte Thornton says


  58. The Saw Maze sounds really scary, just hearing.chainsaws in the dark would be enough to frighten me, I jump at everything and make others jump with my reactions

  59. Stacy Freeland says

    Platform 15 🙂

  60. Shirley Evans says


  61. Nancy Bradford says

    I think the Big Top would be the most terrifying.

  62. Emma Beckett says

    Saw Alive sounds amazing!

  63. Laura Hood says

    I’m a big wimp so I’m sure I’ll be freaked out lol x

  64. Allan Fullarton says

    Platform 15

  65. Michelle Clare says

    Platform 15

  66. Platform 15

  67. alexandra wenham says

    Wow this would be amazing night out for me, hubby and our friends. One friend would be super scraed but would still come along,Would be so much fun

  68. Michelle lintern says

    Platform 15

  69. Platform 15 sounds amazing …

  70. Has to be Saw Alive – I find those films utterly terrifying (which let’s face it, is what it’s all about 😉 )

  71. Carrie-Anne Brown says

    has to be the Cabin in the Woods maze for me 🙂

  72. Chris Fletcher says

    Cabin in the Woods, it sounds very scary!

  73. Lorraine Langham says

    Platform 15 sounds interesting! !!

  74. Clare Parker says

    Oh my has to be Cabin In The Woods i also love this movie xx

  75. Rachel Challis says

    Platform 15 sounds awesome!

  76. Michelle Ferguson says

    Platform 15 looks great

  77. Platform 15

  78. Kirsty Woods says

    Platform 15 sounds awesome

  79. Natalie Crossan says

    Platform 15

  80. Jane Henshaw says

    Saw Alive – its sounds terrifying!

  81. tiffany wills says

    Platform 15!

  82. Emma Walton says

    The Cabin in the Woods but the whole thing sounds vab!

  83. Kevin Minihane says

    Platform 15

  84. Blair Witch sounds amazing

  85. Natalie Gillham says

    The saw maze!

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