The #BratzAreBack

The Bratz Dolls are back and they’re better than ever! Bratz have been around before but recently went off the radar and made way for other new brands to muscle in on the fashion doll scene….. but now they’re back on the scene, ready to reclaim their number one spot!

I took my daughter along to the fabulous unveiling event, as she’s a massive fashion doll fan, she loves nothing more than playing with her own collection, changing clothes, doing their hair etc….. but she doesn’t have any Bratz dolls so she was especially keen to check them out!

Bratz are backIt was all very top secret when we first walked in…. ready for the unveiling!

Bratz have been relaunched with a new look and an ethos that engages with today’s girl. The core Bratz dolls return… Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha but this time they have a new best friend too, Raya.

What struck me first of all when we were introduced to the dolls for the first time, was the fact that they were so very hip and now! These were dolls made with today’s modern girl firmly in mind!

Not only were there dolls to suit girls from different ehtnic backgrounds (who wants all blonde haired blue eyed dolls anyway?)… they were super fashionable and each had modern day lives and used modern day tech! Including mobile phones & accessories! Love it!

Bratz ‘Hello My Name Is’ reintroduces the core Bratz friends each with an iconic outfit that showcases their individual personalities along with a number of accessories true to their interests and hobbies.

Bratz-SimonJacobsMy daughter’s favourite doll in the collection, Cloe (Photo Credit Simon Jacobs)

bratz dollsHere’s my girl with a life size Cloe!

Bratz #SelfieSnaps lets fans get to know the Bratz friends via their selfie snap styles and fun emoji icons. Each doll comes with tech-inspired accessories, their own smartphone and 2 phone cases. We loved these… such a good idea!

bratzAll kids nowadays love a Selfie and these photo booths are all the rage at teenagers parties (I know because my teenage boy has attended lots this year!) – All these accessories are just so cleverly thought out! 

Bratz Fierce Fitness showcases Bratz’s healthy hobbies in a fashionable and fun way. Hit the trails with Cloe in her visor, backpack and binoculars or revv for a race with Jade and her sports bag, comb and hydration bottle. Anything that gets kids thinking about fitness is a definite bonus!

bratzYasmin is channeling her inner namaste with a yoga mat and gear

Bratz Study Abroad explores incredible countries around the world.

bratz dollsThe long hair on this doll caught my daughter’s attention!

Each doll in this range adopts the culture’s traditional fashion and style elements into their own wardrobe!

Bratz #SnowKissed celebrates Bratz’s love for fun winter activities. Each Bratz comes ready to hit the slopes in stylish snow gear including an après ski outfit, hot cocoa mug and a sticker sheet to customise their snowboards, sleds or skis.

bratz dollsHow cool is she?

Another great thing about Bratz I noticed was the new line of outfits! I remember when we could buy just outfits for Barbie and Sindy, something that you can’t do anymore. If you want a new outfit, you usually have to buy a new doll! Silly really. So being able to buy just the outfits for Bratz is brilliant… girls will love buying ‘new clothes’ for their favourite doll!

bratzLoving that you change the whole foot here and not just the shoes!

Some of the dolls come with a whole bunch of accessories already. We thought this sleepover and make over set was awesome!

bratzI think any little girl will be absorbed in this set for hours!

The whole event was a super fun-filled day out! My daughter and I had a mooch round and got our hair braided at the Braiding Bar upstairs! AND there was the opportunity to actually make your own lipstick! I let my daughter do this…. she has even pretended to do this at home by melting crayons (not advisable and the result of watching too many You Tube videos!). But her lipstick here turned out amazing, great colour on her 😉

bratz event

I even became a Bratz doll myself in this fun selfie booth….


A wonderful day was had by all! A fab event to showcase some fab dolls!

The concept for Bratz was to ‘create a diverse doll collection that would resonate with girls all over the world in a way that was not available before. The new Bratz collection empowers girls to create their own worlds through creative play across multiple platforms. From the actual dolls and fashion accessories, to immersive digital content and engaging webisodes, the new Bratz line will inspire girls of all ages to creatively express themselves in both the physical and virtual worlds’.

My daughter was even lucky enough to receive her very own doll….

bratzYasmin #SelfieSnaps


Yasmin #SelfieSnaps is very pretty, she has beautiful big brown eyes and luscious long brown hair, with a few pink highlights thrown in!

She has movable limbs and fun accessories… my daughter absolutely loved the little phone and case, very cool she thought. I also asked her what she liked about the doll and she said that Bratz feel different to her other fashion dolls. Her limbs are more rubbery, rather than hard plastic which means she feels softer and smoother to play with. My daughter is also a fan of the huge shoes!

bratz dolls

Bratz are available now at Argos and from all good retailers from August 31.


  1. My niece loves Bratz so she will be more than chuffed about this x

  2. Looks like a fun event! My 9 year old isn’t into Bratz so our house hasn’t been invaded by them…….yet!

  3. They are still pretty ugly! I much prefer the more natural dolls like Lottie

  4. Looks like a great event and you all had a good time 🙂

  5. Oh wow I had no idea Bratz were still going, what a fun looking event 🙂 x

  6. Ah wow look at that photobooth, very cool

  7. Your daughter looks super excited with her life sized doll and I love your photo as a doll!!

  8. My Granddaughter loves Bratz dolls too x

  9. The accessories look fantastic!! I think they may have more shoes than I do.

    Loving the selfie pic xx

  10. They’ve had quite the makeover the fold ~ a firm favourite with kids

  11. this is world away from me as I have a little boy but with a girl due and knowing how much I loved toys like this as a child I’m sure it won’t be long until we are immersed in this world! x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww it will be amazing for you to do all the ‘girl’ things this time round! I went pink mad when my daughter was born! hehe x

  12. I remember Bratz being not very nice looking dolls, but these look better

  13. oh we love bratz and my three girls have lots of them

  14. This is a whole world I know nothing about, having boys!

  15. karaguppy2015 says

    I have to admit I find them rather disturbing looking but I can see why young girls like them

  16. I can imagine that they went down very well – I would have loved that when I was a child.

  17. oh no, not more dolls for my daughter to collect 😉 haha

  18. What a great event – my daughter would absolutely love to get her hands on these!

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