Water fun in the sun

Every year, I try to make the most of the few hot days we see over the summer. If it’s hot outside and I’m inside, I’m not happy. I feel irritated because I know these days are so infrequent. I have to be outside, even if it’s just for a little while after work and school.

This week, I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve had a heatwave! Yay! I’m loving it!

And although Wednesday was almost unbearable as my kids and I melted in a soft play area at a friends birthday party after school…. I will NEVER complain.

I love the summer. It just makes me happy. I love seeing the trees covered in lush green leaves; I love the fact that we don’t need big heavy clothes and coats to way us down. I enjoy being outdoors and the lazy long days….. Plus…. everyone else seems happier too πŸ™‚

I knew we were going to be busy on Tuesday and Wednesday after school so I made the decision to take the kids to the park after school on Monday. There are some fab paddling pools which were great for cooling off and enabling us to enjoy the sun even more!

paddling pools park

paddling pool park

paddling pool park

paddling pool park

It was relatively quiet too, a bonus because this particular splash park area can get incredibly busy. sometimes with no where to sit or put down our towels!

Teen even joined us for a little while too which was lovely! He was at the park hanging out with some friends.

Speaking of Teen, because he is enjoying 11 weeks of a summer holiday this year as his GCSE’s are now over, I suggested we should do something, just the two us. The other three younger children don’t finish school for another fortnight yet so it’s the perfect opportunity! Of course Teen would rather be with friends but he humoured me this week and agreed to a lido trip on Wednesday, on what was going to be the hottest day for almost a decade!

I like being with Teen, he’s fun to be around (sometimes!) and I enjoy catching up on all the gossip surrounding his busy teenage life! We headed to Wycombe Lido, it’s a bit of a drive but we’ve been many times now and I know we like it there. I was excited about spending a few, uninterrupted hours of sunbathing and swimming in the pool!

Wycombe lidoWycombe Rye Lido

Although it was absolutely scorchio, the sun didn’t play ball…. it kept clouding over which, when you’re all geared up for some serious tanning, was SO ANNOYING!

We did have a lovely day though. We took a picnic, ate ice creams and, in the sun shining moments, we swam in the lovely pool and sunbathed. The hours passed way too quickly unfortunately, I had to pick up the younger children from school! So we’ve penciled in another day to go again very soon πŸ™‚

I do hope the good weather continues well into the summer holidays…. fingers crossed!


  1. From paddling pool to Lido what a lovely couple of days enjoying that glorious hot spell. I am quite jealous of your teen going with you, I don’t think mine would unless it was at least 50 miles from home with no chance of anyone they knew being there! A great way to enjoy the outdoors, don’t forget to join me for Country Kids, just stopping by from What’s the story.

  2. Sounds like you’ve made the most of the sunshine, love the photos! Even though we get much more sun over here in Boston, I still have my Scottish mentality, that I must make the most of everyday πŸ™‚ #whatsthestory

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