The Minions at the BT Tower!

Last week we were invited to celebrate the launch of The Minions coming to the BT Store. I was really looking forward to this because a) the kids and I hadn’t seen the Minions movie… it was one of those we kept saying we’d go to the cinema to see but didn’t get round to and b) it was at the BT Tower!

It was an early start but I knew it would be worth it. And I was right.

bt tower

As we approached the BT Tower, the kids were excited but a little apprehensive about going up so high! But once we entered the building and went through security, which was similar to an airport check in, they spotted Bob, Stuart and Kevin and all their worries disappeared!

minions bt tower

We had some croissants, juice and coffee (for me), before heading to the private screening room to watch The Minions movie!

minions bt tower

The film was fantastic. It got off to a slow start but really gained pace. The kids loved it, lots of silly Minion-y capers! The plot is about life for the Minions pre Gru (their Master in the Despicable Me movies). It shows us how they were searching for a Master and found themselves involved with the nasty, but brilliant Scarlett Overkill! Cue a journey to London and meeting a young Queen Elizabeth! It really is a funny film… for me, I loved the Queen and all the Englishness, especially when they’re driving through London’s streets in the Queens carriage and end up swinging over the Thames… classic! The kids of course laughed out loud at the carnage and loved the super cuteness of the Bob, Stuart and Kevin.

The Minions movie definately got a thumbs up from us!

As if that wasn’t enough though, as part of our day at the BT Tower, we were being treated to lunch in the famous revolving 34th floor at the top of the tower! How exciting! We zoomed up in the lift which flies at 7 metres per second, and 20 seconds later (after some ear popping on the way) we reached the 34th floor and were greeted by the Minions again!

Minions BT

The views were breathtaking! It felt amazing to be at the top, overlooking beautiful London. I love London and would never tire of these views. I did a few laps of the floor to really take it all in!

views from bt tower

I’ve been lucky enough to go to the top of The Shard and that too has breathtaking views, but it’s almost twice the height of the BT Tower, therefore everything is tiny when you look out.

Here at the top of the BT Tower, even though it’s ridiculously high, you can see everything much clearer; the streets, the parks and even people going about their business! The skies cleared too as the morning wore on which made the viewing even better!

the bt tower

There were a number of activities laid on for the kids get involved with, including face painting, nail decorating, colouring in and balloon making!

minions bt tower

My children had a blast! Then it was lunch time. We were treated to a delicious buffet followed by desserts, all served and consumed whilst the room was revolving at 158 meters high! We were all fascinated by this, especially my little H! The room takes 22 minutes to do a full revolution!

bt tower revolving floor

We stayed and enjoyed the event as long as we could! It’s fair to say we were the last ones to leave. Opportunities like this don’t come around often so we, ok I, made the most of it!

After receiving their goody bags to take home and saying goodbye to everyone and the BT Tower itself, I reminded the children how lucky they were to go to inside and to the top of this very famous London landmark. Not many kids can say they’ve done that!

They were very happy indeed! 🙂

The Minions is out now to watch on the BT Store!


  1. What fun and such a special memory to treasure, we love minions too and the movie is such fun, after reading this I would love to visit the BT tower too.

  2. looks really fun

  3. Looked amazing, I wish I would of gone. My boys also both minion mad. hope you all had fun.xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sounds like you had a fab time! What amazing views! xx

  5. This would be my grandsons idea of heaven, sounds like you all had an amazing time x

  6. Looks like you all had fun. Wonderful family day out.

  7. This looks like such a great day out and I bet the views were amazing!

  8. Catherine Bell says

    Love the minions, look great 🙂

  9. Megan Kinsey says

    I love the minions films 🙂 This sounds like a fantastic day – the masks are ace!

  10. clair brown says

    What a fab day out, looks like great fun

  11. Maria Hackett says

    wow!!! looks so much fun. My little daughter would love this.. and I would LOVE to go to top of the Shard!!! Looks breath taking xx

  12. We loved the Minion movie too. It was one of our favourite films of the year and it’s great it is now out on DVD. It looks like you had a fun day out – very jealous!

  13. This looks like it was a really fun day out!!

  14. Wow! This looks like such a fab day. Like you say, what a great opportunity (Entry for #WinChristmas) xxx

  15. Angie Poulding says

    My boys would love this. So much fun x

  16. looks like a fab time was had by all, we LOVE minions!

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