Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie and Pizza Hut Review

When we got the invite for the special preview screening of brand new blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I was over the moon! Wow my boys are going to LOVE this I thought! But then I realised it’s a 12A certification.

I mean… TWELVE??!

I was hoping to take my 5 year old twins!!! They are crazy mad for the TMNT and are the proud owners of many a related toy that they play with on a daily basis. Yes, it’s fair to say I was a little disappointed by this spanner in the works but the film looked ace so after checking on the British Board of Film Classification website which clearly states that while a 12A may have material that is not really suitable for those under the age of 12, parents can use their discretion as to whether they allow their child to see the film. So at least that’s something for all those young fans out there. Note that anyone under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

After much deliberation though, I decided to take my Teen and my daughter with me to the screening, who are 15 and 9. I thought it best not to take my little (just turned) 5 yr olds.

TMNTIn the foyer of the cinema in London’s Leicester Square was this very cool TMNT motorcycle

I didn’t really know much about the film, as in I hadn’t seen much footage beforehand but I was very excited. I was a little dubious, and I thought it would go either way… I was going to really enjoy it or it would bore me rigid. When we arrived to a sea of green balloons and turtle related games and refreshments in the foyer of the cinema my excitement levels rose, but to my shock there were little kids milling around too… VERY little kids…and lots of them, waiting to go into the film. Some were barely more than toddlers! I immediately felt a pang of sadness and guilt that my gorgeous little twin boys weren’t there with us! After all, they’re the big TMNT fans in the household, bless them. But as it turned out, one of my twins, O wasn’t too well, he’d had a mild asthma attack the night before and was feeling under the weather, so a trip to London may not have been on the cards anyway. I did wonder whether the parents of these very young children had thought it through, or even acknowledged that the film had a 12A certificate, obviously it was given that for a reason…. maybe they were being slightly ignorant?

I would know more when I saw the film.

Meanwhile, putting the fact that my twins weren’t with us behind me, I got on with the task in hand of enjoying the fun entertainment in the foyer and there was plenty of food available, much to Teens jubilation (he’s constantly hungry). In keeping with the theme of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the food on offer was PIZZA!! Of course it was!! It’s what the TNMT eat, I remember this from the first film and subsequent cartoon series (that all my boys have watched at some point),  so of course it was only fitting that it was being served now!

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesIn collaboration with TMNT, Pizza Hut have developed four special limited edition Pizza’s, named after each of the TNMT!

We had a slice of all four of the different flavoured Pizza’s, The Donatello, The Raphael, The Leonardo and The Michaelangelo! In fact, it’s fair to say we stuffed our faces! But more on the Pizza’s a bit later, because as well as seeing the film, my whole family had been invited to Pizza Hut for a complimentary meal, to try out the yummy foods on offer there, as well as these new TMNT Pizza’s!

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFun and games in the foyer, face painting and balloon making amongst other things 🙂

Finally we took our seats and got settled in, ready for the film to begin.

The Verdict

Wowzers!!!! That’s all I have to say to begin with. Just WOW!! The film was pretty full on from start to finish! Immediately, the very attractive and glamorous Megan Fox was instantly likeable as the main character in the film, April O’Neil, a small time journalist who’s looking for that one big news story to take her career to the next level. She finds it when she stumbles on New York’s villainous gang, The Clan, being stopped in their tracks by what she thinks are unbelievably strong vigilantes and wants to find out more! The vigilantes turn out to be, of course, the Turtles. In her quest to impress her boss and validate her story which she has no evidence to back up, she seeks out her late fathers business partner and tells him all about the Mutant Turtles. Without giving the plot away, she unintentionally leads the bad guys right to the Turtles, thus finding herself caught up in a frantic mission to help them and to save New York City!!

The film hasn’t received the best reviews but we were absolutely unanimous in our opinion! We absolutely LOVED IT!! It was action packed, fun and we were engrossed for, pretty much, the whole film! Teen, who is a film fan, thought it was fantastic. He said he was surprised, I think he expected it to be a bit daft, which it was in places and naturally over the top, but it was thrilling nevertheless and gripped us right from the start.  The Turtles were likeable, funny and almost child like at times with their teenage humour but they were the ultimate superheroes and not what you’d call pretty!  The special effects were amazing, there is one, lengthy scene in the middle of the film which is a car/people chase down a mountainous snowy terrain that’s unbelievably fast paced and frantic… yes it’s far fetched but if it doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat I don’t know what will!

Would I take younger children?

I have to say that although there wasn’t anything too distressing for a small child to see, there were fighting scenes and one or two that were a bit much in my opinion for the very young. One of the villains’ looked quite monstrous and scary in one section. But I think all of this was magnified in the cinema because the screen is ever so big and it’s very, VERY loud. My 9 year old daughter did cover her eyes and ears a couple of times, and my twins definitely would’ve been scared but to be fair, they get scared of anything! Like I said, more about the volume and the darkness of the cinema. Were my boys to watch at home on a DVD I think they’d be fine. As a parent, and knowing your own child, I would use your own judgement to decide whether your young child would enjoy it. I’d say anything younger than 8 and I’d be wary! However, there was no screaming or crying in the auditorium during the film so I guess none of the children in there were too distressed 🙂

I would definitely, 100%  say go and watch this film, you have to, it’s totally awesome and I challenge anyone not to enjoy the ride. It is what it is. It’s nothing new, we’ve seen the Turtles before, albeit not as magnificent as this, and it’s predictable but it’s brilliant…. and at no point was I bored, falling asleep or wish I was somewhere else!! I’d say that was proof I enjoyed it! It’s a fantastic film and one all the family can enjoy together 🙂

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is released in cinemas throughout England on 17th October 2014. 

Pizza Hut

As I mentioned already, we were given the opportunity to go and try out the new TMNT menu at Pizza Hut. We haven’t been to Pizza Hut in a long time, we used to go frequently but for no real reason it’s not been on our radar for a year or two. So I was actually really looking forward to going. We picked a Wednesday as a midweek treat for the kiddies, no cooking for me too so all round bonuses!

Piza Hut TMNTFeed Your Ninja – The special TMNT Pizza’s menu

I thought the meal deal for these Pizza’s was very good value and worth it for all six of us, my twins don’t eat very much so four meals, with starters and pudding as well as salads would be plenty! So we ordered all four of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle meal deal Pizza’s with a couple of extra sides….

Pizza Hut TMNTVery good meal deals

Pizza Hut TMNTStarting off with the salad bar

I love the salad bar at Pizza Hut and whereas previously you were given one bowl to fill up and that was it, your one portion, now the salad is unlimited! So of course we went up numerous times, stocking up on our favourites, everyone has their favourites. For me it’s quite a traditional mix, I love the pasta salads too so I always include these as I don’t have salad dressings. My OH likes the potato salad and bacon bits, my daughter isn’t a big salad fan but she did like the pasta’s and bread sticks, as did my twins… the bread sticks were a firm favourite with them and it’s fair to say they practically emptied the tub at the salad bar, as well as the nacho’s! Teen liked anything and everything!!!

Next up, I simply HAVE to tell you all about the new drinks machines in Pizza Hut.

Pizza HutHigh tech and snazzy self service drinks machines very pretty cool

I thought the new drinks machines were a great addition, all drinks were unlimited so you could go up as many times as you liked to replenish without any additional costs or having to wait for a waiter to do it. And there wasn’t just the fizzy drinks on offer, although this brand new touch screen  fizzy drinks dispenser was super easy to use and produced the perfect drink, there was a juice section too. This machine was also easy to use, even my five year old twins could do it by themselves. There was a choice of cordials, orange or blackcurrant that you could squirt yourself to make your drink as sweet as you like, or not, depending on preference. The machine produced gorgeously ice cold water and crushed ice to finish. Sounds simple enough but this is a great idea because kids love to be hands on and get involved, who knew how much fun there is to be had for a child at a drinks machine?!

Pizza Hut Then the Pizzas arrived

DSCF4149The Michaelangelo – New three cheese blend with pork, bacon, hot dog slices and sliced red onions

pizza hutThe Raphael – New three cheese blend with cajun chicken, pepperoni and chilli peppers 

Pizza Hut DonatelloThe Donatello – New three cheese blend with mixed peppers, mushrooms, red onions and black olives

pizza hutThe Leonardo – New three cheese blend, pepperoni, chicken and beef

pizza hut

The Pizza’s went down well, you can choose to have deep pan or thin and crispy but being as this is Pizza Hut, one has to go with the deep pan, obviously! One of them was particularly spicy which meant it was a no no for the twins but other than that – all were very delicious and we polished them off in no time at all.

Finally it was desert time. I was full and never usually eat puddings anyway but we chose ice creams and cookie dough.

pizza hutGetting their own ice cream is always the highlight of a Pizza Hut meal for kids! Choosing from all the different toppings, or indeed choosing ALL the toppings is such fun,  and for this promotion there is the added treat of Turtle Slime!!  (lime flavour!) – All ice cream is again, unlimited.

pizza hutSlurping the last drops of ice cream and a cheeky selfie with my boy, we had the giggles!

The kids also shared one of these…

pizza hut cookie doughCookie dough dessert (this photo doesn’t make it look very appetizing though does it?)

I haven’t tried cookie dough before, didn’t like the sound of it. What is it even? Is it the stuff that you make before the actual baking of cookies? If so… eww! Raw dough? No this didn’t appeal, but my children dutifully informed me that it’s the yummiest thing ever, so I tried some. It is SO sweet, probably the sweetest thing I’ve tasted in a long time which in the first spoonful is very over powering. But it’s moreish. You just have to have another spoonful. The cookie dough is hot and the ice cream is needed to dilute the sweetness a little, as well as cooling it down! It IS, I can report, heavenly.

So that was it. All finished and feeling satisfyingly full up! We very much enjoyed our meal and would highly recommend. If you get the chance, make sure you take full advantage of the limited edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle menu, the kids will love it…  but equally whatever you choose to order I’m sure will be delicious, the service was great too. Why not tie your visit to Pizza Hut in with a trip to the cinema to see the movie?  A perfect family day out!

Disclosure – We were given complimentary tickets to the special screening of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, as well as a meal at Pizza Hut, in exchange for a fully honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


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