Teenagers at Next and Gift Card Giveaway

I don’t think there’s a single person in the Country that doesn’t shop at Next, especially if you have kids. Always something suitable whenever you nip into the store for any occasion, and the Next Directory catalogue is always an enjoyable experience to browse with a cuppa whenever we get 5 minutes… I especially love to peruse the homewares pages, dreaming of new things for when our home is finally finished with building work!Β The website too is extremely stylish and very easy to navigate, making shopping at Next so simple, however you choose to do it!

I use the Next Online Directory often, and not just because they have a lot more choice, or that they deliver the next day (which is amazing isn’t it?), but because I have a Teenager!

My 15 yr old son always wants new clothes, he’s at that age where a) he’s growing at a rate of knots and b) he has a busier social life than me so doesn’t want to be seen wearing the same item of clothing TOO often!! Get HIM! IΒ too would LOVE to be wearing something new every time I left the house but unfortunately, unless I win the lottery, that’s never gonna happen!

It’s difficult to find clothes for kids once they reach a certain age. Many shops either think kids suddenly fit into adult clothes from age 8 or their clothes for the older child are so frumpy and unfashionable that no child would want them anyway!

Not so at Next.

I love that all their fab clothes can be bought in bigger sizes. It can be difficult to know what to buy for the older child as they don’t want babyish and they definitely don’t want to wear the same type of clothes as their parents, teenagers are often awkward and contrary so having somewhere easy to buy up to the minute, high fashion clothes for teenagers is a god send.

My son is very tall for his age so he’s in the last child sizes now in Next (16) and he does wear mens clothes too, but lets face it, we pay adult prices for adult clothes so it’s much more economical to buy clothes from the kidswear department πŸ˜‰

He’s very picky, but with Next I can be sure he will like pretty much anything.Β He ONLY wears Next school trousers for example… if I so much as dare to buy him a pair from anywhere else I will get that look that says…. ‘what? You actually expect me to wear those?!’

These are the ones he likes, this picture doesn’t actually do them justice but they’re smart jean style trousers that don’t look ‘schooly’ and they fit him beautifully:

Teen is very into skinny jeans at the moment, rolled up to show his socks and trainers (?) and I recently bought him this pair…

The chinos range is also a big hit with Teen, he has a few pairs… well they ARE so reasonably priced!

The extensive shoe range at Next too means he is sure to find something he likes. They do all the branded trainers etc which is obviously very important to a teenager, in fact Next have a large number of branded clothes too for the label loving adolescent! We buy Teens school shoes in Next, albeit from the Men’s section as he’s a size 10, but the kids shoes do go up to size 8 which is great.


If you don’t use the Next Directory or the online store, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the childrens clothes come in larger sizes because in the high street Next stores they stop at age 12 but there is so much in the older childrens range and like I said, a LOT cheaper than buying adult sizes. There’s also the option of spreading the cost, making the purchase of a pair of trainers like these, which most teenagers are into right now, a bit more bearable!

On that note, here at mummy Endeavours, I am giving away a Β£50 Next Gift Card for you to spend in store or online, so why not enter via Rafflecopter for you chance of winning!

Black Gift Card

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Leanne B says

    I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child so would love to get some nice sleep suits & a few other new things in preparation for the new arrival.

  2. Emma Ellison says

    Shorts for my kids for the summer x

  3. melanie stirling says

    So many things to choose from but probably some jeans and a shirt for my eldest son as he really needs them.

  4. Clothes for the girls to wear for naming ceremony

  5. my eldest keep sprouting out of things so would love to get her some new summer clothes…. if we ever see a summer!

  6. I’d get one or two really nice summer dresses for Amy or a new handbag x

  7. Next is fantastic for buying clothes as presents for kids πŸ™‚

  8. It would be on the kids, they keep growing! So always need to get more clothes πŸ™‚

  9. I’d love to win the Next voucher, I’d spend it on some pretty summer dresses for my daughter, or perhaps a brand new bedding set for her new big girls bedroom!

  10. kim plant says

    new summer wear for my first holiday this year x

  11. Summer wear!

  12. I’d treat my hubby to some new clothes. He’s having a rough time at the moment, so he will appreciate a treat.

  13. olivia280177 says

    My eldest boy is 12 and is getting really tall, think he could do with a couple of new things

  14. on some quality baby clothes

  15. Stephanie Boulton says

    A new bag

  16. i really need a new coat.

  17. Leanne Lunn says

    I would spend it on some little summer dresses for my little girl

  18. Summer clothes for my son! πŸ™‚

  19. I would spend half on a new dress for me and half on my daughter!

  20. Tracy K Nixon says

    My sister is getting married this Summer. I already have a dress I could wear but my four little ones need something nice to wear! Thank you!

  21. Tracey Peach says

    I would spend the Next Gift Card On A Lovely New Bag Or Shoes xxx

  22. Tracy Sinclair says

    I would probably spend it on a few pretty outfits for my granddaughter x

  23. Cristina T says

    Jeans, shirts.

  24. adele leek says

    I have two teens so i would buy jeans for my son, leggings and top for Chloe. That’s something for each of them πŸ™‚

  25. sarah evans says

    some new summer clothes for my son

  26. Chris davies says

    Something colourful for summer wear

  27. anthony fisher says

    i would buy a new summer jacket

  28. jeans

  29. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything new so a little treat for me and something for my nieces! πŸ™‚

  30. A pressie for my husband and a treat for the children

  31. Jeremy Allison says

    My little boy would be very happy and proud to get a new set of smart clothes for the summer!

  32. clair downham says

    some new summer clothes for my chidren

  33. I would get my granddaughter some summer clothes

  34. Sophie Simpson says

    Slippers and a summer top.

  35. janet robertson says

    I’d buy some nice summer clothes for myself

  36. clair dutton says

    summer clothes for my son

  37. Nicola Lynch says

    Some smart clothes for my toddler for the summer.

  38. Mary Heald says

    Towels- I always need them!

  39. Sarah Turner says

    Yes please!!! Currently renovating entire house and expecting baby number two – NEXT vouchers would be a dream right now.

  40. maybe some new sandals for summer

  41. Helen Porter says

    I would put it towards a new outfit each for my boys

  42. Susan lloyd says

    New swimming costumes for my 3 girls

  43. Maybe some nice heels, or something from the home section!

  44. would be a gift for my niece for her Easter

  45. a pair of black boots for the missus πŸ™‚

  46. cute clothes for my 7 month old son

  47. I love the boys t shirts with slogans on them

  48. Summer T’s probably

  49. I’d buy my niece a new outfit for her birthday x

  50. kristin burdsall says

    Jeans for my ever growing 14yr old son!

  51. Louise Reynolds says

    I need to by some new clothes due to losing 4 stone!

  52. Hazel Hulson says

    I am desperate for some new clothes as always get my kids clothes but no money left for me badly need a summer update as my clothes very worn.


    i love next clothes especially the tops, knitwear and jackets


    My daughter needs some new school shoes for after the Easter term, so this would pay for them and some new underwear.

  55. Monika S says

    My 10 years old son grows so quickly now that I need a whole new wardrobe for him

  56. This would get my son and daughter some cool threads πŸ˜‰

  57. Rey Chunara says

    Some new accesories for summer

  58. I usually buy clothes for my son whenever we go to Next however, we moved house and have just redecorated and I bought some cushions from Next recently and I would love to get the rug to match for my living room.

  59. vicky varley says

    I would spend it on my son on some new summer clothes.

  60. Hannah Lord says

    I would buy my girls a lovely summer dress each πŸ™‚

  61. Some new work clothes as I have a job interview next week & fingers crossed I get the job πŸ™‚
    rafflecopter id – Laura Caraher

  62. I love Next jeans – so jeans!

  63. Some new shoes πŸ™‚

  64. Katherine L says

    I’d love to treat my husband to some new jeans .. he hasn’t bought a new pair in longer than I can remember!

  65. I’d love some new shoes!

  66. amy gonzalez says

    I’d put it towards some new bedding

  67. Liam Bishop says

    Smaller clothes now the dieting is having an effect!

  68. I’d spend it on some clothes for my daughters

  69. Definitely some new clothes for summer, maybe a few nice dresses, i’ve just lost 9lbs so need some things to fit now πŸ™‚ x

  70. stacy sorrell says

    id love a new summer dress, ive dropped from a size 22 to a 16 since last summer, and dont have any pretty summer clothes (pretty sure my little girl will get a treat too πŸ™‚ as always )

  71. Lynsey Mackintosh says

    Would love to treat myself to some nice new summer clothes

  72. Kirsteen Mackay says

    Jeans for my 7 year old

  73. Some new jeans shorts and top for my son and a top for myself for holiday

  74. Chris Davies says

    A new pair of jeans for me please!

  75. Isabell Whitenstall says

    Something for my grandchildren

  76. Anthony G says

    New undies are really needed right now!

  77. mark sorrell says

    some new jeans for my nephew, hes growing so fast

  78. jodie yorke says

    i would buy baby clothes as i am having a baby xxx

  79. John Ettery says

    I would buy some swimshorts and some ordinary shorts, as I’m off to sunny Greece next month

  80. I nice work skirt and shirt for summer πŸ™‚

  81. Some new Bras

  82. kellyjo walters says

    summer shoes for me

  83. Keri Jones says

    We have just moved so I would like some new bedding & covers πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway x

  84. nicola clarkson says


  85. laura jayne bates says

    a new outfit for my daughter

  86. I have my eye on some ripped boyfriend jeans from Next at the minute πŸ™‚

  87. I’d buy myself so,e post maternity clothes..

  88. Stuff for my new kitchen

  89. Some summer weather romper suits for my baby boy

  90. stacy taylor says

    some decent shoes for my daughter

  91. Joanne Welsh says

    I would start buuying christmas gifts lol

  92. sarah bourner says

    my granddaughter islas first birthday presents and a little something for her sister so shes not left out πŸ™‚

  93. My little boys growing so fast and is in need of some nice summer shorts and tees πŸ™‚

  94. Michelle Austin says

    I need new clothes. All mine are getting holes in them because I never go clothes shopping – mainly because I can’t afford it.

  95. I would take my granddaughter on a shopping spree and let her choose whatever she wants.

  96. MARK THOMAS says

    Some baby clothes for twins due soon

  97. Lynsey Buchanan says

    I would treat my daughter to some new clothes

  98. Steven Lane says

    Some new clothes for my daughter daisy.

  99. I would put it away to go towards next school years uniform

  100. Kevin Eley says

    Some summer clothes for the kids

  101. michele omalley says

    An outfit for my new grandchild

  102. clothes for my niece and nephews

  103. A pair of new shoes

  104. claire matthews-curtis says

    A summer outfit for my daughter, she deserves a treat. Fab competition x

  105. Sara Davis says

    Some new clothes for summer πŸ™‚

  106. Some new clothes and summer shoes for my 4 y/o

  107. vicki hennie says

    Swim wear for my 2 children x

  108. elaine dale says

    clothes for our grand-kids

  109. Sharon Griffin says

    i would treat my son to some new clothes for summer x

  110. My teenage daughter would have a ball spending this xx

  111. Julie Fisher says

    new summer tops

  112. ann clements says

    clothes for my great nephew

  113. Carolynn Woodland says

    I would like a nice summer dress

  114. Paula Hambly says

    Could really do with some summer shorts and tops!

  115. RAJ SANDHU says

    My grandma loves my new handbag that I got from Next, so I would use it to get her one too, the one she has is ancient!

  116. Jane Green says

    A summer jacket for my son

  117. I would love a Next voucher, I haven’t had a job since last July and when I start my new one soon I could buy an outfit to impress.

  118. I would spend it on new cushions mine are past there best

  119. Valerie Harbut says

    Holiday wardrobe for my daughter.

  120. Tracey niwas says

    Still need summer clothes for little man x

  121. some clothes for my three year old.

  122. Susan Laing says

    I’d buy myself something nice, lost my job a while ago and have been really struggling to get by so it would be nice to have a treat.

  123. Michael Clyma says

    Some nice pj’s for my wife

  124. laura stewart says

    i love to get some new bedding

  125. Laura Oxley says

    Some of their lovely homeware range πŸ™‚

  126. Some new clothes for summer!

  127. I would give it to my son. Even though he’s 22, he has no job at present and finding things tough (like a lot of people). He needs it more than me.

  128. Some decent jeans

  129. janet2009 says

    So much choice, but I would be selfish and buy myself some stylish jeans (I rarely treat myself)

  130. I have a list I’m working through.. next will be the bathroom accessories so really hope I win!

  131. Some new shoes for work

  132. zoe bryan says

    i would give it to my 15 year old to buy something she wanted πŸ˜€

  133. cherie shaw says

    I would spend it on summer clothes for my son’s πŸ™‚

  134. Simon Fullard says

    a nice new belt

  135. karen cowley says

    Some new clothes , i have lost 2 stone and desperate for some new clothes xx

  136. amy neave says


  137. liz ferguson says

    New bedding

  138. samantha price says

    some new clothes for my grandson

  139. Neil Firth says

    I’d have to hand the voucher over to my daughter, and let her choose

  140. i think i would use it for my grandchildren x

  141. Janine Phillips says

    Some nice clothes for my grandchildren x

  142. Debra Baxter says

    I’d love a new pair of boots.

  143. Some new jeans for the little one

  144. Some new jeans as mine are all on the way out.

  145. Diane Carey says

    a nice handbag for best

  146. I’d spend it on my 17mo! Or maybe on bump! x

  147. sarah rees says

    id buy some summery clothes for the kids

  148. John Taggart says

    A new pair of shoes

  149. Hmmm a new dress methinks

  150. I’d spend them on my home. I’m currently trying to redecorate it from top-to-bottom x

  151. Some summer clothes would be really nice

  152. Kevin Honey says

    Clothes for my grandaughters

  153. I would give it to my Daughter Jessica as she is gettingmarried this year and she needssomenew clothes.

  154. Zoe Roxby says

    Some clothes for my boys but I would also have to get myself a bottle of NEXT just pink perfume I love that scent

  155. michelle banks says

    clothes for my grandaughter x

  156. some summer wear

  157. Nathan Webb says

    new jeans!

  158. Caroline Blaza says

    Something lovely and summery for both myself and my daughter

  159. Susan Sargent says

    Maybe jeans for myself,

  160. New boots.

  161. Nicola Robinson says

    A maxi dress

  162. Allan Wilson says

    New Jeans!

  163. my son starts school in september so school clothes would be great

  164. Some clothes and bits as gifts – I have a number of friends and family members who are expecting, or have just had, children.

  165. Anneka Hulse says

    I am a big fan of NEXT home ware so i would buy something for my home

  166. Sandra Lane says

    My daughter is 8 and already obsessed with bags and shoes so the voucher would be spent on these, I should think. (Maybe something little for me)

  167. felicity smith says

    some new work clothes

  168. John Jones says

    A new pair of trousers

  169. Clothes for my Daughter!

  170. hi i would spend some on my new grandson and a dress for my daughter x

  171. I would spend it on baby clothes for my pregnant best friend

  172. Michelle Wild says

    A linen dress

  173. Some lovely summer clothes for my toddler πŸ™‚

  174. NEXT have some wonderful home items I’d love.

  175. Rachel Craig says

    Clothes for Summer.

  176. christine szlobodnik says

    on summer clothes!

  177. clare houghton says

    I love the boys combat shorts and trousers

  178. jamie banks says

    jeans x

  179. Ian Barnes says

    a new outfit for my son

  180. Kay panayi says

    Something for me now I’m losing my baby belly

  181. Babywear.

  182. Amanda Philp says

    My little girl is expected in July so i would get some outfits for her, Next have a beautiful denim dress set i have my eye on πŸ™‚

  183. Definitely spoil the rest of the family (for a change). :

  184. NEXT have some gorgeous summer dresses in at the moment, so it’d be a dress and some accessories to match

  185. clothes for my children

  186. Amanda Graham says

    It would have to be some nice summer holiday clothes!

  187. New clothes for myself and partner πŸ™‚

  188. Deb Alexander says

    Well there are sooooooo many choices!! BUT my 3 children always come first so it would be whatever they need probably some summer things and maybe a bit towards there new uniforms for next school year! Thank you so much for running this competition!

  189. Something nice for me to wear on our 25th wedding anniversary later this year ;o)

  190. Maisie Young says

    A good bikini, that actually fits well for this summer!

  191. Louise Asekokhai says

    Clothes and shoes for me and my daughter

  192. New shoes!

  193. A new quilt

  194. Lynn Heath says

    My son needs another new pair of school shoes…. I’m losing count of how many pairs he manages to destroy in a school year!!

  195. fiona mcbride says

    some lovely summer clothes for my daughter who loves next

  196. Outfits for my 15 month old daughter – I love the baby clothes in Next, so cute!

  197. Christopher Millward says

    New trousers for work

  198. I would buy my little one some new summer clothes πŸ™‚


  199. Summer clothes for my son x

  200. maz thorburn says

    My daughter is now 11 so I would give her the voucher so she could treat herself and go shopping in next like a real grown up!!! (except for me in the distance lol)

  201. Kat Lucas says

    I would love to buy some summer clothes for my daughter

  202. Spencer Broadley says

    New trousers for myself – I always seem to lose out in the “new clothes” stakes

  203. Sinead ORourke says

    I would buy a dress for a wedding I am attending.

  204. Melanie Dye says

    Summer clothes for my little girl and a new UV suit for her, they’ve got a really nice one in Next.

  205. tracy baines says

    a dress for a wedding I have coming up

  206. this lovely weather makes me crave a new summer dress

  207. sarah brooker says

    would treat myself to some new summer clothes.

  208. daniel seed says

    New cushions to keep the missus happy

  209. jessica cook says

    I’d love some new bedding x

  210. I would all three children something new for summer x

  211. Nice summer dress and some shorts for my son

  212. Leah Wheatley says

    Kids clothes for my two

  213. christine shelley says

    Shoes for my forthcoming holiday to Spain in June

  214. i would update my summer wardrobe

  215. some new tops for summer πŸ˜€

  216. Next baby clothes are the best, sun hats & baby leggings

  217. My daughter is starting senior school in September, so probably uniform clothes.

  218. Isabel OBrien says

    I’m doing up my bathroom slowly bit by bit so I’d probably put it towards something from there.

  219. Linda Bilson says

    New tops and maybe jeans

  220. Barbara Handley says

    With five grandchildren and hot weather predicted this would go towards summer clothes.

  221. some new shoes

  222. I would buy some nice summery clothes for the kids.

  223. I would spend it on my 5 months old baby boy. He is growing at such an alarming rate I feel like I am constantly buying the next size up! I love Next too, it’s my favourite store for baby clothes!

  224. Anthony Harrington says

    I would use it for some summer outfits for our little Grandson

  225. Marycarol says

    Some nice clothes for summer holidays

  226. My niece some new outfits

  227. Lottie Wood says

    Clothes for starting my new job- I never seem to have money to spend on myself :’)

  228. some new bedding for me

  229. Lorraine Tinsley says

    Clothes for the two little people, I saw some really nice glittery Peppa pig jelly shoes that my daughter would love so I’d get a pair of those

  230. Jeans for the boys

  231. Carrie Ashton says

    My two boys – at ages 7 and 5 they are both shooting up like mad and both need summer outfits.

  232. I would treat myself to something for Spring.

  233. Jeans and hoodies for my son who is 8 but thinks he’s 15!

  234. I would buy a little present for everyone in my family πŸ™‚

  235. EMMA FURLONG says

    Some clothes for the holidays x

  236. Edward Guerreiro says

    I really need some new jeans. I got a hole in my best pair a few days ago πŸ™

  237. Jade Taylor says

    Its all about the boys T shirts – hard wearing and funky!

  238. Some summer clothes or shoes πŸ™‚

  239. julie laing says

    I’d get something for my 2 girls

  240. Sallyanne Gooch says

    I’d treat myself to some new clothes after losing my baby weight

  241. love the quality of the boys jeans for my son πŸ™‚

  242. some summer clothes for the kids!

  243. clothes for my little monkey πŸ™‚

  244. Sarah Fawcett says

    My teenage daughter’s bedroom is in need of a makeover so definitely bedding and curtains would be our first choice

  245. Kelly Koya says

    My two eldest have birthdays coming up on June 16th. Daughter will be 14 and my son will be 12. I will def be checking out this range for them, and would use the voucher to treat them to something nice.

  246. Some pretty pyjamas

  247. New trousers for work

  248. I would love to buy some daughters some summer clothes x

  249. On flowers:their bouquets are divine and big treat!

  250. I’d love some new jeans, all my jeans are from Next as I find the fit just right. My 2 favourite pairs are both on the verge of falling to bits, One has a ripped knee and the other is so worn at the seams I’m going to find myself flashing one day!

  251. Tammy Tudor says

    some new clothes for summer πŸ™‚

  252. Selina Jefferies says

    I’d love to spend it on clothes for my 6 month old – who is growing out of everything way too quick!!

  253. Laura Jeffs says

    Summer dresses for my girls πŸ™‚

  254. A dress for me! Since I was a child I have only ever worn dresses for weddings! Time I got myself a nice summer dress

  255. Laura Asplin says

    Some baby clothes for my new niece

  256. Phil Darling says

    I’d buy my son some new trousers – he gets through them so quickly

  257. I would split it among the family so they all get something πŸ™‚

  258. Megan Adams says

    I’d spend the voucher on some new summer clothes for my 3 year old girl. πŸ™‚


  260. Julie Feathers says

    I’d buy some new clothes for my new grandson

  261. Catherine Whittall says

    I love Next, especially the kids clothes, if I won I’d get my daughter some new summer clothes

  262. Alana Walker says

    I would buy some lovely new babygros for my son who is due in July. Next kids clothes are such good quality.x

  263. I would buy my daughter some dresses

  264. Lois Eaton says

    Some shorts for my grandson would be good.

  265. I would love some new shoes for summer!

  266. Jessica Saunders says

    I’d spend it on my mum

  267. Tammy westrup says

    Definitely summer clothes for the kids!

  268. Paula Burnside says

    Some holiday clothes for my daughter.

  269. Emma Wallace says

    Im currently pregnant with baby no.1 so Im sure I could find some cute bits to buy πŸ˜€

  270. Danielle Stevenson says

    I would buy something for my new house πŸ™‚ maybe some towels!

  271. We are about to ‘do up’ our bathroom, so would be nice to buy some homeward bits and pieces!

  272. On a pair or shoes – I wear mine to death before replacing and Next have good quality designs and sizes!

  273. Some new jeans for hubby

  274. Emma Baker says

    Lovin’ the boys graphic Tees

  275. Julie Howarth says

    I’d give it to my daughter, she loves Next clothes

  276. Christina Brown says

    Some summer clothes! πŸ™‚

  277. fozia Akhtar says

    A new summer wardrobe

  278. Claire Bodin says

    Holiday clothes would be great

  279. I would love a nice summer jacket

  280. new trousers

  281. jen english says

    Gosh, it would be so hard to know what to spend it on. I love Next homewares but I also love their jewellery/accessories. And I haven’t even started on their clothes! Whatever I’d spend it on… it’d be for me!

  282. There’s a huge hurricane candle my Mum wants so i’d buy her that and have enough left to buy some pretty glasses I saw and really like x

  283. David Vessey says

    A present for my brother to kit his tribe out πŸ™‚

  284. Caroline H says

    I’d be optimistically hoping for great summer weather and buy one of the picnic sets, hoping to get out and about a lot.

  285. sarah birkett says

    I would buy a lot of brownie points by giving this to my daughter as she needs an entire wardrobe for college in September – no more uniform

  286. Maybe a bit boring, but I really need some new tops for work

  287. Haley Redshaw says

    Me and my daughter need new sandels or underwear for my sister’s wedding

  288. Some trousers for my son and a dress for my daughter

  289. maureen findley says

    a summer dress

  290. New shorts for the summer

  291. I would put the Β£50 towards a mens suit for my son who needs one desperately for sixth form.

  292. Helen Gilbert says

    Soft furnishings for my ‘soon to be’ decorated lounge!!

  293. i’d buy some lovely new shoes πŸ™‚

  294. summer clothes for my 19 month old and some newborn stuff for my baby girl due in sept πŸ™‚

  295. Michelle Ferguson says

    Some nice sparkly flip flops

  296. Rebecca maddocks says

    Clothes for my almost two year old x

  297. Rachael G says

    Some summer clothes for my children.

  298. Natalie Crossan says

    Definitely would have to buy something gorgeous for my daughter πŸ™‚ x

  299. A treat for my nephew and i’d get myself some summer accessories πŸ™‚

  300. Chris Burrell says

    I’m decorating my wee 2-year old daughter’s bedroom at the moment, so I’d spend it on some of the gorgeous little girl’s bedding and bedroom accessories.

  301. I’d spend it on the summer dresses for little girls and a superman SPF suit for my boy! πŸ™‚

  302. Helen Stratton says

    I would buy some jeans and swimming shorts for my 12 year old.

  303. Tracy Newton says

    I really could spend this twenty times over. I would like a new duvet cover for our bed. But it would probably go on clothes for my toddler.

  304. Megan Bayford says


  305. jamclaren says

    My daughter is a devotee of NEXT clothes so…. time to shop for her!

  306. some cute clothes for my little girls

  307. Victoria lian says

    Treats for my baby boy πŸ™‚

  308. Kelly Pearson says

    We have quite a few weddings this year, so would like to get my boy a really nice outfit to wear xx

  309. claire eadie says

    Some new trousers for my 5 year old son x

  310. kate hester says

    Might actually spend a little on myself? My girls have clothes coming out of their ears as I find it hard to spend my money on myself if they need something – so yes, I would buy something that doesn’t look as if I’ve had it for over a decade πŸ˜‰

  311. Michael Rattray says


  312. Summer clothes for almost-teen daughter – Next jeans fit her perfectly, and I like the age-appropriateness of their clothes for older girls too. Fashionable but not too grown-up.

  313. A summer jacket πŸ™‚

  314. jessica agyin says

    summer clothes for my daughter

  315. Summery clothes! πŸ™‚

  316. I haven’t bought any new clothes in ages for myself as I am trying to cut down the credit bill – I might be a bit selfish and spend it on myself!!!

  317. Love the home bits & also looking forward to getting new summer clothes πŸ™‚

  318. Kate Duckmanton says

    School uniform for my daughter who is starting school in September.

  319. Emma Nixon says

    Something or summer. Maybe sandals..

  320. Laura Marshall says

    We moved into our much-wanted new home last year and I’d love to update our bedding sets so I’d use the voucher on a new duvet! All my others are from Next so I know I’d find something I like!

  321. Kate ONeill says

    Jeans for my daughter

  322. Definitely clothes for my two poppets! Love next

  323. Louise Smith says

    Summer clothes for my 5 year old daughter

  324. Maggie Coates says

    new trousers for my son

  325. Ann Skamarauskas says

    jeans for my daughter

  326. kirsty cooper says

    I’d put it towards a nice wall art canvas πŸ™‚

  327. Greig Spencer says

    some new clothes for my holiday

  328. Ann Robinson says

    Summer clothes for my neice

  329. tony machin says

    posh jeans

  330. I would buy some holiday clothes for my little cutie

  331. I need some new jeans

  332. Angela Kelly says

    I’d spend it on a nice summer dress for work.

  333. emma falvi says

    some clothes for summer maybe a dress or 2

  334. rhian purches says

    A summer outfit – maybe a dress and jacket

  335. Andrea Williams says

    Some lovely clothes for my granddaughter x

  336. New shoes!

  337. Lauren Old says

    I’d let my mum go on a shopping spree with it, she loves Next! I’m sure she’d find lots of new clothes to splurge on

  338. Samantha Fenn says

    OOO a toughie! I would probably save it for the sales … I’m one of the crazy people who queue up at 4am for some kids clothes! haha

  339. I love the jewellery in Next, so I may just treat myself to a few things!

  340. Alexandra says

    My 5 year old son is 4’1″ and in 10-11 year old clothes. He outgrows everything so fast. I will use it to buy him more clothes.

  341. William Gould says

    My wife would spend this in minutes!

  342. Tracey Quinn says

    shorts for my grandson

  343. New summer clothes for my boy

  344. lyn burgess says

    new summer clothes for my girls

  345. Suzanne Cooke says

    I would like to get my daughter some pretty summer dresses.

  346. emma thackery says

    put it towards a new coat

  347. Julie Booth says

    a new dress for work

  348. Put it towards a black jacket they always come in.

  349. I would spend the money on nice new bed linen because I haven’t bought any in ages.

  350. helen booth says

    holiday clothes for my sons – they grow far too quick!!!

  351. new jeans

  352. jane greenfield says

    some new shoes

  353. Kathrine B says

    I’d like to buy some new smart clothes for work as Next clothes are lovely for office wear

  354. Christine Caple says

    I would choose something nice for my home, they have such lovely things

  355. Keshia Esgate says

    a dress or skirt πŸ™‚

  356. emma roberts says

    Jeans, you can never go wrong with jeans!

  357. jenna rothen says

    a new pair of jeans

  358. Rachel McMillan says

    Some new jeans

  359. New summer clothes would be lovely

  360. Bridget Anderson says

    A nice jacket or some summer clothes for the kids.

  361. Christina Jarrett says

    A nice dress for my summer hols! πŸ™‚ x

  362. Paul Witney says

    Something nice for the house

  363. Nancy Bradford says

    Some new clothes for the little one as she is having a growth spurt at the moment.

  364. Teresa Lee says

    A couple of nice dresses for the summer

  365. I would get some joggers for my son and a new top for me and maybe some flipflops.

  366. i’d give it to my bff whos having a baby

  367. Elizabeth Briggs says

    New Holiday Clothes

  368. caroline cordery says

    I would get some bedding

  369. sally rees says

    some summer sandals

  370. hayley morgan says

    We all need new summer clothes, my son starts full time school in sept and would love to get some nice things for the house……come to think of it I might need more than Β£50!!

  371. Kate Phillips says

    Some light weight trousers now summer’s coming.

  372. I’d buy one of their beautoful summer dresses for my daughter.

  373. Rosy cairns says

    First baby on way and this would go towards a nice cot bedding / bumper set

  374. claire hooper says

    a new pair of jeans x

  375. Mary Fuller says

    Who knows what it will go on, just let me lose on that shop … I lurves it I dos πŸ™‚

  376. Not sure, maybe something for myself!!!!

  377. yvonne hickman says

    I would love to get the kids some summer clothes as they are growing so fast

  378. Mike Gerrie says

    Holiday Clothes, Shorts etc

  379. janice skelton says

    A couple of new skirts for the office.

  380. Becky Duffy says

    would love to buy a nice outfit for my daughter πŸ™‚

  381. i would spend it on some household items, love Next Home

  382. would love to say myself, but no doubt it will be the kids

  383. As much nice clothes as possible for my beautiful little son

  384. Nicola Holland says

    Summer clothes for my children

  385. Maureen Quinnell says

    Some new towels for my soon to be new bathroom

  386. Kellie Faggle McIntyre says

    Some wedges -perfect for the summer and comfort at BBQ’s. (is that being very optimistic!?)

  387. MANDY DOHERTY says

    I’d spend it on my three grandsons

  388. Something nice for graduation πŸ™‚

  389. Some nice new summer sandals for my daughter

  390. Sarah Dearnley says

    Summer clothes and Gym Gear

  391. Some new accessories for my bedroom!

  392. Sue McCarthy says

    Something for my boyfriend, a smart t-shirt maybe

  393. Maybe something for summer/BBQs

  394. Steven Beasley says

    Some clothes for my summer holiday

  395. I’d quite like to get some shoes, you can never have too many!

  396. some clothing for the children

  397. james darrington says

    I would give it to my fiance to put towards some summer clothes for our holiday.

  398. My fifteen year old daughter!

  399. Karen Martin says

    Would buy myself some new clothes as its been a long time since I treated myself as I always end up buying for my 1 year old.

  400. Sue Bowden says

    Some nice summer clothes for the girls.

  401. Kirsten Barthy says

    I’ve seen some stunning sparkly sandals for myself and a little summer dress for my daughter

  402. Angela Wilcox says

    something nice for summer for myself πŸ™‚

  403. Alison Joyce says
  404. Julie Davies says

    I have just decorated my lounge so would pick up some lovely accessories

  405. Stephanie Coals says

    A wonderful new summer purchase would be amazing πŸ™‚

  406. Charlotte Hood says

    Would love a new dress!

  407. I’d put it towards some new summer outfits x

  408. Some new jeans

  409. New sandals for the summer for ME!

  410. I’d get a couple of pretty summer dresses for my youngest

  411. Catherine A Bell says

    New underwear

  412. barbara clarke says

    clothes for my son

  413. a nice summer dress

  414. Ruth Davies says

    I love the the gilets they do! Treat my little girl

  415. Elisabeth Aldred says

    a dress

  416. home stuff, now my daughter is out of the terrible 2s (and 3s) i can replace the curtains she took so much pleasure in swinging on and have things like ornaments and candles again oh and nice cushions that wont be stained/used as a sledge down the stairs ect lol

  417. Rachel Davies says

    I would plan to get something nice for the house but probably end up getting a killer dress instead lol

  418. some nice summer clothes for my daughter, she’d have to choose them herself because she won’t wear anything I choose !!

  419. Claire Appleton says

    I would buy my daughter a lovely outfit for her birthday next month πŸ™‚

  420. Jackie ONeill says

    I need a couple of summer dresses so would use it for these.

  421. Donna Rudziak says

    I’d like to use it in the sales and buy some clothes for my children

  422. I’d split it between the four kids and let them choose their stuff,

  423. rebecca austin says

    couple of dresses and swimming costume for my little girl

  424. Julie Ward says

    Some decent jeans

  425. NicolaAndrijauskas says

    I’d treat myself to something nice for my holidays πŸ™‚

  426. tina edwards says

    i would spend it on clothes for my granddaughter as she always looks so stylish when shes wearing a next outfit

  427. jodie harvey says

    somee new pj’s for my children, love the mario clothes from next too

  428. A NEW BAG πŸ˜›

  429. I would like to spend it on blackout curtains!

  430. Birthday present for my sister, some bits for my daughter and son

  431. amanda davis says

    something for the kids

  432. Amy Skinner says

    something feminine and floaty for summer

  433. michaela britton says

    Probably my children, as always lol

  434. Sam Gregory says

    Something lovely and summery for me, or if I can’t find anything for me something summery for my boys

  435. Trudi Walsh says

    Some new bedding & curtains

  436. christy beckett says

    I would spend this on myself as I have lost some weight and would love some new jskinny jeans from Next

  437. Susie Clayton says

    I’d love to buy a treat for me, but I guess I’ll end up buying summer clothes for the kids!!

  438. Rebecca Gransden says

    Something for my sister as her birthday is soon.

  439. LESLEY RENSHAW says

    I could really do with a new pair of shoes so yes, it would be that ((fingers crossed))

  440. Kathy Butcher says

    I would love to buy my teenage daughter a new outfit. I think I would buy a nice pair go jeggings and a lovely floral top. They have some gorgeous clothes at Next at the moment! Would be so lovely to win!

  441. jen jackson says

    some holiday clothes for my son

  442. lindsey stuart says

    Hello πŸ™‚
    Oh i would love to buy myself some nice summery clothes πŸ˜€ i have none that fit at the moment after loosing weight! πŸ˜€

  443. Nigel Greaves says

    Would be handy to buy some holiday clothes for my granddaughter!

  444. julie camm says

    Probably something for my living room

  445. nicola hardman says

    i need some t-shirts

  446. saisse sanders says

    some little summer outfits for my 14 month old, love next baby clothes x

  447. Rachel white says

    My ten year old twins LOVE next too so I would definitely take them for a treat πŸ˜€

  448. steve hearne says

    I need a suit for my brother in laws wedding.

  449. I’ve had my eye on some sandals for the summer

  450. tracey thompson says

    ive got a trip to London coming up soon so something nice for me to wear would be good

  451. As much as i would love to say i would treat myself to something i think i would have to go with some new towels or bedding!! lol

  452. Patricia Avery says

    So happy to have lost over 20lbs in weight but clothes are hanging off me. In desperate need of downsizing so I would buy new summer clothes πŸ™‚

  453. Paula Munro says

    Something for my teenage son

  454. I would get this pink Lipsy watch: http://www.next.co.uk/gl2130s4#l22357gl2

  455. I’d love some comfy jeans that make my bum look like a size 10 peach – reckon they’ll have some? πŸ™‚ LOL!

  456. Some new bedding or save it for Christmas and buy some nice decorations πŸ™‚

  457. Some nice summer clothes.

  458. Heather Haigh says

    something for me to wear

  459. Baby clothes for my granddaughter πŸ™‚

  460. Vicki A Smith says

    A nice dress or some heels

  461. Was quite impressed with their menswear when she dragged me in there – some great casual stuff, so I’d go for that

  462. the grandchildren

  463. Claire Nelson says

    Some clothes for my son.

  464. Melanie Edjourian says

    baby no 3 is on it’s way so something for the litle one maybe πŸ˜‰

  465. Kelly Webb says

    We are getting married next year so I would love to get a suit for my 3 year old boy to be our page boy x

  466. jayne hall says

    a nice blouse or jacket for myself

  467. I would buy summer clothes for my son.

  468. matthew colburn says

    i would get the kids some new clothes for holiday πŸ™‚

  469. Unisex new baby stuff

  470. pauline black says

    my grandson is two, and if we happen to get some sunshine at some point I would like to get him shorts and tshirts and some summer shoes!

  471. Stephanie Lear says

    My 14 year old is going to be a godmother in June to my 8 month old granddaughter. I would get her a lovely outfit for the occasion.

  472. On baby’s clothes πŸ™‚

  473. Amy Beckett says

    A new dress for a wedding

  474. Samantha Atherton says

    I love to get a few accessories for the home.

  475. alex fowler says

    some new homeware

  476. Chris Fletcher says


  477. JenniferAvril says

    I’d buy my daughter some lovely clothes for summer.

  478. Andrew Halliwell says

    Depends what was most needed at the time I received it. Probably not clothes though. Maybe a new pair of smart shoes…

  479. andrea lloyd says

    summer clothes for my children ready for summer hols please

  480. Summer clothes for Ellie

  481. David Price says

    Chinos for my sons

  482. Linda Bird says

    Summer clothes for my young grandson.

  483. Helen Schofield says

    I would most likely give it to my mum as she loves Next

  484. some uniform for when my 4 year old starts school in September

  485. Nicola Dudson says

    I would buy the kids some holiday clothes

  486. Janice Mackin says

    Some t-shirts for my boys and a dress for my baby girl.

  487. Gerald Thomas says

    My 15 yr old daughter has caught the shopping bug and “Next” is on her hit list, so i would have to be the good dad and give it to her to splash out on a summer wardrobe

  488. Kelly Hooper says

    some new jeans for my daughter, next are the only ones ive found that fit her round the stomach and are long enough in the leg

  489. Erica field says

    New shorts for my boys

  490. I was in next today and I found loads of lovely clothes that I wanted, so I’d put it towards some summer clothes.

  491. Deb Hambleton says

    Would love a new maxi dress for the summer

  492. I would buy a new top

  493. Jane Middleton says

    new jeans

  494. Robby Price says

    Jeans for the Grandchildren

  495. I’d love to buy some jeans and trousers for my kids πŸ™‚

  496. Caroline Anne Bellamy says

    Probably something for the house, or maybe a little treat for me!

  497. Sheila Reeves says

    Some new jeans, I love their slimming ones

  498. Susan Hoggett says

    new bedding

  499. Debbie Louise Davies says

    I would get my daughter some lovely bits out of the older girls section. Particularly a nice raincoat, much needed at the mo! Like this one http://www.next.co.uk/g39446s10#888801g39

  500. my newborn son x

  501. Rennene Hartland says

    After loosing over 10 stone I would but myself anew wardrobe of clothes

  502. Some clothes for our summer holidays πŸ™‚

  503. faye huntington says

    some fluffy socks!

  504. Would have to go on my children!

  505. kayleigh white says

    Some baby girl clothes for my sisters first daughter!

  506. Bonnie King says

    Some new clothes for me and my husband. He lost his job so a wardrobe update would be great!

  507. Kay Braisher says

    id spend it on a pretty dress for my little girl and a pair of smart jeans for my son

  508. Ellen Stafford says

    I would spend it on my niece for her 9th birthday x

  509. Charmian Filewood says

    Something for the house as going to be decorating soon and Next always have lovely home items xx

  510. Claire Long says

    I have just moved home and would love some new plates, next do a lovely blue set that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

  511. New shoes

  512. after losing some weight I have many clothes item that no longer fit, so I would like to get an out to show off my new figure

  513. Deborah Burland says

    new shoes for summer

  514. I’ve lost weight recently so new bras would be good.

  515. Love new clothes for summer holidays

  516. Eleanor Powell says

    I have a teenager who is short but shaped like a woman – getting jeans to fit her is hard, it would be spent on that!

  517. Ruth Harwood says

    New School shoes for my son

  518. Some bright coloured summer accessories for the house/garden.

  519. Mark Palmer says

    New shirts for work

  520. There is so much I might choose, ladies wear, jewellery, a new handbag, lingerie…I’d decide if I was lucky enough to win it! πŸ™‚

  521. carly bryan says

    clothes for my eldest daughter

  522. Kate Milton says

    Holiday clothes for my children.

  523. zarah aspinall says

    i am now struggling to find good sized clothes for my soon to be 13 year old as when coming to wear jeans for a family night out the other day realised they all too short (as he usually lives in tracky bottoms!).. so i will be spending the voucher on much needed new smart trousers and jeans for him x

  524. id love to buy a summer dress for my mum.she deserves a treat for being there for me this year and so i want to get her something to mkae her feel good

  525. Shirts for work πŸ™‚

  526. Patricia Walker says

    some new clothes for the summer πŸ™‚

  527. sharron page says

    my daughter is 13 shortly and deperately needs some new clothes

  528. Something nice for the house

  529. + Holiday clothes

  530. Stephanie Campbell says

    Underwear/socks and pjamamas for my son! i believe that with the rate hes growing he wants me to sell my soul!

  531. Emily Hutchinson says

    Jeans, Next jeans are great for all the family.

  532. joanne liddement says

    spme summer clothes for my 7 year old son

  533. Victoria B says

    I’ve recently lost some weight and I need new clothes desperately as nothing I have fits anymore!

  534. Steven Montgomery says

    Some summer shoes

  535. Christina Curtis says

    I would spend it on a new dress for my brothers wedding.

  536. Swimwear for my niece and nephew.


    Some summer clothes.

  538. Some new holiday clothes for my two boys πŸ™‚

  539. Graham Ashworth says

    Jeans, for myself…

  540. Lauren C.Robinson says

    a nice dress for a summer wedding im going to

  541. Amanda Johnson says

    I would treat myself to a nice outfit ready for the summer

  542. I’d by something nice for my twins to wear at my wedding.

  543. Bernadette Blundell says

    there are some gorgous dresses in right now that i have my eye on for my 1 yr old twin girls

  544. Joanne Parkinson says

    Work clothese

  545. Elizabeth Haggerty says

    a nice jacket for my grandson

  546. Helen Allan says

    I would update the summer wardrobe of my two boys.

  547. Helen Williams says

    Pyjamas for my girls.

  548. Amelia Pitt says

    Baby things – I’ve just found out I’m pregnant (finally) through IVF!

  549. Vicky Robinson says

    I would like to buy some clothes for my expected baby girl due in about a weeks time. I haven’t bought much yet as I have no idea how big she will be because one of my sons was 10lb 8.5oz & my youngest son was 7lbs 12oz LOL!

  550. Vera Bahounkova says

    new summer wear for my first grandson

  551. some summer dresses for the girls

  552. Katherine Coldicott says

    I’s buy some sandals for the summer.

  553. I’d probably use it for some clothes for my little girl πŸ™‚

  554. I’d treat myself to a new top.

  555. Sarah Saunders says

    I would spend it on my neices. Love them.

  556. barbara steer says

    some new trousers for the boys

  557. Debbie Preston says

    I have 3 weddings to go to this summer so a new dress is needed!

  558. I need some new shoes

  559. Lyndsey Beckford says

    Some new soft furnishings for my new house

  560. Rebecca Powell says

    Clothes for my little boy

  561. I now have a child at uni so Im decorating the bedroom, so we have somewhere decent to put guests while shes away!! (And give her a more adult bedroom) Id buy some pictures and cushions, maybe bedding, other accessories….. You can get carried away so Β£50 towards this would be fantastic!

  562. Annabel Fincham says

    Clothes for my holiday

  563. I would love some summer maternity clothes, the ones from next are great quality, I’m still in the clothes I bought for my last pregnancy, but this time I’m having a summer baby and would love some linen trousers and 3/4 length jeans.

  564. Alice Hindley says

    Summer Clothes

  565. Steve Miles says

    New Jeanes

  566. my middle son is turning 12 soon but need age 13 clothes so could update his wardrobe a bit

  567. New Dress for a wedding im going to soon x

  568. Some new things for my new bathroom!! πŸ™‚

  569. Tracey Brookshaw says

    Just like your teenager mine’s constantly wanting new clothes – so I guess the clothes would be for him – new jeans probably

  570. Something for the home πŸ™‚

  571. scarlett brannan says

    Summer clothes!

  572. suddenly, my 13 year old son has shot up so fast that hardly any of his clothes fit him now..this would be a fantastic prize for us to kit him out in some age 14 sized clothes!

  573. Kirsty Woods says

    Clothes for my daughter

  574. Lisa Fletcher says

    A new dress

  575. Joy Lawson says

    There is a jacket I have had my eye on since xmas πŸ˜‰

  576. New clothes for my husband xx

  577. Paula Phillips says

    Some summer tops.

  578. id buy a dress for the wedding im going to

  579. Jo-Anne holton says

    I love next clothes and with 3 boys am always in need of new clothes!!! fingers crossed!!!

  580. I would treat my daughter to some of Next’s lovely winter coats ready for Christmas. I can’t normally afford them but they are great quality and look adorable! I wish they did adult versions of the same ones! πŸ™‚ x

  581. get my son and daughter a new piece of clothing each

  582. Colette B says

    Much as I need new clothes myself I’d likely end up spending it on the kids!

  583. summer clothes

  584. Charmaine says

    I would love to buy a new pair of shoes for the little man. Kids shoes are so expensive and he seems to be growing out of them every couple of months !

  585. tshirt

  586. Kirsty Elliott says

    On my 2 year old girl and 4 year old boy

  587. Due to give birth in 2wks… I’m DEFO up for treating myself!!

  588. Clint Howat says

    clothes for my kids

  589. Jill Cordner says

    My 3 boys x

  590. Joanna Sawka says

    probably a new handbag

  591. Lucy carter says

    I would get some bedding for my daughters new room


  593. katherine b says

    I’m expecting my second baby – I’d get lots of baby clothes x

  594. donna large says


  595. james harland says

    clothes for my little boy for holiday

  596. Angela Glynn says

    like you, clothes for my (soon to be teenage) boy, so difficult to find clothes for 13 year olds!

  597. claire little says

    I’d buy my kids clothes

  598. Lindy Hine says

    I’d pick something lovely and new and summery – for myself!

  599. Laura Wheatley says

    I have a 4yr old girl who is obsessed with clothes and shoes so I would definately spend it on her

  600. nicola white says

    some nice clothes for my children

  601. Emma Beckett says

    I love next clothes for my two year old and would love to get him some new clothes for summer.

  602. Andrea Johnson says


  603. Reading about your son it was uncannily like reading about my own! My son Matt is 15, will ONLY wear Next trousers for school, however the ONLY ones that fit him are a size 32r which are so dear! But if I try to buy any other black trousers I get “Mum, they’re too baggy, they need to be slim-line!” and he will only wear skinny jeans too! Lol don’t get me wrong, my boy is lovely, but MAN when did boys get so fashion conscious! So to finally answer your question lol, If I am lucky enough I would spend the money on my four children at Next! πŸ™‚ <3

  604. Karen hurse says

    fantastatic. count me in.

  605. Chloe Russell says

    I would use a voucher on some summer clothes, i’m determined to enjoy the sun this year =) thankyou for the giveaway

  606. Michelle Austin says

    I need new clothes, have just looked at all mine and realized there are holes in half of them! :-/

  607. We’re just a bout to do some decorating so I’d spend it in the home department on some accessories to brighten up my new-look room

  608. Donna Kent says

    They have some lovely bed linen at the moment. A little boring I know but I like to spend the few hours I get in bed in luxury

  609. Diane Wood says

    I would love to buy something for the summer for me however I’m sure my daughter would spot something for her wardrobe or her bedroom and I would probably get her that

  610. Katie Walden Hall says

    Some new work clothes πŸ™‚

  611. Jacqueline Roberts says

    Its my Son’s 12th Birthday next week so I would give it to him, although the kids next don’t fit him he would have to shop on the Mens.

  612. A dress for a wedding

  613. Trousers for my son

  614. Allan Fullarton says

    Summer clothes for the kids!

  615. Notmally I’d buy clothes – but we’re just having an extension built, so I’d be looking for soft furnishings!

  616. Hazel Rea says

    Just for once I’d spend it on some new summer clothes for me!

  617. Pat Stubbs says

    Black bomber jacket


    new jeans, mine are falling apart

  619. Sara Goodman says

    Clothes for my daughter who ‘has nothing to wear!!’ – seriously!!
    Lovely giveaway – thank you πŸ™‚ x

  620. I’d treat my son

  621. Hayley Todd says

    I would treat my little girl to some lovely new clothes

  622. sarah burton says

    some smart clothes for my 12 year old boy

  623. I love the dresses collection at Next

  624. new trousers

  625. jeans for my son

  626. Pauline Dring says


  627. Baby clothes for my new niece, and possibly some little hair bits for my daughter πŸ™‚

  628. Adele Hill says

    I have 3 teenagers and I am sure one of them would spend it on some new clothes

  629. I’d love to get some summer clothes for my son, he is going through a growth spurt I think!

  630. would give it to my other half to treat herself

  631. Peggy rossiter says

    With a new baby grandchild due in July I think it would be for some lovely baby girl clothes for her

  632. Pauline Appleton says

    I would normally spend something like this on my teen daughter but as its my 50th next month then i would love to buy a dress for myself

  633. lisa williams says

    I would treat my son to some new summer clothes for his holiday this summer. Kids grow so fast but thankfully his previous summer clothes have been handed down so will be put to full use by his friend

  634. laura avery says

    Some clothes for my eldest son.

  635. donna clinton says

    I would spend it on some holiday clothes for my kids!

  636. I’d like to buy some nice summer clothes, for if it arrives for the three days it usually does so I’m fully prepared to make the most of it.

  637. new shoes or jeans

  638. Jane Henshaw says

    I would like to buy a new summer dress

  639. aaron milne says

    Hope to Win

  640. jenny reynolds says

    love some jeans

  641. An outfit for each of the children

  642. BEN AYRES says

    A Nice Shirt and Tie Combo

  643. Summer clothing for the children as they are growing so fast


    new underwear

  645. lesley doodnath says

    clothes for my new grandaughter

  646. yasmine choudhry says

    homewares redecorating

  647. I love Next leggings they’re great quality

  648. A new dress for summer

  649. Stefan Pearson says

    New clothes for my daughter, something with Bees on – they have a lot of nice things at the moment

  650. David Winter says

    i’d get a gift for my mum, because she deserves something nice πŸ™‚

  651. Lots of fab items to choose from!

  652. Some new clothes

  653. Pam Francis Gregory says

    Some cushions

  654. A new handbag!

  655. heather tinkler says

    A summer outfit for when the good weather arrives

  656. Tracey McPartland says

    I would spend it on my teenage kids

  657. My 2 little ones!!!!!!!! they deserve a little treat and just love next clothes for kids! Fingers crossed

  658. Naomi Buchan says

    A Blazer for my son x

  659. Jill Fairbank says

    Some clothes for me

  660. Clyde Tavo MacTavish says

    new trainers for my kids plzzzzzzz

  661. My partner loves Next clothes, so I would let her pick something. Would be from mens, she’s not exactly girly. Probably jeans.

  662. Clothes for a growing 11 year old.

  663. I would give this to my grandson who’s studying really hard for his exams – loves the clothes in Next.

  664. Susie Rose says

    I would like to treat my mum x

  665. new shoes

  666. I’d buy swimwear for my little girls for our summer holiday

    Kel Ellen Hirst x

  667. Kirsty Partridge says

    I would buy my son some summer clothes

  668. lisa tebbutt says

    i let my hubby have the card so he could get something for him self

  669. Penny Ford says

    Clothes for the grandkids

  670. hannah massingham says

    some new bedcovers for my new bedroom πŸ™‚

  671. Stuff for my other half πŸ™‚

  672. toddler clothes for sure

  673. Natalie Gillham says

    I would like to buy a much needed new pair of shoes πŸ™‚ x

  674. Becci Cleary says

    Some Summer Clothes for my 4 Year Old, She has NONE!! Cant believe how fast she is growing!!

  675. Laura Vitty says

    I’d like to buy a new smart black blazer for work… noticed mine has holes in πŸ™

  676. Kim Newsome says

    We are doing up the lounge, so I’d spend it on homewares

  677. Holiday clothes for my son.

  678. karen dixon says

    some holiday clothes

  679. Rachel Small says

    hmmm so many things…mainly sleep suits for my 4 month old little boy πŸ™‚

  680. anita roberts says

    a new outfit for my sons naval passing out parade in june

  681. sandy henry says

    I would be buying something for my new baby great niece as hubby is travelling to London soon to see his older brother (the grandad) and of course baby x

  682. Cheryll H says

    I’d spend it on some summer accessories for my little girls πŸ™‚

  683. Champaklal Lad says

    a shirt (or maybe even shirts if there is a sale)

  684. Secretly Id like to spend it on something to wear for running – Ive signed up to a 10k to raise money for the NSPCC… but in reality I would probably by something for the children to wear

  685. Keeley Atkinson says

    Baby and toddler clothes for my 23 month old and 4 month old.
    Next do the most adorable kids clothes on the high street I think.

  686. catriona nation says

    Dresses for my daughter

  687. Alexandra Blue says

    I’d actually be spending it on myself as I have only so far bought anything for my children or partner so far this year

  688. I’d spend it on MORE clothes for the kids! Annwen

  689. We have just bought a new coffee table and sofa so I would love to get something nice for the living room like cushions πŸ™‚

  690. Keeley Shaw says

    I would like to treat my children to some new summer clothes.

  691. Emma Price says

    I’d buy myself a dress for my niece’s christening – i’m going to be a godmother so should look fabulous!

  692. a nice cardigan and summer dress

  693. charlotte thornton says

    New bedding

Please leave a comment... I try to reply to each and every one :)

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