Week 20 Photo 2016 – My Girl


This week has been all about her really.

My Girl.

She’s going on her school trip tomorrow to the Isle of Wight (boohoo) so I’ve been trying to make sure everything is ready and in place.

She’s needed some new clothes because she’s grown so much recently! She’s been eating like a horse and has really shot up! She’s still one of the smaller ones in her year group but she’s catching up fast now! This residential trip is a PGL 5 day activity trip which means she needs all sorts of clothing for every weather eventuality. It’s such a pain because the weather looks so changeable right now. We’ve had to buy clothes for hotter days as well as cold days. We just don’t know so we have to be prepared!

I’m going to miss her so very much. She’s such a Mummy’s girl and loves snuggling with me and generally just being around me. Bless her, that will probably all change when she reaches the teenage years so I’m unashamedly making the most of it now!

She did the residential school trip last year but that was only for 2 nights and although she enjoyed the activities, she was glad to be home and didn’t enjoy the experience overall. She was homesick. It put her off going this year but in recent months she’s been getting excited. She’s a year older and knows the ropes so hopefully it will be a happier experience!

I think she’s going to really enjoy herself this time.

Fingers crossed!

In other news this week, I’ve been finalising details for my Girl’s birthday party. It’s in two weeks time.. more on than later though.

My Girl and I also went to our local little theatre (where the above photo was taken) this week to see some of her friends perform in their theatre group production of Bugsy Malone. It was a fun night and they all performed brilliantly!

Hope you all had a good week 🙂


  1. She is so beautiful and I am sure that she will have an amazing time on her PGL. My boys would LOVE to do something like that

  2. I’m worried too, and mine aren’t even old enough yet for weekends or weeks aways with school. I know they’ll be fine, but I know I’m going to hate it. Going to really miss them.

  3. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    My son’s due on his residential soon and he can’t wait. He was homesick last year too so I hope this year will be easier for him x

  4. I remember when my boy went on his long school trip in Year 6 – broke my heart! He had a fab time though x

  5. Aww what a gorgeous girl. Hope she has a great time x

  6. Awww – I miss my boys enough when they are at school – I can’t imagine a residential! On another note, don’t forget to let me know when you write about your party, I’d love to include it in the Britmums round-up!

  7. shelllouise says

    Kaycee loved her PGL trip and Ella can’t wait till she’s old enough to go. I hope she has a wonderful time 🙂

  8. bless you I can’t imagine that first school trip, Wilf starts in Sept and I’m not ready to cut those strings! Beautiful girl x

  9. Aww good luck of her school trip – she’ll probably have an excellent time!

  10. Gillian Brewster says

    Such a pretty wee girl. I remember these weeks when I was younger and I loved them so much but we weren’t aa young. PGL are very professional I’m sure now she’s grown a little she will have a great time. She might have been daunted by he activities ifshe was smaller in the year.

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