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The summer holidays have now officially started (woohoo!!) and families all over the country are busy planning their days out here and there with the kids. Looking forward to visiting their favourite places whilst the weather is (hopefully) nice!

One of our favourite places to visit locally is Willows Farm. I’ve written about it many times but I can’t help being a huge fan, it’s a fabulous place to be.

You don’t have to be local to it though, it’s one of those places that’s worth travelling to! There is so much to see and do, you could easily spend all day long there so it’s easily worth the effort and the entrance fee, which isn’t expensive I might add!

We will definitely be visiting once or twice over the summer holidays and the annual A_-MAIZE_-ING Maze has returned again this year which we absolutely love!

This year, two year old Alina Maisie, from Chesham planted the seeds of summer at Willows Farm and they are now ready for the Summer Spectacular event at which began the 19th July.

With her wheelbarrow and trowel in hand, Alina sowed the seeds for a maize maze that will span acres of land, with a little help from Farmers Anna and Andrew of course. Farmer Andrew said ‘Our A-maize-ing Maze is a firm family favourite but this year we wanted to do something extra special. Parents often describe their children as “shooting up” so we wanted to plot our maize maze’s growth against little Alina Maisie’s growth!’

But Alina Maisie may be on the back foot as the A-maize-ing Maze is set to grow to be 6 feet tall by the height of summer. Alina’s Mum, Katharina, said ‘We’re so pleased to be involved in the planting of the maze at Willows, and seeing how tall Alina Maisie will grow compared to the maze. “We’ve been invited back to visit so Alina Maisie can track the maze’s progress – I can’t wait to see her face when she sees the maize seeds she planted towering over her!”

As well as Maisie’s A-maize-ing Maze, Willows will also have a jam-packed programme of activity for visitors to enjoy during Summer Spectacular! Visitors can take a punt on Billy No Mates or Kid Me Kate as they compete to win on the goat racing track. They can then go for gold themselves in the summer sports day races- who will be the fastest on the space hoppers or the quickest to navigate their wheelbarrow around the cones? Plus, find all the family favourites like Woolly’s Workout Agility Play Trail, Tristan the Runaway Tractor and under cover play at JCB Little Learners and Woolly’s Jumpers Indoor play barn throughout the summer season.

We can’t wait to go!

Summer Spectacular is at Willows from 19 July to 31 August 2014, for more info visit the Willows Farm website.

Here at Mummy Endeavours though I am giving away a family ticket for Willows and I want YOU to have it… so enter now via Rafflecopter, it’s ever so easy….

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  1. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says

    My favourite farm animal are the piggies πŸ™‚

  2. we love the lambs

  3. I love pigs, cows, but sheep is my favourite.

  4. Sound like a great family day out!
    We love horses:)

  5. My favourite are baby lambs, so cute! πŸ™‚

  6. louise gullett says

    Love the ducks, love to win, fingers crossed

  7. danielle baczewski says

    Micro pigs,

  8. Sophie Spiby says


  9. shirley evans says

    love pigs

  10. Andrea Williams says

    Got to be goats, they seem to have distinct personalities x

  11. Lynn Parry says


  12. Carolynn Woodland says

    New born lambs

  13. Lambs, sp cute!!

  14. Rob Steele says

    New born lambs

  15. goats as they’re so inquisitive

  16. Pigs – they’re so clever!

  17. abby carroll says

    just love the pigs lol so so cute

  18. love the goats

  19. cows

  20. Andy Kadir-Buxton says

    Willow’s Farm, at Christmas, has reindeer. Great

  21. lyn burgess says

    Ducks, their waddling about always makes me smile

  22. Wendy Tyler says

    Goats! Especially small ones as they are so friendly.

  23. goats

  24. lara Davis says

    My son loves the ducks


    donkeys, lovely animals

  26. Laura Coe says


  27. Samantha J says

    pigs are so cute

  28. Pigs!

  29. michelle banks says

    i love little piggies x

  30. I like llamas the best. Each have their own distinct personality and they are so adorable.

  31. baby lamb

  32. foals – so cute!

  33. leanne williams says

    Love the ducks

  34. elaine stokes says


  35. Nancy Bradford says

    The lovely cow πŸ™‚

  36. Pamela Chang says

    Love the goats!

  37. emma falvi says

    it would have to be lambs or piglets

  38. Deer

  39. Rochelle Lear says


  40. ALexandra Smith says


  41. Jodie Smith says

    Pigs for me, love the noises they make.

  42. debbie weston says

    my son loves the goats! πŸ™‚

  43. Vera Bahounkova says

    M\ grandson loves the ducks

  44. Eleanor Powell says

    I love pigs

  45. Allan Fullarton says

    My favourite are baby lambs

  46. jamie banks says

    lambs x

  47. Leigh Larkin says

    My little girl loves pigs – the bigger the better for some reason!

  48. Ms colleen Thomas says

    Love the piglets

  49. Jane Middleton says


  50. corina cullen says

    The little lambs

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