Week 10 Photo 2016 – Gone with the Wind

I completely missed out week 9 of Project 52, just in case anyone is wondering. Life got in the way!

So onto last week…. Week 10. This was spent at home mostly because I had my daughter off school ill.

I was working on Monday but when I picked up my Girl from school she seemed exhausted. Weirdly exhausted…. To the point of her taking herself off to bed that evening ridiculously early. I think we know, as parents, that when a child does that… something is definitely wrong!

The following day she slept and she didn’t really improve on Wednesday so I took her to the doctors. Of course (as is the usual diagnosis) the Doctor informed us that she had a virus and possibly asthma because of her lingering dry cough (I don’t think it’s the latter but a virus sounded about right as she did have a temperature). Whatever it was though, it completely whacked her out and it wasn’t nice seeing her so down and lethargic.

On Friday I decided to put on this film. Gone with the Wind…. My favourite film ever. I used to love watching old films with my mum when I was a little girl and this was the one that I loved best. I’ve seen it so many times. I always wanted to watch it with my own daughter but the time has never seemed right and the fact that it’s old and relatively slow, I wasn’t sure she’d be interested in it. Plus, being a four hour epic, with all the other things she could be doing instead…. I didn’t think she would sit through it to be honest.

But she did… AND she enjoyed it! She was distracted at times, as I thought she would be, and she asked a couple of questions about what was going on in parts, but she said she liked it! I think it’s one of those films that you have to watch more than once to really appreciate, and she’s possibly a bit young to truly understand the story line.

It’s such a good film though. Scarlett O’hara has to be my favourite character of all time and the story of her life, her relationship with the dashing Rhett Butler and the American Old South is incredibly gripping and moving. It was wonderful to watch it again (I haven’t seen it for years.. possibly since I was a teenager!) and I’m so glad my daughter has seen it now too.


  1. missielizzieandmyshadow says

    Hope your girl’s all better now.

    Can I confess, I’ve never watched Gone With the Wind? Its one of those films I’ve been meaning to watch for years, but never seem to get round to.

  2. I haven’t watched Gone with the Wind for ages. Must seem a bit dated now, but gotta to love that last line!

  3. There is something rather wonderful about introducing kids to favorite old films. We all watched bedknobs and broomsticks this weekend!

  4. pennyalexander says

    Eeek, I don’t think I have ever seen it – must remedy that!

  5. I’ve never actually seen Gone With the Wind! *Hides in shame*
    I hope your daughter is better now xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      She’s all recovered now thanks. It’s not the sort of film you can just put on and quickly watch either…. it’s so long! x

  6. I remember watching this as a young girl and loving the costumes and the story, so dramatic!xx

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