Week 2 Photo – 2016

snow in 2016

Well I couldn’t write this weeks post without including a photo of today’s snow! My youngest three here in our garden that hasn’t seen anyone for months now! It’s crazy because my children literally live in the garden when the weather is milder, but ignore it as we hibernate through the winter!

The snow started falling last night. We didn’t get that much here in Hertfordshire, but at least we had SOME! The kids couldn’t wait to get out into the garden this morning but I have to say, it was a BIT disappointing that there was just a light covering. The kids didn’t mind though and got straight into some serious running around and snowball throwing. They loved it. My daughter even managed a snowman!

In other news this week, I went to visit my friend and her new baby boy. He’s their first child and they’ve been trying for years to have a baby so he is incredibly special. She is one of my best friends and has been through so much to get to this point…. I was a little emotional.Β Her beautiful boy was born with Downs Syndrome which obviously brought all sorts of confusion, guilt and worry initially, but they are absolutely over the moon with him and I can confirm he is super gorgeous!

I had a bad tummy towards the end of the week which was unpleasant, and painful. Not sure whether it was something I ate (doubtful as I hadn’t eaten anything unusual) or a bug. But not nice.

There must be something going around though because my daughter had a friend over on Friday after school who ended up saying she felt sick. I don’t do sick very well and I was supposed to be giving her a lift home. Bless her, of course I tended to her but panicking at the thought of her being sick in my car, I frantically called her mum hoping that she hadn’t settled down with a glass of wine or anything yet, therefore being able to pick her up instead! Luckily for me she did, and the poor girl was sick all he way home! Phew! Poor thing. However, I’m bracing myself for some possible illness this week with my own kids after all that!

Today we will no doubt jolly out in the snow again before it all disappears.

Hope you had a good week….. did you get snow?

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  1. It looks like you’re about to get attacked

    Thank you for linking up

  2. This is a great photo – and two of them look like they about to throw a snowball at you! That is wonderful news about your friend and her new baby. Hope you feel better now #mysundayphoto

  3. They look so happy, great photo! I hope you are feeling better and that your family doesn’t get it too. Greta move getting mum to collect πŸ˜‰ #MySundayPhoto

  4. Awww congrats to your friend, hope they are all doing well and getting lots of sleep. Hope you’re all feeling a bit better with the bugs now. Its been going round here and I am hoping we’ve seen the last of them. We’ve had snow today and built our snowman! πŸ™‚

  5. What a wonderful photo! It sounds like they had a fantastic time!
    Eek! I hope there is no sickness in your home….

  6. I love the light dusting of snow on the trees. It looks like the kids are enjoying the snow, however light a layer it is!
    Hope you don’t end up with a house full of sick people!x

  7. Love the snow, I wish we had some to play in too

  8. Kids love snow so much. We’ve had a little here as well, plenty for my liking. although N was more interested in going to see his cousin than playing outside

  9. Such a lovely picture. After you took it did you happen to be hit with those snowballs? Congrats to your friend on the arrival of her precious little boy! Xx #mysundayphoto

  10. That looks like a lot of snow to me, all we got was rain here in Bristol! *sulk*

  11. Snow always looks so pretty, and my kids love it too πŸ™‚ We got our first proper covering of snow at the weekend!

  12. Awww no lucky you we didn’t get snow!!
    Phew indeed to the friend’s Mum being able to collect her – I don’t cope well with vomit either unless of course it’s my own children. x

  13. I am GREEN with envy at that snow and congratulations to your friends, I am sure their boy will bring them so much joy, although can understand the apprehension too

  14. Lovely snow photo πŸ™‚ We got our first proper snow last week, it was so lovely. I love seeing everything covered with white. Took about a million photos πŸ˜‰ I hope you feel well and enjoy the weekend πŸ™‚

  15. I am so jealous you got snow……desperate for the white stuff here!!

  16. We had mainly hail and frost, the children are desperate to make snowmen and snow balls. Hope the sickness didn’t hit your house, there are always tummy bugs going round at this time of the year.

  17. We used to have a playhouse like that in our garden for the girls, brings back memories of happy times. Mine were delighted with the snow too. You could tell your friend that there is a great support group in Herts called Up on Downs… and also mention Herts Parent Carer Involvement to her, and Carers in Herts. When she’s had a little breathing time πŸ™‚ x

  18. Snow always delights children so much doesn’t it? Gorgeous photo, lucky things!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 366.

  19. we’ve managed to avoid the snow down here in the south, although the children are a tad disappointed.

  20. Brilliant phot

    I do love snow but I dislike when it gets all slushy and yucky.

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