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Little girls ears pierced

This is my little girl. She had her ears pierced a couple of weeks ago, at the start of the summer holidays.

She has only just turned 8 but has been begging for her ears pierced for well over a year, at which time I had discussed this with her best friends mum (they were both going crazy) and we made an intelligent decision to wait until they were 10.

We concluded that 10 is an appropriate age. Before that they may not be able to handle the pain factor, keeping them clean etc. and we didn’t want our little girls to grow up too fast.

The girls seemed to accept this, still talked about it on a regular basis but were ok about it.

But then in the last few weeks of term another girls’ mother (from their class) told my daughter’s best friends’ mum that a few of the other girls were getting their ears pierced over the summer holidays. So best friends’ mum called me to say if that’s the case should we allow our girls?

To be honest this took me by surprise. No I didn’t want this. I didn’t want my beautiful, innocent little girl to get her ears pierced yet. It seemed too grown up. But then I knew she’d be distraught if she was the only one that didn’t. I felt I had no choice so I reluctantly agreed. If everyone was doing it then why should I have a problem with it?

When I told my girl she could get them done it was like all her dreams had come true at once. She was ecstatic beyond words. Ran around the house squealing and started counting down the days.

A week or two had gone past at which time we found out that the mum who initially told us everyone was getting their ears pierced had indeed got her story wrong!! No one was. They were having to wait a little longer after all. For god’s sake I thought….I wasn’t happy about this!

There was no way we could back down on this now though so we booked it in. Two days after they broke up from school for the summer we took them to a professional spa for a qualified beautician to perform the deed! She was really great explaining to the girls exactly what would happen, even though I don’t think they were listening, they just wanted get on with it ASAP. We chose special earrings with less of a chance of causing infection.. everything was ready.

Both girls cried. I think the sting of the piercing was a shock, even though they knew it would hurt a little. But they were very, very happy afterwards. Bless them. We were given some special solution to apply twice a day for six weeks which they have been amazingly good about doing, remembering to twist the little earrings each time.

I have to say, after my initial worry, I love them. The little diamante studs look ever so pretty. Even my teen who doesn’t normally show any interest whatsoever in his sister commented on how cute she looks. Another friend at school has since had hers done and I think a few more will now be following.

My girl and her best friend are completely over the moon and in love with their new ears!!

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  1. I love this post, it takes me back. I was very naughty and ran off with my friend and got mine pierced at 12 without my Mum knowing (can’t believe they were allowed to do it!). I’d been on a school trip and had money left over. I rang my Mum afterwards to tell her – oops! It was a sign of things to come! #whatsthestory

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww gosh I would be mortified if my daughter did something without asking me!! Although that sounds something I would’ve done 🙂 its scary as they get older and start wanting things/do things that we might not like but I guess we have to let them be their own person! Not that my daughter is really at that stage but I have a teenager!!!!

  2. I remember well being absolutely desperate to get my ears pierced. I think my mum finally relented when i was about 9. They did get a bit infected though so keep reminding them to twist and clean! x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww I was worried it was too young but she has been so good at keeping then clean as so far they have been ok x

  3. Lovely girl with lovely ears… your doughter must be proud of her smart mom!

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