Tena Lady and the Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercise

Any woman that’s gone through pregnancy and antenatal classes will know all about pelvic floor exercises. It’s drummed into us how important doing them is, to strengthen up the pelvic floor muscles as the whole pregnancy and giving birth procedure substantially weakens this area.

I remember my antenatal classes when I was pregnant with Teen, which was a long time ago now really. Sixteen years! But I’ll never forget being informed and ‘practicing’ the pelvic floor exercises we learned in class!  Ha, I remember it being rather embarrassing as we all sat there, counting and doing them all together!

I’ve no idea if they teach the same way now, I didn’t return for antenatal classes for my subsequent children…. it wasn’t necessary, but whenever I do them now, which isn’t that often as I just forget…. I do them as I was taught back then!

Do you do your pelvic floor exercises? If you do, how regularly? Are they part of your daily routine?

They should be.

Tena Lady Did you know that bladder weakness is more common than hay fever in the UK? Over 9 million people experience it.

62% of women (that’s more than 1 in 2) experience light bladder weakness and it presents itself when we do every day things such as laughing, coughing or exercising. It’s more common in women that smoke and during pregnancy, obviously.

1 in 4 women say they have NEVER practiced pelvic floor exercises. 1 in 2 rarely practice them and 5% don’t even know what their pelvic floor is!

Even though women who have been through pregnancy and childbirth are more likely to suffer with bladder weakness, it’s not restricted to this group, as the percentages above show. It’s extremely common for women to have these little ‘oops moments’, we need to get over the embarrassment and accept it’s all a part of getting older!

A couple of weeks ago, a handful of bloggers and press were invited along to a Hot Yoga session in London, by ‘Lights by Tena’ to learn all about how they are trying to help women in this area. They want to get the message across of how important pelvic floor exercising is.

We all joined in the Yoga session, which I have to say I was looking forward to. I haven’t done yoga for years, I think the last time I did it I laughed the whole time, so probably didn’t get as much out of it as I should have! And to try ‘Hot Yoga’ was even better. We have a studio literally round the corner from where we live and I’ve often thought about giving it a try….

tena lady hot yoga

It took place in this hot yoga ‘Pod’ which was on the roof  of a building in Hackney, East London. This particular day was icy cold, snowing slightly in the morning, but the pod was gorgeously warm inside. The idea is that the warmth relaxes the body and muscles, making the yoga stretches easier.

Hmm, well it’s fair to say, we all found the session rather difficult, being beginners, but we did have lots of fun and it does give an amazing workout. Yoga is all about strengthening and posture, which makes it very good for the pelvic floor, as you are constantly lifting up and pulling in! But the main reason we were there was to discuss bladder weakness.

According to a survey, bladder weakness is the biggest worry for mums and pregnant women, with over half labelling it as a ‘taboo’ subject, saying they’d rather go without makeup for a week than talk about it!

That’s why Lights by Tena want to raise awareness and spread the word that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. They’ve also developed this new range which is a collection of ultra thin, discreet liners for women who are starting to experience little leaks.

Lights by Tena

These protective liners are purpose made, especially designed for this type of leakage and are very different to the usual sanitary wear designed for periods. They absorb much faster, leaving you feeling drier and fresher. With 62% of women having occasional ‘oops moments’, it’s staggering that 70% of them are using something that wasn’t designed to deal with this problem. You can wear Lights by Tena discreetly, giving you the confidence to get on with your day without worrying.

What more, because ‘Lights by Tena’ know how important the pelvic floor exercises are for women (it can radically improve symptoms) and how most of us forget to do them, they have brought out this super fantastic new App to give us a little reminder! How cool is that?

tena lady app

The App is free and is totally brilliant. I think it’s such a good idea. Bladder weakness won’t get better on it’s own, it will gradually get worse. You need to take action NOW and stop putting it off.

Strengthening the pelvic floor during pregnancy can even prevent weakness occurring, so it’s imperative you remember to do those exercises. Download that App today…..

You can read more about the app here.

For more information about bladder weakness visit the Lights by Tena website. You can also try a free packet of Lights by Tena.. all you need to do is fill in your details and they’ll send you some out, in plain packaging, obvs!


  1. Pelvic Floor muscles! I’m clenching as I type! Hotpod Yoga! I’ve heard so much about it. It sounds amazing. Definitely something I’ll be giving a try.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      The yoga was fab, I can really see how doing it regularly can huge benefits…. must book myself in for more sessions!

  2. Ahem, thanks for the reminder!

    It’s not something I’ve suffered from thank goodness, so I should really carry on with the exercises I guess!

  3. I’m just back from my yoga session – I go twice a week and love it. Not tried hot yoga though.

  4. I had TVT bladder surgery – best thing I ever did for myself 🙂 no more tena lady!!

  5. I need to be honest it wasnt something I gave much thought to until recently. I have started doing my exercises more often x

  6. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Oooh Hotpod Yoga sounds very interesting – I like the sound of it x x x

  7. I was paranoid about this I spent all my pregnancies doing them and then had sections!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      It’s not just giving birth that weakens the pelvic floor, just the weight of a pregnancy is enough. x

  8. yes pelvic floor is so improtant! thanks for all the info!

  9. I need to start Yoga as my inner core is shot to pieces – looks like a fun afternoon even if it was hard work

  10. I’ve been meaning to look for a yoga class to go to with my daughter – you’ve reminded me that I need to get on with it.

  11. Admittedly this has gone right over my head 😉

  12. I love that there is an app x

  13. I really must do more work on my pelvic floor

  14. cherishedbyme says

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to this event but any encouragement after five children gratefully received…the app sounds like a great idea

  15. I am gutted i so wanted to make this event it sounds like it was really helpful and great fun too x

  16. I’m guilty of never doing it.
    No accidents but I really should remember to start shouldn’t I

  17. Great tips and I agree, pelvic floor exercises are so important. Like the sound of the yoga class!

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