The Lego Batman DVD & Toys Launch Party

A little while ago we headed into London early on a Saturday morning for a very special event! My kids like a lie in at the weekend so if they say they’re up for getting up early, then it must be for something REALLY good!

The Oxo Tower on the South Bank was the exact location…. the weather was beautiful and no matter how many times we’ve hung out on the South Bank, we still love to just admire the views!

South Bank London

The launch party was with non other than Warner Bros. and Lego, to celebrate the release of the Lego Batman moDVD. We saw the Lego Batman Movie at the cinema and absolutely loved it, it’s absolutely brilliant. So this was very exciting! We also got a sneaky peak at the brand new Lego Batman toys to accompany the release!

There are big toys and figures, as well as amazing new costumes!

lego batman toys

The Lego Batman building sets are just stunning, as you would expect! Some were all laid out on a table and my twins were admiring them closely! Some of their favourites being…

The Two Face Double Demolition set…

lego batman movie toys

lego batman toys

The Batwing….

lego batman toys

lego batman

And the Ultimate Batmobile….

There was lots of fun to be had at the launch party. Games, dressing up and meeting some characters from the movie! Hook a duck proved fun AND productive…. my kids won lots of Lego goodies which meant of course they wanted to go back for more…..

hook a duck

Rubbing shoulders with Batman and Batgirl…..

And enjoying lots of yummy food, including ice cream!

We had a great morning, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very lucky to receive a goodie bag upon leaving which included some more Lego Batman sets AND the DVD! Awesome!

Thank you so much Warner Bros and Lego 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh!
    B would have so loved this, he is a huge fan of Lego at the moment.

    I’m being forced to build it though ahaha

  2. Looks like great fun. We’re still at the Duplo stage but I’m this will be a hit in years to come.

  3. This looks fab and I can see why your little ones enjoyed it! My girls are a bit too young for Lego at the moment but I have such fond memories of
    Playing with it. X

  4. WOW! This looks amazing. Lucas has recently become obsessed with lego and duplo and enjoys batman so he’d really love this.

  5. We absolutely loved this film and my one year old is obsessed with batmans voice!!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Lego is something that keeps my kids entertained for hours although I will have to interfere to resolve some conflicts in building what they actually wanted to, to what they really built 🙂

  7. My son loves lego batman bless him. The launch looked fab and I love the pictures. xx

  8. A wonderful day out with the kids and a lovely view from where you were

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