Tactics To Make Family Meals Easy As Pie (Without Actually Serving Pie)

When you are tasked with cooking and shopping for an entire family, things can get complicated. Especially if the kids demand meals different from what the adults are eating. Happily, the following tactics can help you make managing family meals as easy as possible, all without serving pie. Unless you want to of course, and then feel free! 😉 

Have a stack of recipes to work from 

The first way you can make it much easier to manage your family meals is to have a big pile of recipes that you know everyone likes collected together. In fact, by doing this you won’t only cut down the time and effort that it takes you to come up with meal ideas for the week, but you will have easy access to the ingredients you will need to buy as well. 

Of course, the best way to do this is to save any recipes that you find online as a PDF, and then print them out, adding them to an easy to access binder. You can even convert them into editable PDFs and add any changes or additions before you print them that will make sure your family loves the recipes even more as well. In fact, you only have to look into what the best PDF editor for Mac, or for PC is, and then install this on your computer at home to do this. Something that is much easier than most people realize, and can make your meal planning so much less stressful each week.  

Shop online 

Next, it can be very beneficial to shop online if you want to make managing family meals as easy as possible. The reason being that you can do your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home, and don’t have to worry about dragging the kids around the supermarket, or having to fend off all of their requests, for toys, drinks, and sweets! 

In fact, if you install a shopping comparison app, you will be able to see in which supermarket your groceries will cost the least each week too. Something that can not only make your life easier but save you a pretty penny as well. 

Serve everyone the same meal 

Lastly, when it comes to managing family meals, I’m a firm believer in serving everyone the same thing. Yes, one child may love pizza, and the other always wants pasta, but there is a way around this. 

In fact, what you need to do is allow everyone in the family to choose one meal each week. Then they will always be sure of getting what they want, and you can avoid any arguments on not eating what is put in front of them on the days that aren’t their choice. 

Happily, what this system does is ensure that everyone in the family gets a varied and well-balanced diet as well. Especially if parents pick vegetable-heavy dishes like the one below, something that means this system is a vital tool in your making managing family meals easy toolbox.   

Here’s a pie recipe! 😉

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