WIN a Rubik’s Cube Pack

Father’s Day is coming up soon (19th June) and if you’re anything like me, wondering what on earth to buy that’s not the usual items we normally go for….. how about something that’s going to get his brain ticking over?

The Rubik’s Cube has been challenging the world for nearly 30 years now! Gosh has it really been that long? 1980 was the international launch year….. I remember we got one as kids, probably that same year! Makes me feel old!

Not just for Father’s Day though, the Rubik’s Cube entertains ALL ages and kids absolutely love it! With 43 quintillion combinations and its unique turning and twisting action, is still the ultimate when it comes to perplexing puzzles.

rubik's cube

So whether it’s for the old or young…. I am giving away the ultimate Rubik’s Cube package here on my blog which obviously includes the original, but additionally the Rubik’s Race and the Rubik’s Void!

Get on your marks with the Rubik’s Race! Roll the dice and duel your way to victory by shifting, sliding and solving the tile template; it’s the ultimate two-player face-to-face race!

rubiks race

Try and solve the puzzle without the core with the Rubik’s Void! Twist and turn the cube until you complete the coloured circle encapsulating the void.


If you want to be in with a chance of winning this fab package, fill out the Gleam widget below.
Good luck!

Mummy Endeavours – Win a Rubik’s Cube Pack


  1. melanie stirling says

    Yes,I did,I enjoyed playing with it.

  2. No, I never had one. I’m not that good at finishing them x

  3. Yes I loved playing with Rubik’s cube with my sister and trying to solve it

  4. emma walters says

    i remember having a go of my cousins but never had my own. i could never finish it so would love another go!

  5. Yes both me & my Brother had a Rubik’s cube as a child I remember it well happy days 🙂

  6. yes, but could never do it!

  7. Gillian Brewster says

    Oh I loved mine as a child. I spent many and hour solving it, can’t say I was very quick!

  8. yes and I never did manage to solve it.

  9. clair downham says

    yes i did and one of those long ones as well but cant remember what they were called


    Yes I did and I didn’t have a lot of patience with it!

  11. laura banks says

    i did i used to take the stickers of and cheat

  12. Natalie Crossan says

    No never had one x

  13. Yes I did – I learnt a lot of the moves by heart.

  14. Kirsty Fox says

    I didn’t but my brother did, and neither of us could solve it

  15. Chrissie Curtis says

    Yes but I never completed it.

  16. Kim Styles says

    Yes i did and I was excellent at it!

  17. Yes, never managed to complete it but I kept trying!

  18. Susan lloyd says

    I did have one, but I could never do it x

  19. Yes but vould never quite finish it!

  20. joanna butler-savage says

    i have one now but i still can’t do it

  21. Sue McCarthy says

    Yes we did, I managed to get 3 sides but that’s all.My sister couldn’t do it so pulled it apart & put the cubes back together all done!

  22. sarah rees says

    yeah, could never do it though

  23. iain maciver says

    yes I sure did

  24. Claire D says

    Yes I did but never completed

  25. S Edwards says

    No, I never had one

  26. Kevin000 says

    It wasn’t around when I was a child!

  27. Lauren Tourle says

    yes i did 🙂 wasnt that great at it though haha 🙂

  28. I never did but always wanted one, it’s a promise to get one for my little girl she would love one xx

  29. Great giveaqay – my son loves puzzles like this.

  30. yes and i loved it

  31. Angela McDonald says

    Yes I did! I’d spend hours sitting on the sofa whilst my parents watched tv trying to figure out how to do it!

  32. Tracy Gibson says

    Yeah. Loved them.

  33. My sister had one which I used, but no matter how long I sat trying to complete it I never could!

  34. i had one and i used to love it!

  35. samantha price says

    yes but never completed it

  36. elaine stokes says

    i had a couple and a rubiks snake, could never do the cube though

  37. I did have one and I loved it – once got two sides sorted but that is the best I could manage

  38. loved playing with Rubik’s cube

  39. yes i did but couldnt do it!

  40. I had a fake one – it wasn’t Rubiks, it was a copycat cheap one! I’d love a bundle of the real thing!

  41. laura stewart says

    yes i did but could never do them

  42. Margaret Clarkson says

    No, I didn’t.

  43. Victoria Prince says

    No I never had a Rubik’s Cube, but my grandparents did and I remember being fascinated by it and playing with it every time I went to see them! I was rubbish though

  44. Rachel Craig says

    Yes, as did most people.

  45. no but my nan and grandad did

  46. Anthea Holloway says

    No but my children did.

  47. janine atkin says

    i did but i never managed to finish it

  48. I did, and I remember working out how to dismantle it so put it back together solved, my mum and dad couldn’t believe it!!

  49. Susan Smith says

    Yes i did and i dont think i ever completed it

  50. sandra cloud says

    No I ever had one but lots of friends did, So I did have a go. I couldn’t do it and I soon got very bored with it.

  51. Barbara Handley says

    I had one but never finished it.

  52. Yep. I was one of those kids who just couldn’t do it and had to resort to peeling all the stickers off. Hope I win… I might have enought patience not to do that this time round!

  53. I had one as an adult not as a child

  54. Yes I did and I loved it

  55. Yes I did! was no good at it tho!

  56. maggie ali says

    nope never have even though I begged my parents for it 🙁

  57. darren matthews says

    i did but never managed it

  58. My sons thinks ones take and swap the stickers which is why you can’t solve it

  59. mandydoherty65 says

    Yes, but the only way I managed to complete it was by rearranging the stickers lol!

  60. christine shelley says

    No but my brothers did

  61. Sophie D says

    My sister had one, but I was too little to play with it. Would love to try one now!

  62. Yes I did, could never work it out though

  63. Not as a child but I did as an adult

  64. michelle thompson says

    yes i did but was rubbish at it …used to take the stickers off …ooopss

  65. darren hay says

    Yes i had a Rubik’s cube as a child but never completed it.

  66. Jade Hewlett says

    Yes, but I could never complete it

  67. Kate Loader says

    Yes I did, and it was so frustrating, at one point I rearranged the stickers until I ‘completed’ it!

  68. claire woods says

    No but my brother did.

  69. Heather Hibbert says

    Yes and I could never do it

  70. S Bufton says

    Yes I did but I could never complete it.

  71. Yes – but I never managed it

  72. Louise ryves says

    no but I always wanted one

  73. Nicola Marshall says

    No, never had one, but I do remember my uncle having one and playing with his, don’t think I ever managed to complete it though.

  74. Lisa Parker says

    No but my brother did and when he wasn’t around I just to play with it, could never solve it though x

  75. Yes, but could never do it!

  76. Rachael G says

    No, but my older sister did.

  77. Stuart Dunlop says

    Yes I loved playing with Rubik’s cube when I was younger, and spent hours on it!!

  78. Yes I did, but I could never do it!

  79. Yes, but my dad usually had it! He was very good at it though and I could just never do it 🙂 Would love another crack!

  80. sarah birkett says

    yes but could never do it. My son on the other hand has a 5×5 that he does easily

  81. Paula Readings says

    No, but my friend did & i used to borrow hers.

  82. Patricia Avery says

    Not as a child…..I’m too old but I did and still do enjoy playing with one 🙂

  83. hannahlig says

    Yes I did and I loved it!

  84. Sarah Parkin says

    No I never had one 🙁

  85. rachel eades says

    yes i had one. was never any good

  86. Leanne Newsome says

    No, but my grandad had one to pass time while he was in hospital

  87. Tammy Tudor says

    Yes and I always gave up!

  88. Yes I did

  89. I did and I was always baffled at it….still am!

  90. michelle speight says

    yes but could never finish it lol

  91. Andrea A says

    No, I never had a Rubik’s Cube as a child.

  92. Thomas Perry says

    I had a Rubiks cube when I was younger, I got close to completing it, but couldn’t quite do it

  93. angela boucher says

    Yes i did, but I was rubbish at it, hopefully be a bit better now as an adult!

  94. aliduke79hotmailcom says

    I did, but it always took me forever to do it lol x

  95. Donna Caldwell says

    Yes my younger brother tried picking the stickers off it

  96. Elspeth McMillan says

    Yes I did but I was really bad at it!!

  97. Catherine McAlinden says

    Yes, but I could never do it!

  98. I did have one but I never managed to complete it! X

  99. Chris Bell says

    No, I always wanted one as a kid! 🙁

  100. Ellie Bromilow says

    Yes, but i never managed to solve it, i could do two sides – after that i used to peel off the stickers!

  101. sophie spiby says

    no i have never had one of these before.

  102. I did have one but could never master it!

  103. yeah and i was rubbish haha

  104. no I have never even picked one up! would love to have a go

  105. Yes ! I never quite managed to crack it though !

  106. karen hutchinson says

    Yes but I was useless at it- could only manage 1 side !

  107. DEBORAH BIRD says

    Yes I did, never been able to do it though!

  108. Caroline H says

    Yes, I did and haven’t finished it to this day!

  109. Lucy Robinson says

    Yes, could never to it though.

  110. Yes and I cheated by peeling all the square stickers off and putting them back on in order lol

  111. Kat Glynn says

    Yes I had a cube and a snake!

  112. Jamie Millard says

    Used to find them very frustrating, but guess i didn’t know the right technique.

  113. Nope. Probably for the best!

  114. Jane Middleton says

    I did, I was able to solve it in under a minute

  115. Amanda Jaggard says

    Yes and we had a snake thing too. Never completed the cube.

  116. yes, loved playing with it

  117. Rich Tyler says

    No – but i always wanted one!

  118. Yes we did, but my sister ruined it by taking off the stickers, hoping to put them back on a convince us that she had completed it!!

  119. Adrian Bold says

    I was obsessed with the cube and all the other Rubiks puzzles. I actually mastered it, and could complete the cube in under a minute.

  120. Emma Whittaker says

    I had one as a child and never once managed to do it 🙁

  121. Joanne Welsh says

    I did and I was rubbish!

  122. Phil Darling says

    Yes I did too, and I loved it

  123. Vickie Jackson says

    Yes I did, although I could never quite get the hang of it!!

  124. Jo McPherson says

    Yes, everyone did. I loved it and spent hours playing it

  125. A.E. ADKINS says

    Despite hours of trying I never mastered it!

  126. Yes I could never do it though!

  127. Trevor Linvell says

    I did and it was fun!

  128. Yes, and I was absolutely useless. It was fun trying, though.

  129. kimberley ryan says

    yes, I really enjoyed playing with it

  130. Emily Hutchinson says

    yes, didn’t everyone back then?

  131. Pat Stubbs says

    Definitely – hours of fun

  132. Kirsty Hosty says

    Yes I did but I never completed it, I remember my brother trying to cheat and pull the stickers off

  133. Jo Carroll says

    Yes I had a few as I kept on losing them. I’d put them down at school and whoosh they were gone…never completed more than 2 sides at once I think 😉

  134. Andrew Hindley says

    Yes I did it drove me mad!

  135. helen tovell says

    Yes but never managed to do it

  136. gaynor davies says

    i never but my sister did and she loved it never let it out of her sight

  137. Yes I did and I loved it even if I never did complete it x

  138. Aaron Milne says

    Yes – i could do it – but alas now i can’t

  139. Julie Ward says

    No I never had one

  140. VERONICA BUTT says

    Yes and I managed to solve it once!

  141. Nicola Tayler says

    Yes I did and I never managed to solve it without removing the stickers!

  142. Christine Caple says

    Yes, I had one but wasn’t very good at it

  143. My sister did so I borrowed hers.

  144. Mark Rayner says

    I had a few and used to love doing them and timing myself.

  145. Cheryl H says

    I didn’t have one, but I really wanted one! 🙂

  146. Clare Hubbard says

    Yes, could never solve it!

  147. Yes I did, my sister and I used to peel the stickers off of it in order to pretend we solved it lol

  148. Jayne Townson says

    Yes I did, I would play with it for hours too, never did finish it though.

  149. I never had a rubix cube as a child, but I have tried them at friend’s houses.

  150. zahra akhtar says

    unfortunately no x

  151. yes, we had a rubiks cube

  152. Stephen Little says

    No, unfortunately not.

  153. I did but I never actually completed it!

  154. Matthew P says

    YES :-))

  155. Israr Baig says

    yes i did found it hard 🙁

  156. Helen Adams says

    No, never had one

  157. No, I never had one

  158. Yes!! 🙂

  159. Rebecca Roberts says

    I did could never do it tho

  160. Holly Walker says

    yes…well there was one in my house, i think it was my brothers

  161. Dale Dow says

    yeah but I ruined it, I was never careful enough removing the stickers to put it the right way! lol

  162. I did but never managed to complete it without cheating!

  163. Yes I did and I absolutely loved it! I think I actually had 2 for some reason!

  164. katy bulcock says

    😮 i had an octanganal one, never did get round to finishing it im sure those stickers where changed lol

  165. Yes. Completed it a couple of times but by luck. I could complete all the sides and top but rarely the bottom.

  166. I did! I loved it

  167. Karen Howden says

    my sister did but I didnt, I always wanted one

  168. gemma raines says

    no sadly I didnt

  169. Jill Fairbank says

    Yes still love the, now although I cannot do them

  170. James McLaughlin says

    I had my grandads one when he died. I’ve still not got the skills he had back then bye would sort it out in no time. It takes me days.

  171. Yes, but I was never bery good at it.

  172. Maria Jane Knight says

    Yes i did…never completed it though!

  173. Karl Borowy says

    my brother had one

  174. No I never had one as a child

  175. Chelsey Hollings says

    Certainly did

  176. Vicky Hawkins says

    Yes i did have one

  177. No but my ćousin did

  178. yes I did put I’m afraid I actually never quite managed to do it

  179. I did have one and never got past doing two sides!

  180. Samantha walker says

    Yes and hated the blooming thing!! Ha

  181. Yes. I did have one 🙂

  182. claire fawkner says


  183. Yes I had one when I was younger, everyone childhood seems to have a Rubik’s cube

  184. Sadiyya maryam says

    Yes and I never did complete it much to my frustration!

  185. Laura Nice says

    Loved it!! but i could never do it!

  186. my nan and grandad did, but i was never any good at it.

  187. Pauline Burroughs says

    No, I didn’t have one but I’d love to be able to do it

  188. I certainly did. Also had a tiny one on a keyring

  189. claire little says

    no but I played with my friends

  190. monika s says

    Yes , and I still have one now

  191. I had one but never completed it. But when I got a cheap copy I could pull the squares off so cheats with that one lol

  192. Kayleigh Robinson says

    I did have a rubix cube when I was younger but I never once managed to solve it!

  193. Beryl Drake says

    No never but would love one now

  194. yes i did

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