The Thermos Challenge

I love my hot drinks. I have to have my cup of tea or coffee when it’s time… I don’t want to have to wait for it. If I’m in a hurry to go out I will have to quickly make a cup to go and throw it in one of those portable cups. The one I had though wasn’t particularly good, it used to leak. Then I had another equally rubbish one which my Teen stole to use for college. He subsequently left it on the bus one time!

Therefore, I was delighted when Thermos recently got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try one of their new ’24hr keep hot or cold’ flasks… and they set me a challenge.

thermos flask

For a busy Mum like myself, to save precious time in the mornings…. they suggested I put the 24hr keeps drinks hot or cold claim to the test and make my morning hot drink the night before!

I normally have a cup of tea first thing in the morning, but sometimes I fancy a coffee so for the purpose of this review, I opted for coffee. I was also sent these yummy almond biscuits to eat with my coffee… very thoughtful of Thermos to send these over too!


Granted, I usually go to bed late so by the morning the coffee had only been in the Thermos flask around 8 hours but it was hot. Very hot, as though I’d just made it! I decided I would have another coffee mid morning and then one late in the afternoon… to really put it to the test!

It was still hot every time, even though I’d taken the lid off which allowed cold air in!


I love this flask and I’m so happy I have it. It does exactly what is says and honestly, I think I will use it regularly. I often do long car journeys, it will be perfect for those and also, if I’m out with Teen, who is a bit partial to a tea/coffee too, we can take it with us and save a few quid!

Additionally, I’m over the moon to have the one cup Thermos as well! Just look how super stylish this one is…


I’m very happy to declare that the lid is secure (a must but not always the case!), and has an easy, slide open drinking part. I love it! A very welcome addition to my kitchen and travels 🙂

The large Thermos Flask retails at around £30 and the smaller Thermos Mug is around £25. Available at all the usual outlets.

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