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I have always loved buying clothes for my children but now I have four it’s not as easy to splash the cash so readily, which is frustrating!

I’ve had fairly large age gaps between my children so going overboard on spending was OK at one time, on the odd piece. Buying a gorgeous designer pair of jeans or shoes for my son when he was little was fine (I used to tell myself lol). Or choosing a stunning dress with matching jacket for my daughter when she was a BABY was also fine, even though I knew there would hardly be any occasions in which a baby would realistically wear such a jacket!! I didn’t care though – having a girl after having a boy was only going to go one way…. spend, spend, spend on girlie outfits!

When my twins came along things were different. Not only did I still have to buy things for the older two, but when it came to wanting to buy that special something for the twins, I had to buy two!! Not so easy. For example, if I spot a rather fabulous but plain t-shirt type top which is overpriced at say £25 (remember it’s a t-shirt!!) – for one child you can almost say OK as a treat. But for two the price goes up to £50… not so good!

And shoes?!! I like my twin boys in trendy shoes, bought them some special edition furry winter converse when they were toddlers but for two pairs I paid the best part of £100. It really is too much when the cost of living is growing all the time.

Not fair!

So naturally we have cut back a lot. And actually you can pick up some gorgeous pieces for kids anywhere these days which is great, and shopping around for styles that you like at prices you can manage is not too difficult.

A few weeks ago I went into GAP. Haven’t been in for a while as I believe a lot of their merchandise is overpriced. Some of the old favourites like tracksuits and jackets are still wonderful but I often feel like some of their more everyday items are way too expensive. And a bit frumpy.

GAP for me is one of those stores that either has loads of nice stock in or loads of tosh! It really varies from season to season.

This season they are spot on. Tons of gorgeous clothes for boys and girls.

I went in on a 30% promotion day (lucky me) so decided to have a real rummage.

Gap outfit

Cute kiss top and denim skirt

They had just introduced their Autumn/Winter collection and this outfit for my daughter caught my eye, it’s so pretty and fun…. a lovely, high quality denim skirt and a cute little peplum top with little kissy lips on.


Cute peplum top


Hair bow

My Girl accessorised with a gorgeous little sparkly hair slide bow!

This outfit she has worn to a party, it’s not too dressy – she doesn’t want to wear a sparkly party dress anymore, too babyish she says! But it can also be worn separately and more casually, the top looks nice with jeans and the skirt can also be worn with any other top. Tights, cosy jumper and boots in the winter would look lovely with the denim skirt.

My twins weren’t left out, bought these fab shirts too.

Gap shirts twins

Trendy Gap shirts

How smart are these? They are gorgeous; trendy rolled up sleeves and lined for the winter so nice and warm as the weather changes. I love buying coordinated outfits for my twins, matching but not the same, so I get excited if I see a great piece in two different colours… perfect!

gap kids shirt

H looking happy in his orange shirt

gap kids shirt

O looking casual in his blue shirt!!!

I was very pleased with my purchases in GAP but without the 30% discount I may not have bought all four items, although for good quality clothes from a trusted retailer I don’t paying that bit more.

I have got my eye on a gorgeous winter coat for my Girl which at £50 is rather pricey but fortunately she’s in between sizes right now so I’ll get her the larger size, that way she can wear it next year too, hopefully 🙂 Win!!!

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  1. Gorgeous little ones and beautiful clothes! 🙂 x

  2. Ohh I love that peplum top!! So cute!!

  3. Loving those shirts! Very trendy. I like to dress mine similar too so that people can tell they’re twins and it’s really hard to find things that come in two different colours like that. x

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