The Lego Batman Movie UK Premiere

Lego Batman Movie Premiere

Last weekend we were invited to the amazing Imax cinema Leicester Square, London, to see the highly anticipated new Lego Batman Movie!

My twin boys were beyond excited at the prospect….. I mean really, what child (especially boys) isn’t going to get hysterical about a film that combines the cooler than cool Batman, but also their favourite toy, Lego?! Yes, this film was destined to appeal to every single kid (and big kid) in the whole entire world!

We arrived in Leicester Square at the Imax and there was a little press area outside for photo’s which we made use of ūüėČ this led inside where there was fun in the foyer! There were snacks and drinks (the coffee went down very well on this Sunday morning!) and entertainers on hand in the shape of face painters, illustrators and circus skills artists!



After having a mooch round we headed to our allocated screening room to grab some seats! The Imax is a great cinema with those magnificent screens and luxury seating with plenty of leg room. It’s such a treat coming here!

lego batman movie premiere

We couldn’t wait for the film to start!

legobatman movie

lego batman movie review

Right from the start, the very first scenes brought action and suspense, with Batman being everyone’s dream Superhero…. oozing charisma, immense bravery, confidence and almighty wit to save the day! So much craziness and fun is piled into the first few minutes! I glanced sideways at my twins who were literally on the edge of their seats almost shaking with excitement!

We are introduced to Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker, early on and it’s their relationship that provides the backbone of the storyline!

the joker lego batman movie mummy endeavours

The film pokes fun at the whole Superhero thing! The main characters, Batman and The Joker in particular are massively over characterised and send themselves up throughout the film, which is hilarious!

Batman is voiced by Will Arnettt. It’s an extreme, gravelly growl, similar to Christian Bales’ but deeper! This amused me so much but it’s absolutely perfect! We learn that, although he’s an utterly amazing superhero and great at keeping Gotham City out of the hands of the bad guys, Batman is a little complacent and still a loner. He’s completely self absorbed and has no time for anyone else in his life… apart from of course, his guardian and butler, Albert! This aspect makes for a funny scene when, despite his immense wealth and supersonic Bat Cave (the vast array on Batvehicles kept here is mind boggling…. another feast for the eyes of little AND big kids!), Batman still sits eating a microwave dinner for one and laughs at soppy movies!

That’s all set to change though as he reluctantly, and in some cases, unwittingly, allows people into his life, who in turn help him in his bid to save Gotham City from the clutches of the conniving Joker once again!

I admit to being blown away by the sheer scale of this film and the attention to detail animation wise. The whole world is made out of Lego and not in any place did we forget, Every single tiny ‘brick’ had a use… this fascinated me. The huge wide angled sweeping camera scenes were just visually breath taking. There was so much content in this film, from the detail in the backdrops to the incredible dialogue.

The dialogue was what made this film stand out!

I’ve said this about a number of kids films before, when there’s been added content placed in a kids film purely for the adults that take the kids to watch. But the script for this Lego Batman movie was on a whole new out of this world level! It was pure genius. The jokes and references came thick and fast, with much of it going over kids’ heads of course… but they were more than satisfied with the action and fun bits… the adults in the audience with us at this press showing were all equally as appreciative of the humour, laughing out loud and enjoying every second!

I love the fact that Batgirl is in this movie too…. something for the little girls out there! She really proves to be a great character and role model too!

We all loved this film. My twins said their favourite bit was when Batman sang a song, which I have to admit was very funny! I haven’t seen them this excited about a film upon leaving the cinema for a long time. They could NOT stop talking about it and have asked if we can see it over and over again!

All three of my children said they thought it was much better than the first Lego movie, and they enjoyed that so this MUST be good!

It’s a fantastic film, funny, intelligent and very clever. ¬†Definitely not to be missed. Highly recommend. 10/10.

The Lego Batman Movie is released throughout the UK on 10th February!

Here’s a little taster…..


  1. I bet that was great fun, going to try to go next week.

  2. I really want to see this movie. Have a feeling I’ll have to wait until it’s released to watch at home. But I’m still going to Legoland for Lego Batman month.

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