Teenage Boy

Another write up about one of my darling offspring!!!!

My 14 year old son is the apple of my eye! I worship him and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

He is pretty much everything I’d want in a son… He’s funny, extremely witty, caring, considerate, ridiculously handsome (I’m biased) and great company.


Just look at that angelic face! Such a poser!

We are very close. There’s a six and half year gap between him and My Girl so he had me all to himself for a long time – He’s a mummy’s boy without a shadow of a doubt.

His birth was a difficult one; I was induced, I had a long labour, ending up having a forceps delivery and stitches. It was traumatic and I had nightmares about it for weeks afterwards. I’m sure the hell of all that made me appreciate him so much more!! He was 9lb too which for me, who weighed just over 7 stone when I fell pregnant, was quite a whopper!! It was love at first sight.

I enjoy being around my Teen so much. We have the same silly sense of humour and can giggle away at almost anything – much to OH’s irritation at times who often doesn’t buy in to our silliness and wonders what the hell I’m laughing out loud at with a 14 year old…thinks I should act my age a bit more probably. But I just find him so funny! He actually brings out the child in me and sometimes when we are together, laughing and chatting – it’s like we’re best friends…. I love that.


Ice Skating at the Natural History Museum Last Christmas

I’m a bit of a pushover too when it comes to my Teen and he knows it. He usually comes to me first to ask for something because he’s pretty confident I’ll say yes and he’s usually right. I would say I spoil him. I want to give him everything his little heart desires – within reason – I’m not stupid! I want him to be happy and like most mummies I enjoy doing the little things that only mummies do – you know, like bringing him a drink/snack while he’s just sitting watching tv even though I’m mega busy, rushing around finding certain things he has lost or washing, drying and ironing his favourite top in super quick time because he NEEDS to wear it that night!! He loves clothes and likes to look good. He enjoys shopping with me (bonus) and I can’t resist buying him some nice clothes, not necessarily expensive stuff, he’s not that fussy as long as it looks stylish (in his opinion!). I like to treat him to all the latest gadgets for birthdays/christmas too if we can afford it!

I like to ferry my Teen around if he wants to see friends or his girlfriend, although this is mainly because I worry and I want to know where he is and who he is with. I will always be available to pick him up, or ensure he is able to get home safely, especially if it’s late after a party. He is NOT allowed out in the evenings to roam around aimlessly. This I am very strict about.

Our children don’t ask to be born. We bring them into this world and it’s up to us to love them completely and ensure they feel adored and happy and safe. It’s a big, harsh world out there and adulthood is full of stress and work and responsibility so I believe it’s only fair to give my children all the love and adoration I can while they are young and at home. As my mum used to say ‘If YOU don’t spoil them, no one else is going to’!!

Don’t get me wrong, being a teenager, my son can drive me to distraction at times! He can be extremely rude and offhand when he’s not getting is own way… on these occasions it’s fair to say I could quite easily punch him in the face (I don’t by the way – he’s much bigger than me and his face is way too pretty hehe) but teenagers say the most absurd, stupid things – pushing and pushing ….. they know what they’re doing and they come out with the most astonishingly daft come backs when you’re telling them off that you think…why I am even arguing with you?! Why am I getting drawn into this ridiculousness? It’s almost comical to witness a young teen telling you what’s what, they know everything you know! ๐Ÿ˜‰


My gorgeous Teen after a new haircut!!!

My Teen is very sporty, as I mentioned in a previous post, he is a National swimmer, which is completely amazing (something I’m going to cover at length in a future post. He broke the 100m sprint running record at school and more recently broke the 200m record which placed him as the fastest under 16 yr old in his school ever, even though he’s only 14! Very proud as his school is a specialist sports school so there was lots of competition! He’s only in year 9 but he often races against year 10’s at athletics meets bless him. He is also a dab hand at basketball and rugby.

My Teen has brought me so much happiness, fun and love over the years. I’ve enjoyed every moment; every little milestone. It’s bizarre that my baby is now almost 6 feet tall with a strong muscular frame and a deep voice; the change over from being a boy to almost a man seems to have happened overnight! We can talk about anything and he’s not afraid to tell me things that I possibly would rather not hear! But I’m glad he feels comfortable enough to come to me and know that no matter what I will listen, understand, fight his corner if need be and ALWAYS be there for him.

For anyone who has yet to experience the teenage years, I would say that yes – they can bring brand new challenges and difficulties that we as parents have no real clue how to deal with (like the rest of parenting we just trust our instincts and hope we get it right) and it’s very tough at times, but they also bring huge amounts of fun, laughter (oh the laughter) and brand new adventures….. I would like to thank my Teen for that :))


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  1. I agree with this – I have such a lot of fun with my teens – I feel I am reaping the benefits of all that hard work changing nappies etc when we meet for coffee, lunch, go to the cinema. Your teen is a very handsome chap!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah thank you! It’s weird how teenagers can be a strange mix of immense fun and immense stress!!!! Love it though x

  2. Your post shows just how much love you have for him – he sure is lucky to have a mom like you and you him.

    I am slowly dreading the teen years with our 2 boys and would love for them to stay 7 and 4 – alas that would not be fair on them x

  3. what a really heartfelt post! i am going through a though stage with my pre-teen however i do hope that our relationship grows like the one you have with your teen!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      There are ALWAYS tough times and I remember a tricky time with my Teen when he was about 11 and starting to get very cheeky and slightly aggressive even…. he still can be at times don’t get me wrong but that little phase passed thank goodness. Hold on in there xx

  4. please feel free to tweet me your link as i m not sure of your twitter name and i would love to tweet your post and share it ๐Ÿ™‚ @oliversmadhouse

  5. Ah that’s so lovely that you have such a brilliant relationship with him. I so want this with my studley when hes a teen (hes only 3 but i def think about what sort of mum i will be to a teen/adult)and absolutely have desires to spoil him with affection, treats and helping achieve everything he wishes. His daddy can do the taxi role as I don’t drive (I hope in 10 yrs I will be tho) .really nice post…

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      It’s very difficult to find a balance with a teenager. Yes you want to be their friend which is the part I love but then you have to step back and be the parent, they need that discipline otherwise they’ll walk all over you!!! I’m sure you’ll have a great relationship with your boy xx

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