Week 5 Photo – 2016 Literacy Help

Week 5 and into February.

This photo of my twins I took during a lesson I had with them at school. For the past few weeks I’ve been attending a literacy class every Tuesday. It’s basically extra help (optional) for them and for me. There’s a group of us parents and we have a class with the teacher for an hour, whereby she gives us pointers on how to help our children get the most out of literacy. Then our children join us for an hour and we do a fun activity with them, based on the theme of that particular week.

It’s been a very positive experience for both my twins and for myself. The course has been running for the past five weeks and next week will be our last, which is a shame. After a reluctant start by my boys, they have grown to enjoy it and really look forward to it each Tuesday. The activities we do have been fun and some quality time together has been shared. I will definitely be putting some of what I’ve learned into practice.

This week has also been a very big week for Teen who started an Apprenticeship. A long story goes with that statement, one which deserves it’s own post so I won’t go into details now!

I’ve also been busy trying to organise my daughter’s end of primary school year book. I (stupidly) put myself forward for this job, along with a couple of other Mum’s but to say it’s not been easy would be an understatement! Just corresponding and chasing other parents for photo’s and payment is proving stressful! However, I will persevere…. because it will be a lovely keepsake for the children when they leave in July.

Hope you had a good week.


  1. Sounds like you’ve been very busy! Shame the class has to end but at least your boys got a lot out of it 🙂

  2. What a great idea with the literacy class. Must be so nice to do that and hugely beneficial too. Such a lovely photo x

  3. I love that your boys have enjoyed the literacy lessons and so have you. I think it is great when the school gets parents involved and it really works. Good luck with the year book

  4. nessjibberjabberuk says

    I like the idea of literacy class. My son’s class is so big I don’t think they get a chance to read at school.

  5. I bet they love doing that. My son would love it if I came into school to work with him regularly. Our school does it once a year.

  6. I like the sound of those classes, with a reluctant reader and writer I could use the help!

  7. pigeonpairandme says

    Wow, you sound like supermum! The literacy class sounds like such a good idea. I love the idea of parents and children learning together.

  8. I love the sound of that literacy program, what an amazing way to include parents into the teaching process!xx

  9. Little cuties! Sounds like you have been busy. A school I worked at the Year 6 teacher made a lovely yearbook for the kids and it was a great keepsake but definitely a hassle. xxx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      We didn’t do it when my Teen left but I’ve seen the books that recent years have had made and they are amazing! Such a lovely keepsake x

  10. bavariansojourn says

    I love the photo of them both, they look so proud of their work! 🙂

  11. I end up volunteering for school things and it is a nightmare trying to coordinate with other parents. Hope you get it sorted

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