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superhero twins


This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago on my lovely little twins birthday. My cherished boys, O and H were four this year. These costumes we bought from the Disney Store, O is spider man (obviously) and H is Iron Man (less obvious unless you’re a Marvel fan!) they loved these costumes, in fact I think they were their favourite presents by far!

It was an unusual birthday really as far as my kids birthdays are concerned. I have always done a party for both my older children, sometimes I’ve gone completely over the top; venues, entertainers, caterers, expensive cakes and party bags…. But for my twins birthday this year we did nothing.

We made the decision to do nothing based on ONE fact.

Anyone who’s read my blog before would know that O and H are very shy.

Painfully, ridiculously shy.

When they go to other children’s parties they absolutely HATE the cake and food part. They cringe at the mere thought of sitting around the table in such close proximity to other ‘guests’…. where they may have to actually SPEAK to someone that they have not chosen to. They tolerate the playing part and usually have fun (once they settle) but all gathering together for the cake is too much for them.

Therefore after much deliberation we opted to have a quiet affair. We decided a party would be the wrong thing to do. I mean can you imagine? THEM being centre of attention at their OWN party?? This would be their worst nightmare for sure.

I did want to do a party too as the twins have been to nursery this year and it would’ve been nice to get all the kids together before going back to school.. but no, it wouldn’t have gone well and would’ve been a complete waste of money and effort.

Presents wise we didn’t go overboard either. Again, we do usually go over the top in this department… buying presents in dribs and drabs then realising we’ve spent a small fortune and the kids have squillions of gifts to open…. (just the way I like it!) but again a waste.

We didn’t know what to buy. They hadn’t asked for anything in particular and having two older kids we already have LOADS of toys already, my god the house is practically bursting at the seams with every type of toy going and other plastic monstrosities!!!! Pointless buying more of the same.

We bought a few things to open and decided we’d take them out to Toys R Us on the day and let them choose some more presents that they really wanted.

They (as usual) loved wondering round Toys R Us (in their superhero costumes – but with their masks on lol), they could spend all day in there. They usually choose a bike to cycle round on, for hours. But when it came to it, they didn’t really WANT anything. Of course we bought a few things to take home but even then, they played with them initially and haven’t looked at since.

The point is, I have felt terribly guilty for what I deem to be a lack of effort made for TWO of my childrens’ birthdays. We spent less on the twins that we would normally on ONE of the other two. We DID less on the twins birthday than we normally would on one of the other two. We bought a ‘normal’ supermarket cake instead of having one made…..

But my guilt isn’t justified.

My beautiful twins had a fantastic day. They had everything they wanted and needed. They had a few presents which they actually played with rather than being overwhelmed with and not knowing where to start. They had a yummy chocolate cake which they loved and had no idea what the cost of it was, and they spent the day having fun, playing with us and their older brother and sister.. they were surrounded with love.

And I guess that’s something money just can’t buy……




  1. You’re right, we can make a massive fuss and spend loads of money but sometimes it’s more for us than for them. They’ll still have memories of having a great birthday and that’s what counts. Great post πŸ™‚ xx

  2. I learned long ago to let go of the guilt – can you imagine 7 parties a year! But we like to make each child feel special and only you know how to do that – the smiles in this pic show you managed it! Well done and belated happy birthday to the twins.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi Afra, yes I think this has taught me we definitely don’t need to spend a fortune, especially when kids are so young!! As long as they are made a fuss of that’s all that matters to them in the end xx

  3. You can tell the twins had the best birthday ever just by the looks on their faces. They look so incredibly happy. I love their superhero costumes! The main thing is they had a great day and they did. I feel guilty about POD’s birthday as it’s on Christmas Day but I’m learning not to compensate for it! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. Aww sounds like they had a fantastic birthday!!
    Love the costumes! x

  5. I think what you did was exactly right. Kids don’t understand money and there is no point getting stuff juts for the sake of it. I think way too many kids are really spoilt these days, i used to get a fiver and i was made up with that πŸ˜‰

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww bless …. God I remember when a fiver would go quite far!!!! I think kids get too much these days and it makes them not appreciate anything x

  6. It’s definitely all about them, and they had the best birthday. It’s a win πŸ™‚

  7. you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a fun day and as long as they had fun I don’t think anything else really matters!

  8. Happy birthday to them both, they are a perfect age for dressing up

  9. wow firstly happy birthday to them!! i think children are so different your right in doing what they wanted to do. It certainly looks like this was their kind of birthday.

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  10. I think the secret is finding something that suits them and their personality, no matter how guilty we feel about it. Sounds to me as though you hit just the right note here and they loved it, that’s what matters πŸ™‚ Doesn’t matter what anyone else (or you) think. Hope they’ve got on alright at school x

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