Unicef and Pampers – A Reminder

From October to December of this year Pampers have been running the 1 View = 1 Vaccine campaign with Unicef. It is the eighth year running that Pampers have teamed up with Unicef to raise money and awareness for the elimination of maternal and newborn Tetanus in ten of the worlds developing countries.

A while ago I went along to learn about this years campaign, with some press people and other bloggers. It was being held at a luxury London Hotel and the very lovely Emma Bunton was there as she is this years Ambassador for the program. A perfect choice in my opinion.

Hearing about the plight of the mothers and newborns in third world countries whilst we were in such surroundings was indeed humbling.

We take for granted what’s medically available to us here in this Country. We don’t give it any thought. It’s there, we take it and we even expect it. Our babies have access to immunisation against diseases that could otherwise kill them, that DO in fact kill babies in other Countries in this world. How is that fair?

How can where you are born dictate whether you live or die? These poor newborn babies die in their thousands from Tetanus – an easily preventable disease. It actually angers me that there are humans in this world going through not only the hardship of the conditions they live in, but they also have to watch their loved ones suffer and die when it isn’t necessary. Their governments don’t do enough to help them, we all know that, but that’s another argument entirely, don’t even get me started…..

Thank god then for charities like Unicef and the amazing input from Pampers that’s all I can say.

Emma Bunton gave us a speech and introduced us to this years campaign which includes, like previous years, the special packs of Pampers nappies that when you buy ONE pack, ONE vaccine will be donated to Unicef. It really is that ridiculously simple.

On top of this they have included another fab way in which you can get a vaccine to a mother or child (if you don’t need to buy nappies anymore!) and that is to head over to the Pampers’ YouTube channel, and watch the stories of SibuRiazQassim and Buhle.

Each time you click on and watch or SHARE one of the videos, one vaccine will be donated!

1 View = 1 Vaccine

Go ahead CLICK ONE NOW!!!!

At the event we were all seated around tables to discuss how we could help with the campaign. At one point we played a game. Each table was given a box, exactly the same as the ones the Unicef volunteers CARRY into the villages in these third world countries to administer the vaccines themselves. This eliminates the risk of money or vaccines not reaching the people who need them the most. The governments are often corrupt and have been known to simply not bother. Utterly disgraceful.

We had to guess what each item in the box was used for.

pampers unicef vaccine box

The precious cargo in one box – sitting on our table surrounded by all the cake and tea we were being treated to…..

As you can see there wasn’t much in the box and apart from the map showing the volunteers how to reach the people in their villages, a spare t-shirt and some water, the box contained a few medical strips, tiny hydration packets, then the sterilising wipes and vaccines. The volunteers often have to walk miles so they have to carry as little as possible.

The gorgeously down to earth Emma Bunton on our table and mingling with everyone

The gorgeously down to earth Emma Bunton on our table and mingling with everyone

Those volunteers do amazing work and we discovered how truly important these campaigns are, saving millions of lives.

Being a mummy to four healthy children I cannot support this cause enough.

I urge you to please, please, please make the difference to someone by either buying the special packs of nappies or watching/sharing any of the videos mentioned.

You could save a life.

This campaign ends soon…..

Do it now by clicking on one of these videos SibuRiazQassim and Buhle


emma bunton

The lovely Emma Bunton with my daughter and her friend who I took to the event. Emma has to be one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met 🙂


Please also visit www.supportunicef.org/pampers to find out more and see how you can help..


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