Tree Top Climbing at Go Ape with NEW Vimto Squeezy Drinks

vimto squeezy

A few weeks ago in the summer holidays, we were invited to do some hanging around in the tops of trees by Vimto, to test out their fab new squeezy water enhancers!!

The idea was to do some fun, outdoor family activity A La Go Ape then test the hydration capabilities of this new Vimto drink! Sound like fun? Yes please, thank you very much!

I love Vimto, it reminds me of my childhood when my Mum use to buy it and it was always in the house, I preferred it to orange… which was usually the other option! Β I remember having to mix it with water to dilute but I usually added much more of the cordial in than I should have, wanting it to be the sweetest I could make it, it was just so yummy! Ah happy memories πŸ™‚

Of course, nowadays parents are much more aware of the sugar content in their childrens drinks and fortunately Vimto comes in lots of sugar free options now so even if your child wants to do a me and add much more Vimto/water ratio than they should… it really doesn’t matter! There’s much more choice now too, I love the fizzy Vimto option and treat myself to some occasionally if I’m out, although I don’t tend to buy fizzy drinks for myself or the kids at home, unless it’s a special occasion!

This year, Vimto have added a brand new variety to their collection, in the shape of these ‘Water Enhancers’ (which is the technical name)… they’re tiny bottles of Vimto cordial that you can add to water anywhere, be it tap water or bottled that you simply want to add splash of flavour to, add as much or as little as you like. They’re super convenient as they can fit into your bag without bogging you down with heavy bottles and one tiny squeezy bottle can be used for quite a few drinks!

I threw mine in my handbag before setting off to Go Ape in Black Park in Buckinghamshire for some action packed adventures!

I have never been to a Go Ape before. Teen has been to a couple of parties held there but personally I haven’t got involved so I was very excited about trying this out and even though I’m a bit on the lazy side these days, I love adventure and climbing. I wasn’t sure how my daughter would be as she isn’t very dare devil and I was worried that she may not enjoy it. Teen’s friend came too.

go apeMy daughter just checking in, holding her water bottle, ready for the Vimto at the end! Me and my girl getting all strapped up, Β and the course is HIGH!!

There are two tree top courses at Go Ape, Adult and Junior . Teen and friend wanted to do the adult one, but being under 16 they had to be accompanied by and adult and I couldn’t do that as that meant my poor little girl would’ve been on her own doing the junior course!! So we all did the junior course, and actually, being beginners this was definitely the right choice. The main difference between the two anyway aren’t height or difficulty as you would imagine, but more the fact that you have to do more of it on your own. You actually have to hook and unhook your harness up yourself on the way round etc… which sounds a bit too daunting to me!

go apeΒ The junior course is split into two halves, each one ending in a zip wire. The difference being on the first half, there is a kind of hand rail… seen here in green that my daughter is holding onto with her left hand. This makes things so much easier. The second half doesn’t have it and it really does feel a lot scarier without it!

go apeEvery bit of the course is different, which means you have to tackle it in a different way. But once you get the hang of it it’s so much fun! Teen and his friend in this bottom left photo being very daredevil and stupid! They absolutely loved it!

The harness you are wearing is hooked up to a line above your head and is pretty short, so you don’t have to worry about falling or dangling somewhere should you lose your balance.

We had a brilliant time and even though my daughter was a little scared most of the way round (I had to ensure I didn’t walk onto the tracks until she reached the other side otherwise it would wobble and this would frighten her even more) she thought it was amazing. We all can’t wait to go back. I cannot tell you how much fun it is, it’s utterly brilliant, I could’ve carried on for the rest of the day! Maybe I’ll book another go before the weather gets bad.

Afterwards we headed off to make our Vimto drinks.

vimto squeezy

It really is so simple. Teen made a few of these with tap water from the kiosk at Go Ape and my daughter made this one with some water we’d brought from home.

They were fab. A perfect way to re-hydrate after the fun and excitement of our tree top adventure! We had enough to fully re-hydrate all four of us and even had enough to take around the huge park afterwards as we walked around the lake. It turned out to be a hot afternoon so we needed to make sure we had plenty of drinks! All three flavours are yummy and we finished the rest off at home.

I have since bought some to keep handy. They’re good for Teen who does a lot of sport, so all he has to do is chuck a little bottle in his bag with an empty water bottle and he fills up at the gym. A great product πŸ™‚



  1. I’ve not seen these Vimto squeezy drinks but then again I don’t think I have ever had Vimto! I bet my daughter would love it.

  2. We had so much fun at Go Ape and those vimto are perfect for travelling, but work out much more expensive than the standard!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Do they? I hadn’t compared the prices, but that’s usually the case isn’t it! You can get quite a few drinks out of one tiny bottle though x

  3. We went to Go Ape in the summer and it was fantastic. Vimto is one of my favourite drinks. The kids always have it with hot water when they are poorly, it works like magic to perk them up!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah yes, hot Vimto!! We used to have that too as kids! You’ve given me the idea to introduce that to my kids now πŸ™‚ x

  4. You are all so brave doing that! The Vimto product seems great x

  5. What a fun day you had. I’m not sure it’s a product I’d try though. I worry about all the chemical sweeteners. I think I’d prefer the kiddies to just have water.

  6. Not a fan of Vinto too sweet and sugary for the kids, looks like you all had fun.x

  7. It looks like you’ve had so much fun – I went years back, pre-kids and have tickets to go again

  8. We love Go Ape and are going in the school holidays!

  9. I love Vimto and haven’t seen these yet so will keep my eyes peeled x

  10. We. Used Vimto drinks on holiday !

  11. Oh yes! This looks totally like my type of a day!

  12. This is exactly the reason we went to Go Ape back at the beginning of the school holidays! It looks like you had as a good a time as we did πŸ™‚ Thank you for linking to PoCoLo πŸ™‚ x

  13. we used these squeezy vimtos when we were at a festival in the summer, they’re fab

  14. Go Ape sounds like a lot of fun! I would definetely go there myself πŸ™‚

  15. I love Vimto and the kids love these water enhancers. I’m not sure I could Go Ape as I’m not very good with heights!

  16. I’m not sure I’ve ever had Vimto…or been to Go Ape…lots to try and both look great!!

  17. What a cool place! I wish it was a bit closer so we could visit with my son!

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