Week 4 Photo – 2016


It’s the end of January… yipee!

January always seems like the worst month of the year and one we usually can’t wait to see the back of. It’s cold, and the come down after the excitement of Christmas really hits with a bang.

But I don’t know about you, and maybe it’s because of the mild weather (last week not included), but this January hasn’t felt quite so bleak. In fact, it’s been totally fine….. although I am looking forward to it being February with the prospect of Spring around the corner!

This photo was taken earlier this week when a storm hit the UK. Me and the kids got caught in a massive downpour on the school run. Luckily it was home time because we couldn’t really escape as we had to run to get to the car which was parked in the car park. By the time we were there, the rain had come down with such ferocity that the kids were dripping wet. They’ve never been out in rain like it!

I didn’t mind though. I could see how much they were loving it…. the look of sheer delight in their faces was priceless.

They literally embraced the rain!

In other news, Teen competed in the County swimming championships. The first one since he gave up swimming due to injury. It was fun to be back there without any pressure, as Teen is swimming mainly for enjoyment purposes these days.

My daughter performed at the O2 in London this week, along with around 8000 other kids from schools in the region. It’s the Young Voices concert and what an amazing experience that was. More on that later though.

Hope you all had a great week.

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  1. A great pose and, well, why not have some fun in the rain hey? #MySundayPhoto

  2. Love this photo! They look so happy. Glad you enjoyed Young Voices. I look forward to reading more about it 🙂

  3. Well done to the teen in the County swimming championships. My friends daughter was in young voices too, you must have been burtsing with pride :0)

  4. Great capture that I think this sums up January pretty well

    Thank you for linking up

  5. Cannot believe that tomorrow is February! Seems to be going very fast. They look very happy to be in the rain

  6. Fab photo! Some great achievements this month as well! xx

  7. How fabulous – so lovely to see smiling faces in the rain 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  8. Sometimes you have to just accept that you’re in the rain and make the most of it, those grinning faces prove to me that it’s worth it!

  9. Awww I love it. As you said, once you embrace the rain and getting wet it can be rather nice! Thanks for sharing. #mysundayphoto

  10. hehehe! That made me chuckle…Their faces! lol

  11. Oh deary me! #MySundayPhoto

  12. Brilliant! There is something amazing about embracing the rain like this. Sometimes, there’s just nothing else to do 🙂

  13. suzanne3childrenandit says

    I’ve seen so many amazing pictures from the O2 this week – what an experience! And well done to the teen as well – it’s not always easy to keep up with exercise and hobbies when school work comes to the foreground. Love the picture. Kids love the rain don’t they? I’m not such a fan!

  14. I love how children can see the bright side of even a heavy downpour., 3 great happy faces.

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