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Maths is one of those subjects that just doesn’t come easy to some kids. It can be challenging and can really knock a child’s confidence when they continually ‘don’t get it’. If we’re not careful, as parents and teachers, and help our children as much as we can, they could slip into that downward spiral of assuming they’re simply not good at maths and therefore not try. We need to encourage them to believe that they CAN do it, even if they have to practice that little bit more.

I recently read some research that found ALL children can succeed at Maths… but they all learn in different ways and these differences need tapping into. There’s far too much emphasis on speed and calculation, whereas some children have deeper thought processes which too much testing and a lack of that personal feel can make maths become lifeless and boring. But with a bit of creativity, children can be much more engaged.

That’s why we are loving the Smartick Method which we have been using at home for the past few months. Read my previous post about how my young 7 year old son was struggling and how I thought Smartick was helping. It’s a great resource for kids maths, unlike anything else out there, and I can honestly say it’s really boosted my son’s confidence in his abilities.

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Here at Mummy Endeavours. I’m giving away a three month subscription to Smartick so you can try it at home with your child…. I absolutely know he/she will enjoy it and reap the rewards at school!

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Mummy Endeavours – Win 3 Months Subscription to Smartick


Best of luck.


  1. Lynn Heath says

    This sounds like a great programme to help the kids with improving their maths skills

  2. The Daisy Pages says

    This sounds great. I’m always looking for ways to help my kids with maths as it is such an important skill.

  3. This looks great. My 5 year old son is loving Maths at the end of his Reception year and anything that encourages this to continue has got to be a good thing!

  4. This would be great for my grandson who struggles with maths

  5. Kimberley Ryan says

    Looks like a wonderful subscription, certainly one my daughter would benefit from

  6. Jodie A Green says

    this would be perfect for my two girls 🙂

  7. claire griffiths says

    this sounds and looks fantastic be great for my son

  8. Love this for my son who likes to learn

  9. Nicola Jordan says

    This sounds so helpful, my daughter would really benefit from this

  10. Rich Tyler says

    This looks great for our little one 🙂

  11. I have never heard of this program before but it sounds like an excellent program. I home educate my children and this would be a valuable asset

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