The Nouveau A-Lift Facial

One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to look further into the whole anti ageing thing. I’m now in my early forties (aargh) and I’ve noticed that my skin is changing. Rapidly.

I don’t have THAT many wrinkles… although the laughter lines are becoming a lot more prominent now, but I know that prevention is better than cure and that’s certainly true with anti ageing treatments. I need to start sooner rather than later, otherwise it might be too late to make a noticeable difference!

My main problem is jowls. I can see that they’re forming. My friends think I’m mad when I point them out, reassuring me that I haven’t got any. But I know they ARE there, if only the onset, and they’re only going to get worse from here on in.

I’ve actually researched the whole anti ageing issue intensively and the bottom line is, no one cream or potion is going to give you a miracle cure.

We know this.

If there was….. it would be worth millions and we’d all be climbing over ourselves to purchase it.

Simply looking after your skin is key. It’s easier said than done though with our busy lives but it really isn’t difficult, although I’m not a great advert for it… I have always been pretty lazy when it comes to skincare. When I can be bothered I make the effort, but I’ve often had nights where I go to bed in my make up… use baby wipes to wipe it off… or slap on any old moisturiser! I think we’re all guilty of that. When you’re young it doesn’t matter. It’s not until you really start to notice things changing that you get a reality check!

The most important thing you can do for your skin is keep it hydrated… ensuring you’re drinking enough fluids (preferably water) throughout the day, and using a good moisturizer. The moisturiser you use doesn’t have to expensive, this is a fact, but it should have an SPF. For older skin too, certain ingredients in the cream will help boost the skin so look for these. Peptides, vitamins, retinol, ceramides etc.

Then any help you can give your skin to speed up the collagen renewal process is a bonus!

That’s why I was so excited to receive an email asking if I’d like to try out the Nouveau A-Lift 30 minute Facial. It was as though they had read my mind…. I’d been wanting to try this kind of treatment for ages!

When reading up on the A-Lift Facial, it sounded like the perfect treatment for me.

‘The revolutionary skin health treatment proven to fight the signs of ageing! Nano-current technology works on a cellular level. This is an age reversal treatment that improves skin hydration, texture, muscle tone, fine lines and wrinkles by naturally producing more collagen. Developed by world renowned expert in the field of aesthetic sciences, this treatment is non-invasive, pain free, with no down time. Rejuvenates ageing cells to function as they did in their prime. Boosts cell’s energy levels (ATP) up to 500%. Reads the body’s own electrical currents and works with them.’

I believe this is the kind of thing you should be splashing your cash on. Rather than wasting money on expensive creams that feel nice and may provide that all important moisture, they aren’t going to deliver much in the way of results. My facial that I’d been invited to try would be carried out at a Harley Street clinic in Central London and with a cost price of £30 – it literally sounded too good to be true. I HAD to try it.

nouveau skin therapy

This is the pretty treatment room where I had my facial and below is my lovely therapist that would be administering it!

Immediately she made me feel relaxed and talked me through everything she was doing. We chatted lots and she was incredibly knowledgeable, not just about the Nouveau A-Lift, but about many other procedures and anti ageing skincare in general. I picked her brain continually!

nouveau skin therapy

The facial lasted around 30 minutes. It’s being hailed as the ‘lunch time facial’ as it’s so quick and easy to do with no down time at all.

This is the machine that provides the technical side. It looks a little bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect. But it’s completely safe and doesn’t hurt at all!

This type of treatment isn’t entirely new to me though, having tried one or two in the past that use probes to drive a current deep into the skin, but the Nouveau A-Lift uses new nano-current technology. The nano-currents work more naturally with the skin to increase Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) production in cells, promoting skin regeneration and improving overall skin health.

Nouveau A-Lift

I found the whole experience to be good and my skin definitely felt soft and hydrated afterwards. I was suffering with a cold on the day and my therapist said that because of the lymphatic drainage that this facial provides, it should help alleviate some of my cold symptoms. I certainly felt more alive afterwards! I’m convinced my wrinkles around my eyes were less noticeable, which makes sense as they were manipulated and smoothed out by the probes. I certainly had a ‘glow’.

I know these facials work best if you have them regularly so I hope to have a second treatment very soon. Even though this one was complimentary, for the purposes of review, I would happily pay the £30 for it. I’m not sure you can get any type of facial for as little as £30 anywhere these days, so to receive one with this type of technology is absolutely amazing!

Nouveau Skin also do the Dermatude facial treatment, which is slightly invasive, in that it uses tiny needles to deliver active serums into the skin. I’ve been told it’s not painful at all so I’m going to try this one soon which I’m very excited about. It’s a little bit more expensive but still below average at around £75. I will let you know how I get on with that!

I’m on a mission right now and I’d love you to share my skincare journey with me as I try to slow down the ageing process! I’m not looking for drastic results… I don’t want to look like I have a frozen face. I just want to find out if certain treatments work…

To find out where you can try the A-Lift, visit the Nouveau Skin website where you can locate a salon near you.

Part of the renowned Nouveau Beauty Group, Nouveau Skin Therapy focus on bringing the most effective, natural and scientific developments in anti-ageing skin rejuvenation to consumers and salons across the UK. Their revolutionary treatments create breathtaking results that have astounded and impressed the beauty industry, celebrities and journalists alike. The Nouveau Skin Therapy treatments and products are developed to target and achieve a wide range of skin goals and can help to overcome such issues as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven texture and skin tone, open pores, scaring, sagging skin and much more.
When skin starts to age (from mid 20’s upwards) the structure of the skin and underlying tissue deteriorates. It becomes less hydrated and there is a reduction in functionality resulting in reduced proteins such as collagen and elastin, the ‘scaffolding’ of facial tissue. These factors are manifested visually in sagging, thinner, loosened and wrinkled skin which is less capable of protecting itself. Thanks to the innovative science behind A-LIFT, these effects of ageing can be reversed in a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that is proven to improve the skin’s structure resulting in a dramatic reduction in lines and wrinkles, firmer face and neck muscles, and healthier more youthful looking skin. Amazing results are noticeable after the first treatment and last up to six months with regular treatments. A-LIFT was developed by world-renowned expert in the field of aesthetic sciences, Ali Hussain, and is the only skin health treatment that uses nano-current technology to fi ght ageing at a cellular level. Since 1965, scientists have been studying the effects of electrical current stimulation on the body’s bioelectric system. Every human being has their own, individual electrical current running through their bodies which charges each cell’s battery. What we are referring to as ‘batteries’ is actually the energy source or ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) within the cell. ATP ‘fuels’ the cell giving it the energy needed to carry out normal cellular functions. Research has found that by externally applying currents that copy to the body’s electrical frequency, cells can be recharged, boosting ATP levels and triggering the rejuvenation process. A-LIFT is a technological breakthrough that automatically monitors and adjusts its output frequency 16 times a second to mimic your unique frequency, boosting the levels of ATP by as much as 500%. As our bodies generate new skin cells by dividing, each new cell is an exact copy of its ‘parent’. Therefore by boosting the ATP level of the ‘parent’ cell all subsequent cells duplicate it, maintaining the results for longer. A course of 8 – 10 treatments is recommended, ideally 1 – 2 per week until the course is complete. Each treatment achieves natural, subtle improvements with results building over time. Skin looks fresher, brighter, healthier and more youthful! To maintain treatment course results, 1 treatment every 4 – 6 weeks is suggested.


  1. Emma Fearn says

    This facial sounds incredible! You are right us women of a certain age do need to care for our skin. Lots of hydration keeps it plump and healthy looking.

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