Wicked The Musical – A Review

As a massive musical theatre fan, it’s hard to believe I hadn’t actually got around to seeing Wicked until now.

I have wanted to see it for years, it’s always been on my ‘must do’ list but somehow never managed to tick it off! I go to the theatre regularly, mainly with the children these days as I want them to experience the excitement of a live show and appreciate it the way I do. Anyway, you can imagine how delighted I was to be offered two very coveted review tickets recently…. I was over the moon.

There was no question who I would take…. my daughter. Just the two of us.

wicked the musical

It’s strange, but I didn’t really know anything about the story of this show. Obviously I knew it had connections with the Wizard of Oz, but in what context I had no idea. After seeing the spin off Hollywood blockbuster film, Oz – The Great and the Powerful…. I automatically assumed that the musical would be the same storyline to that.


I didn’t read the synopsis on purpose. I felt as though it would spoil it somehow. The show has seemed that little bit mysterious to me and I’d come this far not knowing, so I figured I should keep it that way and let Wicked surprise me on the night!

wicked the musicalMy Girl and I in our seats, eagerly waiting for the show to start 🙂 

wicked the musicalThe stage at The Apollo Victoria, London looked fantastic!

As soon as the performance started I knew I was going to love it. I prefer shows with lots of singing and dancing in…. and the singing, songs and dancing in this show (which I’m sure you are familiar with) are out of this world. I like upbeat, feel good shows…. and my god is this uplifting! Emotional in parts, yes… but the message is prominent. This show is all about friendship and love, and the storyline, how it interlinks with the original Wizard of Oz film is simply brilliant!

It was nothing really like I imagined at all… instead, it was so much better. Oh yes, it certainly exceeded my expectations, which were set very high I have to say, from all the rave reviews I’ve heard from friends. I loved the fact that it surprised me every step of the way, the manner in which writer Gregory McGuire has re-told the story from the witches perspectives is genius. About the friendship of the two witches from the original film – Glinda, the good witch and Elphaba, the wicked witch of the East!

wicked the musicalGlinda, (on the left) played at the moment by Savannah Stevenson and Elphaba, played by Emma Hatton – both out of this world fabulous.

wicked the musical

wicked the musical

There were lots of twists and turns during the story, it was funny, it was heartwarming and it was spectacular. I won’t tell the story here because if you haven’t seen it and like me, you’re not entirely sure, then I won’t spoil it for you. You can of course head to the website where there is a synopsis which will give you a brief outline.

The singing by the two main characters was amazing. Performing the famous, ridiculously hard to sing songs to perfection. The relationship between them was honest and believable and I loved the character of Fiyero too, played by Jeremy Taylor!

wicked the musicalGlinda and Fiyero

Wicked is amazing!

It’s everything you’d want it to be and more. It’s a multi award-winning musical extravaganza, recently acclaimed as “one of the greatest musicals of our time” (Daily Mail) and it’s now the 10th longest-running show in the West End! It has been seen by more than 6 million people in London alone!

Wicked has also been shortlisted for ITV’s This Morning Audience Award in the 2015 Olivier Awards. Very exciting indeed and if you’ve seen it I’m sure you’ll understand why. They would be eternally grateful if you could help them secure a win by popping over to give Wicked a vote, as this is the only Olivier Award that can be voted for by the public! Here is the link www.WickedTheMusical.co.uk/Vote  🙂

If you haven’t seen Wicked then you must! The Apollo Victoria Theatre is currently taking bookings until 30th April 2016! AND, if you can’t make it to London, it’s also touring the UK so no excuses!

I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it as much as we did!


  1. I really enjoy the theatre, and I’ve seen Wicked. I enjoyed the show and the performance, but there was apart of me that felt the story didn’t quite flow somehow. Still worth going to see though

  2. I quite fancy seeing this too – it looks like a good show.

  3. This sounds like a great mother and daughter trip out! We are all rather into our Wizard of Oz here but have never been to a musical so I might look into this x

  4. I went to see this a couple of years ago and loved it, I can’t wait to go back again

  5. I have this on my list of things I would love to see too, it looks and sounds amazing x

  6. We would love to see this. Maxi and Mini love the Wizard of Oz and we really enjoyed the musical, but haven’t seen Wicked yet

  7. My daughter has been asking about this musical as they were going to do it at school in the summer. They are now doing the Wizard of Oz instead.

  8. The stage looks amazing, this is something I would love to see with my little ones!

  9. I’d love to go and see this. Maybe when it’s touring the UK.

  10. I have to say, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Wicked but I still haven’t gotten around to seeing it. I will vote though because I love the soundtrack. Thats close enough right?

  11. I love my musicals, but have not seen this yet. Looks amazing, so must check tour dates.

  12. This is my favourite ever West End show and I have voted…….want to see Matilda though too

  13. i would love to see wicked always seems like such a fun musical

  14. Oh how lovely I havent seen anywhere enough musicals in recent years!

  15. How have I never heard of this show? I love The Wizard of Oz and Oz, the great and powerful so I have to see this. I’m off to check out the tour and see if it’s coming anywhere near us 🙂

  16. I loved it
    I saw this with my late friend

  17. I love a good musical, never seen Wicked though! x

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