A Top Trumps London Experience

Since writing my little blog I have been invited to some super events to help promote products or entertainment and I feel very lucky, especially when those events involve my children.

One of my favourites to date has to be one that happened last week, at an event to launch the brand new London inspired edition of the famous card game Top Trumps!

top trumps

Top Trumps have brought out a ’30 Things to See in London’ game, which is jam packed full of quirky facts and figures, including some fantastic photo’s of all the famous London Landmarks as well as some hidden gems too! Top Trumps London is an amazing addition to any fan’s collection but would also come in very handy if you’re a tourist to the Nation’s capital city…. it’s like having a mini London encyclopaedia in your pocket! A fun game and sightseeing tour guide all in one!

To celebrate the launch, Top Trumps organised an amazing day out for press and bloggers to enjoy, it really got us into the spirit of the whole London thing by taking us out on a traditional tour of London!

The day started off at the London Transport Museum where we were greeted by the team and a Boris Johnson lookalike character tour guide who came along with us to add a touch of authenticity to the tour! He was hilarious!

Top Trumps London

We haven’t been to the London Transport Museum before so this was great place to start the tour. What a brilliantly fascinating place. We’ll definitely be going back very soon!

We were given a clip board so we could  join in with a type of treasure hunt game, to test our London knowledge… the answers would be given out during the day on the tour so we had to make sure we were listening carefully!! I loved this, very educational for me as well as the kids 🙂

london transport museum

It was so interesting hearing about the very first tube trains in London. The top photo here is one of the very first tube carriages! The two below show a later tube carriage as well as an overground train carriage, I actually remember them being like this!

london transport museum

The museum is very interactive which is great for children. You can sit on and pretend to drive the trains and buses, like my little O here! They had scale models and simulators, they even have mock roads and train stations, complete with traffic lights and pelican crossings!!  During the tour we had to keep an eye out for the hidden giant Top Trumps cards… who could find them first?

Next stop on the great London tour was to jump onto an old fashioned London bus and go sightseeing, taking in London’s most famous buildings and attractions including St. Pauls, Big Ben, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace etc…

top trumps

All aboard! On the bus we were treated to refreshments served by our very own ‘old’ Pearly Queen, we played games and had a tour guide with a difference who had her very own funny, unique way of enlightening us to the London landmarks. We also had the comedy of our ‘Boris’ too to provide even more fun!

top trumps london launch

All of us that shared the tour bus with Top Trumps experience, goodie bags in hand posing for photo’s at our final destination, Londons’ newest and most spectacular landmark, The Shard! 

We were very, very excited about The Shard, the tallest building in Europe and our opportunity to go up to the viewing gallery and look out at the stunning views over London. Top Trumps have so many amazing, famous buildings in this new pack but out of all the ones featured, this is the one I would’ve chosen to experience if I had the chance.

No need to choose though as this was all part of the tour!


 Yikes…..it’s very high!!!!!

I was a little apprehensive once we were inside and went through the airport style security measures before being taken up in the lifts to the 67th floor. The lifts themselves are worth a mention, at speeds of over a second per floor they were quite impressive! Once at the 67th floor, the windows were blocked out as we made the final ascent on foot, up the stairs to the viewing gallery on floors 68, 69 and 72.

And oh my goodness are the views to die for! At more than double the height of any other viewing platform in London, the 360 degrees views over our capital city are utterly breathtaking.

 The Shard

The Shard

The Shard Views

I love this view of the railway below, looks like a miniature toy playset!

The Shard Top

The very top, which has the open glass feature

view from The Shard

With a champagne reception laid on for us too, I could’ve happily stayed up here for hours and hours, it truly is beautiful

The shard

The boys thought it was great and loved being right by the windows but my daughter wouldn’t pose, she was scared and preferred to stay in the middle!!!

Top Trumps The Shard

Once they’d looked out of the windows for a minute the kids went back to their Top Trumps goodie bags and were happier playing cards!

We had a fantastic time at the Top Trumps launch and the children have been having fun playing with their cards at home, learning all about London from them.

The event also saw the launch of the Top Trump It App…. of course, in this day and age everything that’s worth anything has it’s own APP!!!! Fans can download the App for free from the app store for iOS 6 and use it to take photo’s and make their own cards and stats. You can choose your own themes, including the London Pack and then upload and share via Facebook, Twitter or email!

Top Trumps is a timeless game that has been around for almost 40 years now, I remember my brother having some packs of the cards when we were kids and my Teen used to play it too when he was a bit younger. It’s a game that the whole family can enjoy and as something that can be played without anything electrical being involved, it’s a breath of fresh air and should even be encouraged! It’s a great game for long journeys too or for taking on holiday.

Anyone can afford to pick up a packet, why not head out and start your collection today?

I was invited along to the Top Trumps event in exchange for an honest review




  1. What a lovely experience! I have only ever been to London once, and that was to the theatre so didn’t get the chance to exlplore

  2. I am hoping take the girls to London soon, will have to take a look at this package! Looks fun

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww it’s not a normal package! This was an event for bloggers and press and their families organised by Top Trumps and their PR company! Not sure if there are similar tours, maybe there are xx

  3. That looks like an amazing day out! Love that you can get London Top Trumps now as well, I was planning on taking the kids on a London Public Transport adventure during the holidays and I think that might fit in nicely with it 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww thanks Lauren! It’s definitely a must do. I want to go back and stay in the hotel now… x

  4. I’m yet to make it up the shard, but your photos are breathtaking xb

  5. This looks like a fantastic event. Your photos are great x

  6. I love the look of these Top Trumps, must look out for them for my son.

  7. Looks like an awesome day out! You got some great photos too. I remember Top Trumps when I was a kid and havent heard of them in a while. Its great theyre still doing well in an age where everything is technology only it seems.

  8. Wow, wow and wow again. I have a London Mad Mini, so will be picking him up a set of London TT for our collection. What an experiance

  9. Awww look at them all now fab , loving the pictures .x

  10. cassfrugalfamily says

    We love Top Trumps and have loads of the packs – it’s our favourite train journey game 😉

  11. Fab post! I need to show it to my stepmother, she will be happy to take my brother there 🙂

  12. What a lovely day – I love BEING in London but detest the 2.5hr journey to GET there lol!

  13. I’m glad you had a great experience and so did the kids. I’ve never heard of that card game, but I think I’d like it, though not about London as I’m not from the UK. I’d love to visit the transportation museum though.

  14. Sounds like you had a really lovely day! The pics are amazing and so is the view! I would love to be able to see it for myself one day!

  15. I still haven’t visited the shard, the height kind of scares me a bit!

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