Wednesday Words – Quote#2

I think we’re all guilty of worrying what others think a bit too much. I know I am.

Certain individuals are just not worth it.

As you get older you realise who your real friends are. I love and appreciate mine. As for the others….. well, I’ve learned to not give a s**t!

I love this quote and Will puts it so clearly.




Crazy With Twins


  1. Good for you hon, not caring what other people think is a wonderful thing. Over time you’ll wonder why you ever did #WednesdayWords

  2. Smart man, Will Smith x

  3. This is very true, it is hard not to get caught up with these worries. But you are definitely right x

  4. Love this quote x #wednesdaywords

  5. Such a great quote and it can apply to so much.

  6. Great quote. I very rarely worry what other people think. I’ve had that mentality since finding out how awesome it is to be “different” at secondary school. Post being bullied by “The It Crowd”, I realised they are all so worried about what people think of them, that none of them are even themselves. They were all the same. I was different. I didn’t fit in and I no longer wanted to.

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